Monday, March 30, 2009


I took Sadie to the vet this morning - a zillion dollars and a bunch of shots later, they tell me that she has "low counts" of a tick-type-thingy. You know you love my technical terms! So I'm all, OMG that can be fatal and stays in the system for life and I live in a city and rarely venture up to the country and give her meds all year-round so how did this happen and so on. The vet is all, simmer down buttercup. OK, she didn't say that exactly. But allow me to just paraphrase a bit. Anyway, a month of pills should get her "levels" (levels of what, I don't have a clue) back to normal. She'll live. I'll live. It's all peachy.

The vet did tell me that if Sadie has another seizure in the next six weeks they will put her on meds. To which I replied, well you better make that a double dose because momma will need them too. She didn't think I was funny. Whatever.

As we were waiting to go into our exam room, another doggy came in. An old German Shepherd with an old gentleman. And the dog was there for his last shot, so to speak. When I overheard this, I started to cry. Right there in the lobby area of the vet. Sheesh I am so stinkin' sensitive when it comes to puppies. This is not the first time this has happened to me either. Years ago when I lived in DC and Sadie Kate was just a puppy it happened too. So there I am a hot mess over a dog I don't even know.

OK, so you are going to think I am nuts (but really, I do believe I have proven this fact time and time again on here so what else is new?) when I confess to you that I bought a juicer this weekend. I used to have one- I think I was like 14. I asked for it for Christmas. Strange, I know. I loved that thing. But the novelty wore off. I'm sure it was eventually donated to a thrift shop or something. Anyway, I've decided that I need to juice again. So this morning I made my first glass of juice. I used what I had in the fridge- apple, carrots, banana (which doesn't juice well and I doubt I will again use it), celery stalk and broccoli. Pretty good. I just threw a bunch of stuff in and turned the thing on. Overall it was quite tasty. And fairly impressive that before 9AM I had consumed so many fruits and veggies already! We'll see if I do actually use it in the week to come. The pour cup has a thing to skim off the foam. And not that this is here nor there, but it is also super loud. Sounds like an airplane is taking off in my kitchen. So really there is a 50% chance I will return the thing next weekend when the novelty of drinking broccoli has worn off.

One last thing... So last night I had a meeting with my sorority girls. This is just a different and often difficult group this year. I have one in particular who has a very abrasive personality and never maintains any level of respect when advisors are present. My patience has been tested in all new ways this year! Anyhoo...last night....we had a meeting. And I was about in tears. Of joy. It was hands down the best meeting I have had with this group of women!! And Miss Abrasive....she was downright cheerful and pleasant and easy going! I almost hugged her at the end of the meeting because it went so well. I was shocked! In a good way. Cross your fingers that this new wave of maturity sticks around!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


* So I am pretty sure Sadie did in fact have a second seizure on Thursday. But the good news is she is back to her perky puppy self today!

* It was nearly 70 here today- glorious, fabulous and everything grand!! A long walk in the sunshine was just what we needed! And I wore short sleeves and NO COAT for the first time since last summer!!

* As of tonight, Sadie officially loves hummus and pita. And salmon spread on pita. Girl has taste!

* I got a nasty anonymous comment today. It was seriously one of the most terrible things anyone has ever said to me. Truly foul. I didn't publish it of course. So to whomever gets off on writing that junk....stop. Start your own blog and stop hiding behind being anonymous. And quit being rude! It's just...well...rude!

* I am having the hardest time trying to plan a baby shower in my hometown, Ft. Laudy, at the end of May. I know I grew up there but I haven't actually lived there in more than 12 years. So I am pretty much planning an event for 30+ people in a strange city. Not easy, kids. If anyone has any suggestions for that area, please let me know!

* Today I said something to someone. Vague much? So here's the thing. I have thought about saying this many times over the last few years. But I try hard to avoid mixing business (or volunteer business as the case is here) and pleasure (read: friendship). As the big boss (Chapter Advisor), I don't want to put people in awkward positions outside of the necessary duties. As much as I would like to be loved by all, I am not their friend. I'm the big mama jama boss lady who brings cookies and sets punishments all at the same time. So I never said anything to this young lady. But the other day she mentioned something that made me realize, she needed to know my sentiments on the subject. She needed to hear specifically that I was proud of her and respected her and trusted her. I tell my girls all the time that I don't have a crystal ball so they need to communicate with me. But I wasn't doing what I preached. So I sent her a quick email. Nothing fancy or over the top. And wouldn't you know that she got right back to me and was clearly touched by what I said. It meant a lot to her. She didn't have a crystal ball either and never understood my feelings towards past situations. I've always had a very good working relationship with her but I hope as time progresses, we can have a friendship too. Regardless, I feel better knowing she is aware of how proud I am of her! The right choices in life are not always the easy choices. It's important that I verbally recognize when someone is brave enough to make those tough calls in the name of all things right!

* I'm sticking with my work-out routine but I realize I need to start paying close attention to what I eat. I'm not really losing any weight. I honestly could care less what the scale says but it's my only proof of progress. Or lack thereof.

* People often tell me that I write like I speak (or visa versa- depending on how I first "meet" them) with great surprise in their voice. I have also been told that I do not look like what people expect when they first get to know me via email or phone (like when a friend sends an email to a group and everyone rapid fire emails back and they you are suddenly all friends by the time you finally meet at a party or wedding or something). I am not sure how to react when people tell me this. I mean, I look how I look. Not bad and not super-model. And I sound ..... well I don't do much to control that either. Its the voice I have. I think maybe people expect a petite, skinny girl or something? I'm 5'6"- so hardly petite. As far as writing the way I speak....well how the heck else would I write? That comment comes to me fairly regularly and always always makes me giggle. I mean, I know how to write a business letter. But email or FB or a blog is not a business letter setting. So for all my bloggy pals who I have yet to meet in person, rest assured that I speak exactly as I write. I ramble on and on about nothing for endless periods of time. And when I am excited I tend to speak quickly and in a higher pitched voice. I always say silly things like "heavens to Betsy" or "crab apple cove" that mean nothing and everything all at the same time. Oh and if I am with my southern girls, I pick up a more southern accent. I never notice it but everyone else does.

* I'm home watching Figure Skating tonight. Because I'm cool like that. It is hands down my very favorite sport. I miss Michelle Kwan though. She'll always be the best in my book! And I'm sad Alyssa isn't skating tonight. She just seems like the sweetest girl. Anyone else gaga over figure skating?

* Sorry I keep re-publishing this thing but I am having a heck of a time with the spacing tonight. As it sometimes it give me a space and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it give me three. Grrr!

* That's all I have for y'all tonight. Nothing terribly exciting happening over at Casa de Crocodile. Cheers!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winning Ticket

So sorry I didn't post this earlier. My day was hectic this morning and I am still worried about Sadie. I found her breakfast (you know, after she ate it) in a corner and after that she was very drooly and lethargic. So I have no idea if she doesn't feel well still or if she seized again. This morning I called the vet but because they (at the moment) still don't feel that she has epilepsy and we have a scheduled visit on Monday, they said we didn't need to come in. I think I made it seem like we weren't getting proper service in my post last night. Not the case. They have run every test possible on her. But because some dogs just have seizures once or twice a year, they don't want to put her on medicine. Those without epilepsy can suffer more from the meds as they can greatly harm her organs and such. Or that's how it has been explained to me anyway. I'm not at all a science/health/medical type person so I am 100% sure my terms are made up. But you get the idea. Anyway, she is doing OK tonight- but still very lethargic and sleepy and clingy. Could just be a sensitive tummy (which is how I know she is my child- we are like twinkies really!) or something more. Thank you a million times over for all of the sweet comments and prayers and positive thoughts!! Truly- that means so much to me. I've read them all a dozen times today!

So now on to some fun news. The Lilly P burp cloth giveaway. I forgot to take a picture but I promise I was fair. I put every name on a piece of paper (and twice if you are a follower), fold them in quarters, turn my head away, and draw out a name. It's all on the up-and-up! Anyhow, congratulations to....

Yeah to a fellow Floridian!! Have you seen her amazing jewelry? Truly stunning! Email me with your mailing address and I will get those burpees in the mail to you asap.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sadie Kate had another seizure tonight. The seizure itself didn't seem to last as long as the other two but it took her a solid hour to come out of the daze she seems to be in after seizing. Oh it is just so scary! I decided not to take her to the emergency vet tonight as they never actually do anything for her. I'll call and bring her in to our regular vet first thing tomorrow. She seems better now. She is up and walking and ate a cookie. God picked the wrong momma to have this happen to though- I do not handle this all very well. I am a mess of worry and tears!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Have you noticed an increase in items being recalled lately? Maybe we don't have more items and I am only just now realizing this. Or maybe there are more and I am totally right. It's probably the latter. I like to be right. Anyway....

I just saw a news report that some Fisher Price highchairs are being recalled. I don't have a tot but I am going to assume this is a popular brand. So what happens if you don't happen to catch the local news report? I mean, I assume if you have a kid young enough to sit in a high chair, you are probably super busy this time of night. What with hungry and cranky kids, fixing dinner, coming home from work, walking the dog, and answering the phone that always rings while your toddler is mid-melt-down and flaring her legs in the air while screaming at the top of her lungs for a never-to-be-understood reason other than she is two and that's what you do when you are two and it's 5PM. So if this is the case, you're not going to hear the report that the high chair you received as a baby shower gift three years ago might or might not fall apart when you finally wrangle your tot into it in hopes that she eats more than she wears tonight. Do these companies send you letters? How do you find this important stuff out. Seems worrisome to me.

Last year when all those dog foods were being recalled (plus I was mid trying to fix poor little Sadie's tummy with what I now assume is a doggy version of celiac disease), I stopped buying dog food altogether. That's right, I cook her chicken and rice every five or six days. It's quite obnoxious but she is seriously the most important person to me. Yes, I said person. To me, she is!

Anyway, no real point to this post other than wondering about all those recalled items that I hear about but never pay attention to on the news each week. I never write them down. And I don't always watch the local news- so I probably miss hearing about so many of them. It's a dangerous world out there kiddos! Be careful.

Little Girls Love Lilly

I have a little giveaway for y'all. Two baby burpees in Lilly Pulitzer fabric. They are specifically these two burpees. And there is nothing at all wrong with them. BUT...the burp cloth fabric is not up to my standards. I wasn't paying attention and ended up purchasing the wider weave burp cloths. I didn't notice what I did until I washed and dried them (so too late to return). I think I've used them all up except for these two. And I am offering them to you because I don't want to sell them knowing they are this wider weave. They are perfectly wonderful- still absorbent and soft and cute as can be. Just not my favorite. Make sense? They are a great shower or new baby gift. And hello....they're Lilly-rific!
Anyway, leave me a comment if you would like them. If you are a follower (and tell me in your comment please!) I will give you two chances. The winner will receive both burpees. I'll draw a name by Thursday morning. Good luck!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Team Preppy Blogs

Does anyone else love watching the Amazing Race on Sunday nights as much as me? I love that show! When I was a kid my favorite activity at birthday parties was a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood. I doubt kids still do those. Probably too dangerous to send kids galavanting about the neighborhood. Which is terribly sad. But another topic for another time. This season the cast members are so much better than the last few seasons. I never root for the teams where people are mean or rude or mean or yell a lot. They bug me and I always hope they get knocked off first. This season I love love the mother and deaf son as well as the gay father/son team. How cute was Mel last night getting second because he paid attention to the directions?!! I have no desire to be famous or have 15 minutes in the spotlight, but I would go on that show in a skinny minute because it just looks so fun! They travel the globe, do these incredible tasks and usually have a great time.

So I got to thinking last night when I finally sat down to watch the show, after running around like a crazy woman for a week straight. Who would be my teammate when I go on that show? And of course no one came to mind. Everyone I know is busy with boys and babies. And of course you can't just have anyone as your partner. You need to think about your angle. It's all about the tag line. Like the mother and son- the son is deaf- that makes them interesting. Mel and Mike- old father and screen writer son who are both gay- that makes them interesting. So then I thought, how funny would it be if there was a team who met via blogs. It will be me (of course, my idea!) and you (preppy blog pal) and our tag line will say "preppy blog friends." And we could pack matching (people like to be matchy matchy on that show) Lilly polos and ribbon headbands. Cute yet functional. I really think this could work. Surely stranger things have happened in the world of silly reality shows!

I'm only kidding of course. Sort of. Not really. Anyone want to be my AR partner? It's funny to think about anyway.

Swap Package For Me!

Looky loo.... This is my swap package from the Card Swap. So excited!! She found the cutest items to include. I love everything!!

Chocolates, several vintage "K's", ribbon, vintage cookie cutters in all four card symbols, vintage playing cards and more.

This was my very favorite item- I believe she made it for me. Of course it won't live right here next to my pink and green wreath but I wanted to grab a photo immediately so show you how adorable it really is!!

Thanks for a fabulous swap!!

This week should be less hectic for me- yay! So I will finally get around to add more goodies to my etsy shop and add an etsy thingy on the blog (clearly I am all over the technical terminology). Thanks for all the wonderfully positive feedback. All orders already purchased should arrive no later than this week if they have not yet arrived. And to my custom ice cream cozy orders....I finished them and they will ship tomorrow. I've been a very busy sewing bee!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I. Am. Exhausted! I have been go-go-going non-stop this week. And today was my JL's American Girl fashion show (So totally adorable by the way- if you have a little girl, go. And if you don't, steal one for the day!) so I have been smiling and talking since 9AM. Then I had another (much longer than expected) meeting for sorority planning stuff. Then I met up with my dad briefly, walked Sadie, and talked to half my town. I'm tuckered out! I still have more work to do for tomorrow's big sorority meeting though. And I have to exercise. I didn't exercise yesterday (had every good intention but time literally ran out on me- it has just been one of those kinds of crazy weeks) and could feel the difference. Turns out I feel better when I at least do a little pilates video. Fancy that! But what I really want to do is curl up under my covers with a trashy magazine and just not move. So I am not letting myself go near my bedroom until I finish my "homework" or I will be a goner. I have no willpower.

But anyway, the American Girl thing was fabu! I so want to be 10 again!! When I was little there were only three girls. Now there are tons. Did you know that they "retired" Samantha? She was still part of the fashion show though. Not sure how that all works but I will soon learn. I volunteered to co-chair the event next year (insert Bestie and B(that stands for Bench) rolling their eyes and yelling at me to stop volunteering for stuff). I'm actually pretty excited about it- something different and fun (I hope!). to figure out my paperwork for tomorrow's meeting, work out and grab some dinner at some point too. I promise next week is far less hectic for me so I will hopefully be a better blogger.

Friday, March 20, 2009


OK so I have a bit of a public service announcement tonight. I took Sadie Kate for a walk (side turned cold again up here....insert me pouting!) and brought my mail in as usual tonight. And noticed a little something from AT&T. Odd considering I no longer have service from AT&T. I opened it to find a bill. A past due bill at that. For $13.51. Now I know this is not a huge amount but I am 100% certain that I fully paid off my bill before I switched services last month when I got my blackberry. I called and talked to the woman and made sure I was even steven. So this $13.51 baffled me.

I called immediately of course. Sweet southern girl answered and tried to tell me it was something about being left-over from my final bill. Um, no ma'am, try again. Then she thought it was a late charge. Wrong again, will the third time be the charm? I was nice but totally serious about not budging on paying for this mystery bill for a service I have not had in more than a month. Turns out it was for some download thing (insert me flipping out because I have never ever, not even once in my life, downloaded a single thing on that or any other phone. I don't even know how. I use the un-fun ring that comes with the phone.) called "PredictVote." Sweet southern girl said that it happened to her too and she paid it for six months before she realized it was on her bill. I can all but guarantee I have done the same. I am totally guilty of never looking at my bill specifics. I see the amount and pay it. I know, its terrible. Because when you don't pay attention to the details, you end up paying for stuff that you shouldn't be paying for!!

Sweet southern girl was kind enough to take away the charge and the late fee so I am back to a zero balance again. Whew!! She said companies like this can scam you out of $ if they only have your phone number. And because it is a relatively small amount, dummies like me don't notice it right away (or, um, ever apparently!).

So let this be a lesson to all of us. Pay attention to the individual charges on your monthly bills, ladies! I can't imagine how long I have been paying for this thing. But I promise I will pay close attention each month from now on! Because $13.51 times forever is like, a lot!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Broken Wagon

So I totally fell of the workout wagon this weekend. Not only that but I went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday and ate all sorts of things one should not eat if she is trying to not gain lots of weight. Then Sunday came and the eat-all-sorts-of-crappy-for-me-food festival continued. And while I ate healthy (which is actually my normal and why I won't limit my food- I regularly eat rather healthful) yesterday, I got my period last night (TMI?). And decided that 2/3 of a pint of ice cream would cure me. I did feel better. But today I hopped on the scale and three days of not exercising and eating crappy....I gained THREE pounds!! Yikes! That's like a pound a day!

Today though, I hopped back on the wagon. I did a really great workout. So proud of myself! I am back to eating normal amounts of things. And no one I know has a birthday party any time soon- so we are safe there too. Mini cream puffs and mini cannoli are just too tempting right now!

I bought something this weekend. I know- I swore off shopping for Lent. But I am not allowed to wear this for a month. And I am not certain I will keep it either. It's my physical, in my face, to look at every day, reminder of the goal, incentive to work out. My goal is not actually to lose weight- though that of course will happen. My goal is to develop a healthier body. So I am not forcing myself to work out for any certain amount of time. But in order to keep this fabulous caftan (that is far more flattering in person than my photo- I swear), I must work out a minimum of four days each week until the 14th of April (the day before my dress can no longer be returned). I either keep my goal and keep the dress or don't reach my goal and return (with tears in my eyes) the dress. Those are the rules, kids! I promise to let you know if the dress forever moves into my wardrobe or not next month.

Green Eggs And Ham

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Ladies!!

I go through phases with eggs. Sometimes I love them (scrambled and only scrambled though) and other times they gross me out. I have no explanation of why my mood changes towards them- it just does. But the last week or so, I am just craving scrambled eggs for whatever reason. Last night I was not in the mood to do any actual cooking or preparing for dinner. So this is what I made. I used a bunch of leftovers from my freezer/fridge and just made a little roll up sammy. And it was soooo yummy!

Green Eggs and Ham:

* 1 tortilla
* 2 eggs scrambled
* some spinach and broccoli
* some ham

Roll up and eat!

* I only buy cage free eggs because I saw this thing on Oprah about caged vs cage free eggs that made me cry for the poor little caged up chickens.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here's The Deal...

The game, another swap. The theme, cards. The rules, at least four gifts, all four symbols must be represented and include something to eat. At least one item must be thrifted and one item must be homemade. I LOVED this swap because it really forced me to think outside the box. Though I think I did the worst job ever wrapping my gifts so I didn't bother taking a picture of that for you. But I sincerely hope my swap buddy enjoys the goodies. I had a ball putting them together!

Something sweet....
Chocolate cupcakes, cupcake cuppies and Peeps. Why Peeps? Why not?! I love them! Oh I think the bag I made is pretty cute too.

A heart shape dish, two heart shape pancake molds (my required thrifted item) and a heart shape pocket mirror. Also included some stationary and a pen. Because I *heart* them.

Clubs.... OK, so this paperweight was originally two shades of green for St. Patty's Day. But considering that is not a huge decoration holiday, I thought it would be more year-round-ish in pink and red, my buddy's favorite colors. I also included the Peeps in this picture because Laura (A Dozen Eggs) informed me that there is a Peep club. I'm all over the cheesy jokes today!

This luggage tag and coffee cozy (she does live in Seattle- mecca to us S'bucks devotes!) set is sort of a diamond-y print, right? And this red necklace is not red diamonds. Shocking, I know. But the beads sort of made me think of big ole diamonds. Its fun to wear with jeans and a white t-shirt.
For me this was the biggest challenge but once I spotted a selection of seeds, I knew right away that I needed to find a spade. Now, I am not actually sure if this is a spade or just a thin shovel. But can you please just pretend for me that this is a spade? Because it won't make sense if we call it a small shovel.
And I had to make this for my buddy simply because of the print. It's a Lilly Blackjack ice cream cozy. I actually made it before I did the giveaway but didn't want her to see the print so I took a picture of another part of the print for the giveaway post.

I'm A Winner!

Thank you to the fabulously sweet Europafox for this kind award. I am usually terribly about doing anything about or with awards. Don't let that make you think I do not appreciate them. I have every intention to re-award them the next day or week. But get side-tracked and then it just never happens. But today I am turning over a new leaf. So thanks Europafox!! I am convinced that if we didn't live an ocean apart we would be "in real life" friends too!

Now I must list seven things that I love. Only seven? I love so many things in life. Here goes...

1. My baby girl, Sadie Kate. For those who have asked in the past she is a Sheltie. But don't tell her that. She's fairly certain she is a furry person or a princess.

2. Vegetable gardens. I love that you can stand in your yard and have a tomato or green bean snack. I love that it's healthy and cheap. And so beautiful. It just makes you crave those fresh veggies.

3. Peanut butter ribbon candy. Tell me y'all know what this is! It is a hot commodity in my family. You seem to be able to find the multi-flavored ribbon candy easily lately, due to retro candy coming back in popularity. But it is near impossible to find a box full of only the coveted peanut butter ribbon candy. So worth it if you can find it. It's fabulous! I received a big box as part of my family's Dirty Santa swap this year and it was oohed and aahed over for sure. It's like a box of gold in the Crocodile family!

4. LL Bean Boat and Totes. They are hands down the most useful bag ever. Can be worn as a casual purse or to tote baby stuff or school stuff or boat stuff or beach stuff or all of my sorority advisor binders or sewing stuff or sleepover stuff or .... They last forever too. Oh, and of course they are monogramable!!

5. West Wing. I know it has been off the air for years but it is still, hands down, my very favorite TV show! I miss CJ and Charlie and Josh and Toby. I can probably tell you every person who ever guest starred on the show too. Once in a blue moon I find repeats on Bravo but I wish they would run them more often. Best. Show. Ever!!

6. Sunshine. Sounds simple enough but up here in the North Pole, we can go days or even weeks without even a glimpse of the sun during the winter. So regardless of temperature outside, if there is sun showing through the sky, I am automatically in a great mood! It just does something to my mood- lifts me sky high.

7. Ice tea. Sweet or unsweet or green or black or instant. I love them all. Nothing says "welcome" like a tall glass of ice tea!

So I pass this award on to seven (but I chose eight- so hard to even limit myself to that many with all of the fabulous blogs out there!) other super creative gals....

A Dozen Eggs - If you are looking for a cookie favor or just want to see the most drool-worthy cookie art, go here immediately!

A Journey To Our Daughter - Have you seen her dress line for little girls? Amazing!

Buford Betty - My bestie! But y'all she is incredibly creative and crafty! She doesn't talk about it much- mainly because she is super busy crunching numbers for tax season at the moment. But stay tuned...she has a little something fabulous up her sleeve!

Etiquette With Miss Janice - Did you see her table-scape for the Lilly on Martha show? Amazing!!

Hollie - She always decorates her home and sweet puppy, Janie, with the most adorable holiday cheer!

Nautical By Nature - She too has the most fabulous preppy and nautical finds listed on her blog each week. She claims to be in school but I am pretty sure she spends her days just searching online for the next preppy "must have" item!

The Gifting Gumshoe - She lists the most fabulous preppy finds!! I have no idea how she finds so many fabulous things but when I am stumped for a gift, I go here first.

Whitney Caroline - She is crazy creative! And she has fun giveaways all the time too so she is generous on top of creative!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pink Crocodile Designs

Y'all had the nicest things to say about my silly little ice cream cozies the other day. So I added them to my etsy shop. The shop is a bit barren at the moment but I will be adding more over the weekend. I have yet to figure out how y'all make the little etsy shop thingy on the side of your blogs. Thank you a million times over for saying such sweet and encouraging things to me! Y'all are truly the best friends I have never met!!

Random Bits And Pieces

A few random bits...

Do you ever get this twitter thing under your eye? Once in a blue moon it happens on my thigh (like a throbbing vein- but ew- seeing that in writing makes it seem way worse that it is) instead. It's rare and doesn't hurt but it is annoying as all get out. Please tell me you know what I am talking about. Anyway, I got the little twitter thing under my eye last weekend. Today is Thursday. And my eye is still twittering. It's not constant but it's not leaving me. If you know what this is and have a solution, I'm all ears! I'm too embarrassed to call my doctor for an appointment for an annoying but not painful eye twitter.

Speaking of Twitter.... I still don't get it. I don't understand what it is or why its fun. But it seems to be all the rage. Is it not enough that I have a Facebook page (if you want to be friends let me know), blog and blackberry to email constantly?

Octomom. I'm over her. O. V. E. R. I truly wish her the best and hope that her kids are all healthy and happy. But I don't get why she is all about pretending she is doing everything solo. Pretending she is not being given gifts of childcare help, food, furniture, etc... I can only assume the folks who are donating funds and goods to her are doing so out of the kindness in their hearts. Why snub those people with this business of "I'm doing this by myself, blah blah blah?" Just say that lots of wonderful people have opened their hearts and you are grateful!

Luann. AKA the Countess. Did anyone see her go on and on about how she is writing a book on etiquette and then act like a donkey all night on Real Housewives of NYC? I know many of us are big fans of all things etiquette and manners. Even those who are not know enough to not act like stuck up brat every two minutes if you are trying to peddle a book on manners. With the word (cringe) "class" in the title. I am not sticking up for Ramona but I understood what she was trying to say at the cooking thing. And Luann, a 15 year age difference does in fact make your husband "older." Not old or dying or bad or anything but yes, he's significantly older in age. Get over it. Also, even if you didn't mean your comment to be rude towards Bethany (but I'm pretty sure you did- because you are all about putting everyone down- way down below you), you should suck it up and apologize.

On the Housewives note, how funny was the scene with Alex and Simon in the blow up pool? Listen, I have zero problems with a blow up pool. I know tons of people who have them and enjoy them. Especially if you have dogs or kids. But what gets me is they go on about it as if its some glamorous thing. Its a regular folk blow up pool. Get over yourselves. Oh and I am so curious to know about the details of Kelly getting arrested. Curious!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer Gift Bag

For those of us who (were forced to because we were unlucky and didn't manage to win tickets to the show and we are still pouting about it!) watched the fabulous Martha Stewart show today featuring all things Lilly Pulitzer from home, we can still enter a drawing for the super fantastic gift bag given to the audience. Click here. Or don't because I want to win. No no, go ahead and click and enter. It's only fair that way. Oh but I so want to win that darling pair of shoes and sunglasses!!

And The Winner Is...

I did my big, official, fan-fare filled drawing today for a Lilly Pulitzer fabric ice cream cozy this morning during a commercial of the Martha Stewart Lilly Pulitzer show. (Hopsy- I spotted you right away from the back of your head. I saw you too Kate! And a few others. I can't wait to hear all about it!!) OK, so my drawing was less fan-fare filled and more assisted by Sadie who thought we might be in the kitchen cooking up a treat for her. She walked away in great disappointment. But enough chatter, y'all are in it for the winners. So without further ado....

Congratulations to Pink Peonies and Pearls, Queen Bee Swain and Third Coast Preppy!! I picked three because it seemed more fun than just one. Ladies, simply send me an email to with your mailing address and your color preference (if you have one, otherwise I am happy to just pick for you) and I'll get your goodies in the mail to you ASAP.

So many of y'all said such sweet things to me regarding purchasing an ice cream cozy. So I will have them up in my etsy shop by the end of the day and will post a link later. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Happy Lilly Day!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Skinny Peep

I knew I forgot to tell you something earlier. Peeps. I've said it many times before how much I love Peeps. Mmmm! Only made better if you open the package and let the little lovelies sit to get stale for a day or two. So good!

Well today I quickly ran into Wally World and on my way out spotted sugar free Peeps. Being the wanna-be-healthy-chic that I am, I purchased a tiny package of three. I eagerly opened them up when I walked in the door and took a bite. And I can honestly say that if you are craving a little Peep goodness, go for the real thing. The consistency was so completely different- they were dense and chewy. The flavor was all wrong. And the usually crunchy yellow sugar coating was um...none of the above. They are bigger too. Peep wanna-be's is what they are. Diet coke, no problem. Eat more veggies and work out, done and done. But don't mess with perfection. It's original Peeps or bust around the Crocodile household!

This And That

So the verdict so far is that overall, I am doing well working out. I did not work out on Sunday though. Furthermore, I proceeded to instead go with Daddy to our local greasy diner for none other than a bottomless cup of totally caffeinated coffee (I have really become a decaf convert over the last year or so), a huge plate of sourdough french toast (that I totally finished and didn't even feel guilty thankyouverymuch) and pile of bacon (OMG why is diner bacon like girl-attempting-to-be-on-a-workout-kick crack?!). And friends, it was was a breakfast worth every fatty-mc-delicious calorie! It was a pretty day outside so I ran a few errands and window shopped ( Lent over yet?). So nice to just be out and about in sunshine.

I popped into Tar-jay and saw these shoes. Cute. But lots of white. I don't know, I'm not a huge fan of white shoes. Probably because their life span up here in the North Pole is so limited. But they were cute nonetheless. I also spied some very darling flip flops but didn't take pictures. People were staring at me. What, everyone doesn't whip out a digi in the middle of Target? I can't wear them up here yet anyhoo.

So we had that fabulous weekend only to get a less-than-fabulous mix of rain, sleet and snow today. Charming. Old Man Winter is such an Indian giver!! Such a tease! Argh.

So now I am watching Dancing With The Stars and already have some commentary to share....

- Who is that "Sex And The City actor?" I've seen every episode and the movie and don't remember him.

- Nancy the girl who dropped out and is on E or Inside something.... cut your hair. You are a seriously beautiful woman but you are way too old to wear your hair that long and in a side pony tail. Now that you have time on your hands I suggest you make an apt ASAP to get a little spring hair cut.

- So excited that Holly Madison is Jewel's replacement. I know she was nekkid on Playboy but I love that show. I know, I know, I have such crappy taste in television.

- I bet Melissa (recently dumped girl from Bachelor) will do well. She looks like she has a lot of dance experience and the entire country feels for her. Heck, I've never seen an episode of Bachelor but I feel sorry for her!

- Ty Murry was so cute and sweet but I bet he's the first to go home. I laughed out loud- he literally looks like he hopped off the horse and onto the dance floor. Poor thing.

OK, that's all I can think of right now. Overall I think its a pretty good cast. Lots of people I like on there. Only a few who made me say "who??" I would never want to be famous or have a reality show but I would go on Amazing Race or DWTS in a heartbeat. Both look like so much fun!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway below. I'll pick and post a winner Wednesday morning. And to all the girls lucky ducky enough to be invited to the Lilly Pulitzer on Martha Stewart Show....have fun and please please take LOTS of pictures so that those of us uninvited and pouting at home can live vicariously. I can't wait to hear all the fabulously preppy details!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Lilly!!

NOT Lilly but cute green with colorful dots fabric

Pink Daisy LP fabric

Blue Crabby Lilly fabric

Pink Cats LP fabric

Pink Unicorn Lilly Pulitzer fabric

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabric - Orange Tulips

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a Lilly Pulitzer fabric covered pint of ice cream! Don't lie, you've never seen such adorable ice cream, right? Well you have a chance to win your very own ice cream cozy. It fits nicely on any pint size container of ice cream or fat free yogurt or whatever floats your boat. It even has a little tag to support your spoon while you get yourself situated and covered snug as a bug in a Snuggie or blankie. It can go in your freezer, washer and dryer. Fun fabric on the outside and cozy fleece on the inside. Made by yours truly. Fun, right?

Here's how to win this and a few other surprise goodies:

* 1 entry for leaving me a comment. Any comment (as long as its nice and not rude) will do. Flattery not needed. Just a hello is fine if that's all you have in you today.

* 1 additional entry if you are a blog follower. This is not to get more followers- though they are of course welcome. We're not private around here. It's simply because I put up a big fuss over losing a follower the other day and many of y'all took the time to say nice things to me. Please just tell me that you are a follower in your comment.

* 3 additional entries if you are NOT going to see the Lilly Pulitzer on Martha Stewart show AND blogged about it. We shall call these pouty points. Those of us who are still stomping our feet and wallowing in misery and feeling crabby-mc-pouty over not being able to attend all the fun that will surly ensue on Wednesday in NYC, deserve a little extra luck. It's my blog and I can give you extra points if I want to. But again, you need to tell me as much in your comment. Some I know off the top of my head and some I do not. And the crystal ball is again in the shop- so just spell it out for me.

So that's a possible five chances to win a little something from moi. If you do not have a blog, you must leave your email address in the comment to qualify. Otherwise I have no way to get in touch with you. If you have a preference on fabric, of course you are welcome to pick your favorite now or when you win. I will pick a winner on Wednesday March 11th. You know, the day the show airs. Without me there to see it all take place. Holy pout fest, party of one! Hehe!

Good luck friends!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Soup's On

Three posts in one day- crazy I tell you! But I made this fabulous soup the other night and thought it only appropriate to share the recipe. The original recipe came from my Southern Living Slow Cooker cookbook but I changed a few things. Heaven forbid I use the exact directions in life!

Chunky Minestrone

* 1 1/2 boxes of low-sodium, fat-free chicken broth
* 3 cans (14 1/2 ounce) no-salt-added diced tomatoes with roasted garlic, undrained
* 2 cans (15.5 ounce) cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
* 1 large bag of frozen chopped spinach
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 1 cup chopped carrots (I always have the baby carrots on hand so I just used a few handfuls of those)
* 2 medium zucchini, halved and sliced
* 1 tablespoon dried Italian seasoning
* 1/2 teaspoon pepper
* 1 cup uncooked small shell pasta
* freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Chop onion. Place in microwave save dish, cover with plastic wrap and microwave for five minutes. This will ensure that the onion will be soft and not crunchy. Bestie taught me that nifty trick!

Combine first nine ingredients in a crockpot. Cover and cook on high for 6+ hours. Add pasta 30 minutes before serving. Sprinkles each serving with cheese.

This makes a TON! But I like to cook once and freeze the rest for lunches or dinners to be easily enjoyed later.

It is so so yummy and super low fat. But best of all, it's very filling. You'll love it!


Do you see the bizarre spacing in the post below? Why does it do that? When I type it, things look normal. All the same. But when I hit publish, it turns all strange. I usually go back to try to correct it a few times and then finally give up and let it be. I just didn't want y'all to think that I was unaware of how kooky my posts look. I totally see it. I just don't know how to fix it.

On A Roll

Great news....I did another DVD workout today!! Hot diggidy dog, I'm on a roll! I wonder if I will have the motivation to keep up the good work. Cross you fingers because my waistline really really needs it! That's where I gain all of my weight- my waist/belly. I still have hot legs. Not bragging- just stating the good with the bad. I somehow lucked out with pretty legs. I've gained in my face too - I can tell- but I doubt others can see it as clearly. Pretty much all 20 (!) extra lbs reside around my belly button. Meaning that many many of my clothes no longer fit me. Which if I am being honest, is my prime motivation for losing weight. It should be the fact that those who gain in their waist are more susceptible to heart disease. But that would be a lie as my motivation is to fit into the clothing I already own. Less vanity and more economics really.

Oh I noticed one of my "followers" is no longer following. Now to be honest, I don't really care about the following icon. I follow blogs because I have come to love the feature. It helps me figure out what blogs to read because they posted recently. But to my follower-no-more, did I do something to offend you? I don't think I said anything super controversial in the past week, did I? Or certainly not more controversial or opinionated than any other week. First Lilly and Martha snub me and now you. I'm feeling a bit unloved here!

And finally, this picture is for Laura. I was in Target the other day and thought of you and your love of all things Hello Kitty. All of these items were in the $2.50 section. Who knew HK was such a bargain?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In reverse order....

The Ugly: I've gained a LOT of weight! It ain't purty, kittens!!

The Bad: I was told today by the peeps at Lilly Pulitzer that there are officially no more tickets left to the Martha show. Gosh, I gave it my all. I emailed everyone multiple times. To no avail. I had big dreams of going to Hopsy's Lilly Par-tay at the Lilly store the night before the show on the 11th. And I have two outfits picked out. Or had. I had two outfits picked out. Honestly I feel super bummed about it too! It's not fair and I am officially throwing a toddler-like temper tantrum. Boo hoo!

The Good: Are you sitting down? Guess what I did this morning? Just guess. It's related to The Ugly. I put in a pilates DVD and actually worked out! Do you hear the choir of angels rejoicing for me? I know, me too! Please send me some good vibes or prayers or just motivational thoughts in hopes that I get up tomorrow morning and do the same thing. Some of you must be asking why I don't just join a gym. Oh that's because gyms scare me. I am just super intimidated the moment I walk into a gym. Not my scene. DVD's and (when I am in much better shape) jogging outside work much better for me. You know, when I can actually motivate my ever-expanding self to get out of bed and hit play on the DVD player. But let's focus on the I exercised for the first time in nearly forever. Woo hoo for me!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Question and Comment

Hey my fellow Capital Region Upstate New Yorkers..... Do you use any sort of coupon website thingy? The two most popular nationally sadly do not give a hoot about us Cap Region folks because they don't cover our grocery stores. I didn't realize this when I signed up - only to realize they were just telling me about sales/deals at drug stores. So if you use one of those coupon websites- the site where it tells you when to use your coupons at particular stores because of the best sales, etc...- please let me know. Thanks!

And for everyone else who is less interested in my coupon clipping obsession, have you seen this blog? She's my idol! Y'all know I am over the moon in love with my crockpot, right? Good grief I love that thing! It makes me so happy to have a delicious meal waiting for me with little fuss at dinner time. And its practically mistake proof! Ah, love! Anyway, I tried this yummy little dip in my mini crockpot on Sunday and it was delish! I don't have kids and therefore do not keep apple juice in the house (tell me I am not alone in associating apple juice with toddlers and toddlers alone!) so I used orange juice instead. I also added a pinch of sugar because it seemed to need a little something extra. I served it with these yummy cornbread crackers that I found in Target and apple slices. Delish! Perfect for your next easy dipping need.


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