Sunday, October 18, 2009

Head Egg

Last night I had this sore spot on my forehead, just between my eyes. It was raised too. I thought, great, a zit. Because that's fun in my 30's. I put cream on it and went to bed. I woke up this morning and it is now a huge egg. Not a zit. Perhaps a bug bite, but I can't see a bite mark. It hurts like heck though. Sometimes I wake up with bruises on my legs that I don't remember getting. But that's fairly normal, right? And they don't usually hurt. This egg on my head thing hurts like no other. And I can put concealer on it, but it's hard to hide a huge lump between your eyes. I don't think I got clunked in my face and forgot about it. That's the sort of thing one tends to remember. During Phys Ed in junior high one day we were playing volleyball. I went to get the ball, missed, and the darn thing hit me right smack in the face. That was like 18 years ago and I still remember. In the fourth grade, I was playing outside in the school yard and did a high kick (I like to pretend I'm a Rockette!). I was standing on cement. My other leg came out from under me. I fell flat on my ass. The wind got knocked out of me. I still remember. But this darn head egg, that hurts like crazy, no idea where it came from. Hello, annoying. And ouch!


KK said...

Sorry, were you frustrated in a dream and possibly slept walked over to beat your head on the wall?

Sarah said...

Ouch! I say make an appt. with a doctor if it doesn't go away soon!


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