Saturday, May 30, 2009

B's Baby Shower

Baby shower gifts for B (that stands for Bench) today!! The bibs/burpees are from Florida (but I made them- shocking, I know). And my favorite baby girl gift is of course a first tutu!! A necessity for every girly-girl. And also includes a onesie with a Lilly Pulitzer fabric applique and a pair of grosgrain ribbon ruffle socks. I've not made ruffle socks in a while- I forgot how easy and adorable they are! I really hope she likes the gifts. Actually, seeing as how I am tying this from my home on Friday night, I really hope I make it to the shower at all!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Amazing News

I didn't realize that she went public with her exciting news. Please go give my Bestie some good wishes, as she found out yesterday that she is expecting!!! I am going to be an auntie!! I'm not sure what's more exciting.....Bestie becoming a momma or me becoming an auntie. I guess she wins, but I promise I am a close second! I've cried a half dozen times in excitement just thinking about it. Please pray that her bun is very sticky and stays in there. A sticky bun in the oven for my Bestie, please!!

7 Hours To Nowhere

I sat in the airport, in the airplane on the runway, then back inside the airport, then back on the plan and off one last time for nearly seven hours today. And right now I am sitting in my den. At home. Right back where I started this morning. Guess who did not go to Florida today? Me. Weather is fine here and fine in FL. Where it is not fine is where I was changing planes. They promised me I could get to flight change destination tonight but that I would have to wait until morning to catch another flight to FL. And as grand as it sounds to spend the night in an airport chair, I decided to wash my hands of the day and try my luck tomorrow. I am now booked on the first flight out in the morning, non-stop. I will get in (provided I don't have a repeat of today that is) tomorrow in time to only be 25 minutes late to the first shower of the weekend. Cross your fingers, friends!! I'm totally bummed that I missed dinner tonight and breakfast and a pedicure tomorrow. But if that's all I miss, I will surely get over it. Plus, now I get to watch Walk The Line on TV. I've never seen it before but love all thing Reese, so overall, my evening is pretty OK.

Since I'm home with nothing better to do, I thought I'd share a few photos of my day. This is my show-stopping pink and green goodness as I am waiting for my daddy to come back to the airport to save me. And my cutie Lilly capri pants. Don't you just love the Whitney Caroline bag?!! It's the green and white tote containing part of the shower favors. I'll tell you all about those next week.

Anonymous No More

I'm very sorry to say that due to incidents that have occurred over the last few weeks, I've had to turn off the ability for anonymous comments. If you have something to say, good, bad or otherwise, you need to be a registered user. Come out of the closet and be a grown-up when you comment. I didn't want to do it. But I'm worried that things in our fun little Blogville will only get worse if I don't turn it off now.

I've received a few anonymous comments, none particularly bad in any way really, this week. And while I am happy to answer your questions and respond to your comments, you really need to meet me half way and lose the anonymous business. It only seems fair.


Power Of Pink And Green In An Airport

I'm bored at the airport and thought I would try Blackberry blogging. And tell you about my ensemble. I'm wearing a white Lilly polo shirt, pearls, Tiffany bracelet from Bestie, flops, and Lilly capri pants. I forget the pattern name but they are bright pink, kelly green and yellow lion heads. I heart them. I am not seeing much progress in working out but they suddenly fit something must be working somewhere. Anyway, my suitcase (checked) is green and pink, I have my green with pink K bag from Whitney Caroline (pic to come next week), and my pink and green LL Bean bag. My point is that I am a big ball-o-pink-and-green-goodness! I am stopping traffic friends! Every person has complimented me. The baggage check lady was shocked that anyone could own that much pink and green instead of just navy (her words). Well she should see my closet! I am just more comfortable in what I feel are bright, cheerful colors. They make me smile! And aparently the entire ALB airport too! I didn't intend to cause such a storm of comments though. Just wanted to be comfie for my day in the airport.

They just said due to storms elsewhere we are delayed. Thank goodness I can read y'alls blogs on this thing!

Oh and I got the MOST AMAZING praise the Lord for this miracle type of news last night. Not my news to share with strangers but I am just so giddy with joy that I can hardly contain myself!!

So it seems I am unable to do spellcheck. Sorry in advance!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy As A Bee

Sorry for the lack of posts for a few days but I am running around like a crazy woman. I leave tomorrow afternoon for weekend in my hometown. A baby shower for B (that stands for Bench) and Florida (who's name is not actually Florida....just the state she lives in....hehehe) that I am hosting, a few dinners and an engagement party too. Planning a baby shower many states away in a state you have not lived in for more than a decade is enough to drive a gal insane. So please cross your fingers that all goes well. I have put in a crazy number of hours planning and prepping and am paranoid that it will all just fall apart (literally) when I get there. Either way I promise to post pictures of gifts, outfits and such when I get back on Tuesday.

And since I am going south of The South, in the part of the country I frequently refer to as the love child between New York City and Cuba, there better be sunshine and warm weather for me! It has been rainy and in the 50's this week up here. Ew!!

Sunshine and Lilly-filled I come!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Did anyone else go to Old Navy for flip flops on Saturday? Boy-oh-boy was that a GREAT marketing ploy on their end!! That place was more packed than usual, which is why I rarely visit! And the $1 flops, almost none left by the time I got there. The check out gal said that crowds were lined up well before the store opened. Yeah, I was not nearly that dedicated to rubber flip flops. Nor do I have nearly enough patience to weed through piles of clothes to find deals and steals. I found the only pair in my size and also the only pair in my father's size (I have totally converted the man into a flip flop wearing fool in the summer! Or running errands or walking to the market anyway. He's not wearing them with a suit or anything.). I waited way too long in line to check out and had my hand prepared to pass the cashier $2.08. But instead it was $6 something. What? I thought they were $1 each. And only $2.50 normally. Oh the silver pair I picked up for myself was $5. Whatever, that's still cheapo. But I drove waaaaay out to the mall just to get flops for a buck and it was well....sort of a bust. You got me, Old Navy! One point goes to ON, zero for me.

I do like the silver flip flops though.


But the good news is that there is still a little love to be found in the world, dear bloggy friends! Everywhere you look, in fact!

Laura of A Dozen Eggs opened up her bake shop this weekend! Leave my blog now to go here to see her pictures! And if you are in or near the state of Vermont, you must patronize her bake shop! In addition to her amazing cookies, she now makes the most stunningly beautiful cupcakes and seven layer cookie bars and mini cheesecakes. Every last bit is from scratch, even the graham crackers she uses for....actually I am not sure what she uses them for....but she makes them herself and I think that's beyond amazing!

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon and evening with Sadie Kate up in the Adirondacks. Sadie is still tired from all the running around with little boys and other dogs, all of whom run at the same fast speed. She had a ball though! And I had great food and lots of laughs with my family. A good time was had by all.

And last but not least, I made this jonjon as one of the gifts I am giving to Florida at her shower next weekend. I'm not bragging but I think it is pretty crazy cute. Especially for never having made one before. I still need to add the snaps tonight but other than than it's finished. I showed it to my father, who then asked me if I used a recipe. Um...I believe you mean "pattern", right Daddy-o? I thought that was cute. Anyway, the answer is yes and no. I sort of used part of a pattern (or recipe according to my father) and sort of made it up as I went along too.

Ah yes, this post feels much better than my doom-and-gloom post earlier!


Ugh....I am just sick over some things that have taken place over the last few days. Literally sick to my stomach!

First, sweet Hopsy! Due to someone sending her some rather unsettling comments, she had to go private and stop blogging. All because someone had nothing else to do but spread hateful comments for kicks. It's just gross that someone would take such time and effort to send a message of hate. If you don't dig someone, don't read their blog. It's not like anyone is making you read blogs. There are gazillions of other blogs out there- read those instead. Or the newspaper. Those are dying in the vine, give them a little business. Or a book. Libraries are full of 'em and it's free. But seriously, spreading negativity is not going to make you feel better in the end. It's just going to creep everyone else out. Hopsy is not going to stop living her cute, Lilly-loving life because of some rude people. Here's hoping her blog break is short. I miss her!!

Second, the state of California is on my $&!% list. First you give people rights, doing the right thing. Because equality is great. Then you take them away. And now you seal it up, with all the hate of Satan. There is absolutely nothing resembling Jesus or Christianity or love in bragging about hatred in the name of supposed Christianity. It is pure hatred. And grosses me out. Not to mention....we supposedly have the freedom of religion here.....right? What's next? Will I lose my rights as a female. Or will our President have to lose his job due to his skin color? After all, the argument against those rights was the same hate-filled in the name of Jesus crapola that is shouted today against gay rights.

What the heck is wrong with people?! Don't let the hate win, peaches! I would have been a terrible hippie- I think the clothes are dreadful and drugs are dumb. But the "spread love and not hate" sentiment rings true still today.

And for crying out loud, if you don't like someone (for whatever reason), don't read their blog. Or go to their wedding. Or invite them over to grill chicken. Or go on a joint family vacation. Or accept them as a Facebook friend. But all this hate just brings everyone down, including you.

Clearly I'm still very upset!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flip Flip, Flop Flop

Adult and kid flip flops are only $1 on Saturday at Old Navy!! $1!!!! I have several pairs but at that price, I think I might need to pick up an extra pair or two for good measure. They are so comfortable- I wear them just about every evening walking Sadie in the summer.

Two For The Price Of One

Last year I read on someones blog (forgive me- I don't remember where I read it or I would give you credit, you clever gal!!) that if you saved the root end of green onions and planted it, a new green onion would soon grow. I happened to be chopping up a few green onions that very day (in the summer I add them to all sorts of salads and dips). So I went out to an already full of herbs pot on my deck, shoved the little onion ends in the dirt, and waited for onions to grow. Except we have these crazy squirrels around here. They pull tomatoes and peppers off the plants, take one bite and leave them all over the deck. They will even throw them at people as they walk down the deck stairs. Crazy! Anyway, they dug up my mini green onion farm within weeks of being planted. And I forgot all about it. Until yesterday. When I went to weed out the pot to plant new herbs, I saw a few little green stems among all of the brown. I knew immediately what they were! My onions! I gingerly pulled one out and sure enough, it was a baby onion! I added it to my pizza last night. And was so proud of my baby onion that was essentially free! Here she is folks, the fruit of my labor (insert laughter!)....

And I took a picture of this succulent plant yesterday afternoon when I went to the farmers market to buy plants with my father. It serves no real purpose on my blog other than I think it looks neat.

Crazy Good

This recipe is more for me to remember later. But if you are looking for something crazy delish, go for it! OMG it was sooooo good last night for dinner and again today for lunch!

Crazy Good Pizza


* 1 whole wheat pizza dough ball (or GF or regular or whatever)
* 1/2 container ricotta cheese (fat free)
* 1 large yellow or white onion, sliced
* 3 garlic cloves, minced
* 1/2 large bag frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
* 1 can artichoke hearts, drained and quartered
* lots of shredded cheese, whatever is living in the freezer
* 1 tablespoon EVOO
* 2 tablespoons flour
* 1/4 cup-ish of fat free half and half (or whatever milk product you have on hand)
* dried oregano


Let ball of dough come to room temperature while you walk the dog and while you prep toppings.

Pre-heat oven to 350.

Saute onion and garlic in EVOO until caramelized. Add flour until it absorbs the fat. Add half and half/milk until a rue forms. Add about 1/2 cup shredded cheese (and variety is fine) and cook until it forms a thick lump of cheese-onion-garlic goodness. (***if you added more milk it would make a dynamite dip of sorts for crackers or bread.....remember that!***)

Spritz sheet pan with cooking spray. With floured hands, stretch out dough to fit large rectangle cookie sheet pan. Place on pan and stretch to desired shape. And be glad you finally figured out that room temp pizza dough rolls and stretches a million times better than cold dough!

Place small globs of ricotta cheese all over. Then disperse artichoke hearts and spinach. Then the onion-cheese mixture. Then add more shredded cheese. Sprinkle with oregano. Stick in oven for @ 30 minutes or until done.

Crazy good!!

Bees Knees

Sweet Pink Martinis and Pearls, you are such a life saver! Thanks to your kind help, I figured it out yesterday. And didn't delete my blog in the process. Which is a miracle!! Thanks little friend! You get my just-made-up BEES KNEES AWARD!

Bad Business

Waaaaay back in August (13th to be exact) of 2008 I ordered several magazine subscriptions from LowPriceSubs. And I blogged about it. And several of y'all ordered subscriptions too. And then a whole bunch of nothing happened!

Months went by and I forgot about my order. Someone commented one day asking about my order because they still had yet to receive theirs. I lost the comment but went searching through my email for the confirmation. I knew I had to have to somewhere.

I found it and emailed the company asking what happened to my order. I sent this email on December 09, 2008. Nearly four months after my order.

And on December 30, 2009, the company finally emailed me back! They said that they were still processing my order. I paid via Paypal so I knew my transaction went through the very day of my order. Were they carving my magazine out of stone?

They must have been doing that above mentioned stone carving because do you know when the first subscription arrived? Guess? The end of last month! April! Count it....that's EIGHT months. Now, I will fully admit that these subscriptions were el cheapo. Super duper crazy cheap. But they took my money eight months ago. So long ago that I went ahead and ordered one of the magazines via another source. And am now getting double of this particular magazine. Which is a crazy huge waste.

And before you judge, keep your comments to yourself about how horrible magazines are for the environment. I know. I agree. But I LOVE them. Reading magazines and catalogs are one of my very favorite things to do. I find it so relaxing. Plus I get great recipes, decorating ideas and gift ideas. So they are bad. But I don't give a hoot. And I do put them in my blue recycle bin when I am finished. So that's better than sending them to a landfill at least.

Anyway, can you believe it took eight full months for the magazines to arrive?! Did any of y'all have a similar experience?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Help! Please!

OK so I am trying to set up a blog for my dear old daddy-o. I thought I set it up just fine. Until I realized that our two blogs were linking together. So whatever I type "about me" was showing up on both. Hence my blog now says that I am a landscape designer. I am not. He is. So clearly I have messed it up big time. I could just delete his blog and try starting over. But I am PARANOID that I will also delete Preppy Pink Crocodile too. And that would literally make me cry. So I am trying to avoid that. Does anyone know how I can either separate our blogs (they have different email addresses so I was surprised when they showed up together) or how to delete his blog and not my blog at the same time? Please help!!

Rue Is At It Again

Just a reminder that Ruelala has two fun boutiques that opened this morning, Kate Spade and Vineyard Vines. I managed to resist shopping but both have some great deals if you are in the market for a little something new. If you are still without an "invite" just leave your email address in a comment. I won't post it, but will send you an invite. Or ask one of the other preppy bloggers who has offered the same. Just because it's invite only, doesn't mean we all can't have a coveted invite! It looks like Born and Dior are among the designers who have boutiques opening soon. And while Born shoes are not Bonannos as far as style goes, they are the most comfortable things ever. If you are planning a summer vaca with lots of walking on cobblestone streets and such, a pair of Born shoes is in your "must have" category. Happy shopping, friends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do You Need Some Rims?

Early this evening I stopped for gas. I was on E and the already rising prices are only going to get higher this holiday weekend. I know, this story is seriously boring so far. I too thought it was just going to be a few minutes of nothingness at the gas station. But as I am about finished, this questionable looking character comes up to me. Asks me how I am doing and if my car is a 2002.

Now, let me also explain that while I am perfectly pleased with my vehicle, it is not at all fancy. It's a normal, mid-priced sedan. After more than six years, is worth very little. Not to mention all the dents and dings that I quit getting fixed when I lived in DC. OK, so it's just your regular four door car. It runs well and has a CD player and gets me from point A to point B and that's pretty much all I have to say on the matter. I am not a car person.

OK, so sketch guy is asking me about my car. I sort of mumble something, twist tight the gas cap, and walk towards my door. It's broad daylight and lots of people were around, but it was just uncomfortable for whatever reason. And I am a firm believer in "better to be rude than dead on the side of the road." Call me what you want, but I was just not getting the "go ahead and chat it up about your car (a topic I know nothing about) with this man." And I am the chattiest person ever, so I try to go with my gut. So then, sketch goes into his story. He has the same car. Super. Did I mention I am not a car person? This is like telling me you have the same lawn mower or trash can or green garden hose or remote control or other unimportant (in my life- mine- not saying it cannot be important in yours- but we are talking about me here) manly item. So I gave a kind "oh, fun" sort of answer and opened the door. He then keeps talking and starts telling me how he has extra parts and asks if I need spare rims or doors. I just said no thanks, got in my unfancy car and drove home. have four doors. No need for an extra. But thanks for asking. And rims? Those go on your tires, right? On fancy cars and stuff, right? Yeah, my regular girl car does not need fancy wheel gadgets. I cannot even tell you the last year my car visited a car wash.

So much for a quick and boring trip to Stewarts for gas! But if you are looking for spare rims or doors, I can hook you up!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dirty Secret

I did something this afternoon that is rather shameful. And yet I feel inclined to brag. Now y'all know I mix the higher end with the ..... should we say ..... lower end. I wear Lilly Pulitzer pants with a RL polo from TJ or Marsh with $4.99 shoes from Payless. I seriously LOVE Payless, friends! But that's old news. And not dirty enough for today's secret. Guess where I grocery shopped for the first time in my life today? Super Wal-Mart! There are two sort of near my but neither is close. Actually both are a fair hike. But oh so worth it, as I found out today. I have never before been because Wal-Mart is evil and I didn't think the prices could be worth the drive. And while I will forever hate what the company has done to small towns across America, their prices in the grocery store were A-Maz-Ing! I bought the most beautiful and huge strawberries for only $1.88 instead of $2.99 or $2.50 (when on sale) at my PC or HF. I noticed the biggest price reductions in the produce section, but almost everything I purchased was lower than my normal grocery store. From now on, I will unashamedly make the drive out to Super Wally World. I am just dumbfounded- I had no idea the prices were that much lower!!

Flowing Tears

I think something is seriously wrong with me. I mean, I am a crier in life. I am. If you, a total stranger, write about your mother or dog or hedgehog passing away, I will sit here at my desk and cry. Those humane society commercials with the dogs and cats....I'm a puddle. And I've seen the same commercial a zillion times- still makes me cry. I cry at every wedding, even if I am only there as an "and guest" and don't actually know the couple. If you call me to tell me that you are pregnant, I will cry every single time. Without exception. A birth story? Tears. Good things, bad things, stressful things....tears are my relief I guess. And I'm fine with that. Sometimes if I get in a funk, I will purposefully watch something teary to make myself cry. For me, it's cathartic. Oh and minus the wedding setting, it's usually private. Five minutes in my car or bedroom. It's not like I walk about town sobbing in front of strangers. I am actually a fairly jovial person. I think it's because I know that sometimes I need to let the sadness or stress out via tears so that I have room for all the joyful emotions in life. Or that's how I reason it to myself anyway.

So with that being said, I think I have taken a wrong turn into the land of Tearville. I am not near my period, so it's not that. Last week brought a big dump truck of new and unexpected stress to my life. So it could be that. But golly, I am just a bubbling idiot lately. Good things and bad things alike.

Did anyone else watch Oprah today? I only saw the second half but when Cherise came on to sing "Note To God" ..... OMG I was a puddle. A puddle!! Sobbing. The dog was just staring at me. Who could blame her? Her moma has officially lost it. I really need to get this recent surge in eye moisture under control. It's obnoxious and makes me stuffy and I have enough issues with allergies to add a stuffy nose to the mix. Ugh! The song was seriously beautiful though. That mixed with her personal story. Don't listen/watch if you are not prepared to full on sob.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jon And Kate Plus Eight

I hope that neither of them are cheating. But I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see them start going to couples counseling. I think that would be a great addition to the show. It would be a positive example to millions of Americans who are scared of speaking to a counselor for whatever reason. It would help people understand that working on a relationship is a good thing. And maybe it would help Kate finally learn to sincerely say one of the most powerful phrases, "I'm sorry." Because, you know, I'm so sure TLC is reading my blog for programing ideas!

Giraffe Meet Whale

You asked, so here it is. The Giraffe. I know the legs are wonky. I don't care. I like them this way. However since y'all said so many sweet things, I do think that I will add a few stuffies to my etsy shop. I wasn't planning on it. Not at all. But I'll give it a go and see if others think they are cute, too. Oh, and I will make sure stuffies sold on etsy or otherwise don't have wonky, lopsided legs. Even though I think it's sort of cute. Do you think the purple with tan grosgrain is OK to give to a baby boy? I mean, I doubt the baby will grow up and take it to college. I'm thinking it's just a toy to drool and chew on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thar She Blows

On a whim I decided to make two stuffies as part of a shower gift for my childhood bestie, who is having a little boy. The giraffe is still sitting next to the sewing machine, unstuffed. But I think the whale turned out pretty stinkin' cute! I didn't use any sort of pattern. Just folded a piece of fabric in half and cut out a whale-ish shape. Added some ribbon for his blow hole spout thingy (clearly I am all over technical terms!), sewed, stuffed and then hand sewed his tummy. If I ever make this again, I will try to remember to make the tale fins a bit wider. Not going to lie, it was a pain in the patootie to turn the curvy tail right side out. But as usual, a pilfered chop stick saved the day. Pretty cute, right? I mean, I'm no FAO, but not bad for an on-the-fly project.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Crocodile Tears

Oh golly...did anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy last night? And cry like a baby? I seriously cried for the last 20 minutes of the show. Big huge crocodile tears. It was the "ugly cry" my friends! When Izzy started walking down that aisle alone I kept saying out loud "Why isn't George walking her down the aisle?!!". And then she fell and he did. Only making me cry more. George is actually my very favorite character. I loved when he and Izzy were besties. And his friendship with Lexie too. But TR must have royally ticked off the writers because he has not had more than three lines in any episode this season. I don't understand why they did that or why he is leaving. I will miss my sweet, doe-eyed George! And I've grown to love crazy Izzy. I'm sure I will be a puddle of tears when she finally joins Denny on the other side! Ever since my Black Lab died more than two years ago, I have had the hardest time dealing with death. Of anyone. Even fake TV people. Clearly, I have issues!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Worm

Did y'all watch Elizabeth Edwards interview with Oprah today? It was a good interview and I still think she is a lovely woman. But I do not understand why she wrote this book. Why re-live it all over and over again in the media? I mean, for the most part the media was leaving y'all alone to live your lives in private and peace. But like my remarks towards Bristol in the below post, once you open this door, it will be nearly impossible to close. But I'm sure she has her reasons. I hope this brings her peace. I am always impressed by women like Elizabeth who are willing to work on forgiveness after such a horrible situation. I am not so sure I could be that strong and brave. Then again I have not been married for 30+ years (I couldn't be more single in all honesty) and as she said, there was a lot of love during those years. I mean, I would hope that I could come to a place of peace and sincere kindness with someone who did that to me. After a LOT of time and therapy. But I don't know that I could stay married. I hope it all works out for them. And I hope that this doesn't taint the lives of her entire family too.

On another note, I loved seeing their home! I love seeing any home. I mean, the basketball court in the barn did nothing for me. But you know, I don't like playing basketball so I am probably not the target audience there. Loved the play room though! So cute.

Did anyone catch another Elizabeth, Mrs. Hasselbeck, on Larry King last night? I didn't know she wrote a book about her GF diet because I do not watch The View. I am strongly anti The View, truth be told. But she is an adorable woman who appears to be really healthy. I've been trying to inch my way into a GF diet. Or as I like to call it, gluten lite. I might pick this up this weekend. Has anyone else read it/planning on reading it? Those who do live GF, do you have a favorite cookbook or recipe website?

Mary Jane And Other Dumb News

I've got to tell you that I am sick and tired of hearing about several "big" news stories lately. There seriously must be something else going on in the world right now that we can talk about. Ugh. So to harp on the issues a little more, I thought I would talk about it on here.

*Legalizing Marijuana. Now I don't honestly care if it is legal or not. I do not believe that there are any studies proving that legalizing it will increase violence or addiction. I also do not believe it will cure the problem of overcrowded prisons as like less than 1% of prisoners are in jail for marijuana possession. Nor will it cure the economy by adding a tax. So really, it doesn't have any impact on my life personally. Legalize it or don't legalize it. I don't care. Just make up your minds so I can stop hearing about it.

*Miss America and Miss California and Miss Who Cares. Good golly....who the heck cares?! I am convinced all this drama was created by Donald Trump himself. He's beyond shady and gross!! I just know Trump had a meeting about how they could top last year's drama of having a beauty queen who was addicted to cocaine and acting trampy in bars. And they thought, what about if we have one girl who talks about being pro-hatred based on her love of religion and then have her also later reveal topless photos. That's a little yin-yang for ya! Again, I say, who cares. Who exactly is she representing? It's not like she works for the government. She works for Donald Trump, via the state of California. She wears a crown and cuts supermarket ribbons and looks good in a bikini. I'm perfectly fine with her various opinions and activities. She's a citizen and entitled to them. Do any of y'all know the beauty queen representing your own state (other than California)? Yeah, me neither. Ugh, get over it. Who cares? Let the girl wear her tiara in peace. She'll probably sign a TV deal by the end of the month. This is all just boosting icky Donald Trump's ego!

*Pig Flu. Honestly it is not any more dramatic than the other kinds of flu. It's just new and has a funny name. But the reality is that flu does kill thousands of Americans every year. Don't get me wrong, my heart does go out to those affected. And it is always good to be reminded to wash your hands and use antibac often. But I think it is being waaaaay over-dramatized in the media. Oh, and those face masks are pointless. Once you start breathing, moisture builds up on the inside of the mask. Making them useless against germs. A fashion statement, maybe. But germ protection, not so much.

*Bristol Palin's media blitz. Bristol, are you reading this? You are a damn fool for doing this media blitz!! For the most part, people respected your privacy. But you are the one hanging up your dirty laundry for all the world to see. And guess what? No one is going to respect any sort of privacy now. And several months ago you even admitted that preaching only abstinence is fools gold. It seriously doesn't matter now what your message is though. You are opening that media door and I'm telling you honey, that puppy is nearly impossible to close now. Don't get all angry in two months when you want to live your life in private and cameras are following your every move and saying rude things to you. Just remember that you willingly opened the door. Oooh child, unless you are a Heidi/Spencer type (and I suspect you are not), this will be a great regret in your life. Good luck, sugar! I give it until the end of summer before either Bristol or Levi ink a deal for a reality show. And a book to follow. I hope the show involves moose. I love moose. Alive though. Living moose are darn cute!

There, I feel better getting that off my chest. I'm so super excited for the Elizabeth Edwards interview today on Oprah! If for no other reason that I love seeing the inside of people's homes. I'm snoopy like that!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And The Red Pants Walked Right Out Of The Closet

Holy heck!! Did y'all see the end of RHNYC last night? I missed the first half and hope to catch it on repeat this weekend. But the second half was made priceless with the vision of Simon in his shiny red plastic lace up tights/pants and pointy black shoes and sparkly shirt and blazer (using that term loosely!)!! And even better was that of all the things she has been a part of on this show, Simon's wackadoodle outfit was what Kelly found "inspiring!" Simon didn't look like he was taking a fashion risk to me. No, fashion risk is wearing a trendy shirt instead of a classic button down. Simon looked like he dipped his body parts in vats of glossy nail polish and then went to a party. I wonder if he could be seen from space that night? He out-sparkled even Elton John. Y'all, I didn't even know that was possible!! Oh and the MOST PRICELESS moment evah evah evah.....when Sparkly Simon was flailing/dancing with Rolls-her-eyes-a-lot Ramona who flails/dances just as scary/crazy. I want to print a photo of that moment and frame it on my wall. If ever in a bad mood, just thinking about those two loons will surely cheer me up! I so wish this show aired year-round! Best. Crappy. TV. Show. Evah!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Does anyone else watch The Amazing Race? I am not a big fan of the "cheerleaders" or the "basketball players" but I was so excited that the cheerleaders got the third spot in the finals tonight. Because if I had to pee down my leg as I was running to gain that last spot to race for the $1,000,000 prize. Um, ladies, I totally would. It's a race. And how can it be any more embarrassing than any of the other stuff they do on there. See, I would be a good AR partner. I would never ask you to stop to let me tinkle if there were mere seconds between my team winning and losing. I bet those basketball player girls will be kicking themselves for the next 20 years for that dumby move. Ah, I love this show!!

It Will Only Take An Hour

I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have recited those famous last words. And totally, 100% believed myself when saying it. I decided earlier in the week to make a dress as a gift for the baby shower I was invited to on Sunday afternoon. I knew all week what I was making and the fabrics I was using. I've made dresses many times so I figured, you know, an hour (or two tops!) and I would be good to go. Running errands on Saturday I found this cute teddy bear and decided to make a matching dress for the bear. And a headband for the momma-to-be so she too can coordinate with her daughter. So it was about 8:30PM Saturday when I finally sat down to figure out my measurements. Crafters, back me up here. Sometimes you can visualize a project in your head, start to finish, and just instinctively know exactly what to do to make your completed project. And then there was last night. It was just one of those brain freeze moments. I knew what to do. I mean, look how simplistic the dresses are. But it was one of those nights when about an hour in I realized I should have done this at 8AM instead when I was fresh and thinking clearly. It. Just. Took. Me. For. Ev. Er!! Just one of those nights. Ugh! But I finished. A million hours later maybe. But I think it's pretty stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself. The top is an adorable pink and white polka dot and the bottom is a Lilly print. It garnered lots of ooh's and aah's at the shower. Baby girls are just so much fun dress!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Giveaway

The fabulous Lauren Nicole is hosting an equally fabulous giveaway. I could be selfish and keep this on the DL, because I really really want to win. But that would make me a rather rude crocodile. So I'll share. Begrudgingly. Go here to find out how to enter to win this stunning Lilly Pulitzer bag. A blog is not necessary, either. Good luck!

Thanks, Rue!

I totally forgot to hop on Ruelala at 11AM today. How I could forget is beyond me, as it has been talked about on every blog this week. But my blonde roots run deeps I guess. So I crossed my fingers and got on at 12:30 and was thrilled to see there was lots of Lilly Pulitzer goodness left! The two dresses I was drooling over were sold out already and another was sold out in my particular size. But I still walked away with two polos ($29- that's a steal!) and this fabulous dress. I really hope it fits because I am obsessed with it! If for some reason you too forgot this morning, go now. There's still lots of stuff left and awesome deals to be had. And golly if you still do not have an "invite" to the Rue, leave me your email address and I will get that off to you ASAP. You don't want to miss these deals, girlies. Go forth and shop preppy!


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