Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beep Beep

If we can send a man (or woman) to the moon, combine broccoli and asparagus and make it quite tasty, and witness Brittney Spears come back from brink of doom and gloom, then why can't they make my car horn have a variety of beeps. What am I talking about? I mean, sometimes a regular beep beep, toot toot is insufficient. Sometimes I need something that specifically states the thing I am trying to tell the other car. Here are a few I would use frequently....

*Beep Beep. That is not a parking space. It's a road. And you are blocking it. Move your stinkin' car!

*Toot Toot. I don't care if your wife/daughter/friend/boyfriend/neighbor is in Walmart/Grocery Store/Marshalls/Target. You cannot just sit in your car in front the store. You are blocking car traffic. And pedestrian traffic. And you are really ticking me off. Move your stinkin' car!

*Beep Beep. I'm not trying to scare you by waving my arms and shaking my hands. That's my car to car sign language for "you forgot to turn on your headlights." You're welcome. It happens to all of us once in a while.

*Toot Toot. Please turn your music down. It cannot be healthy to listen to it that loudly. I mean, your windows are up, my windows are up and I have my radio on. I can still clearly hear your music though. Too loud sugar!

*Beep Beep. Do you see that red light? Yeah, red means stop buddy!

*Toot Toot. Do you see that green light? It's my turn to go, not yours!

*Beep Beep. Do you see how the street is flanked by a sidewalk on either side? That's where you and your children and your dog and your baby stroller should be standing/walking/hanging out. Do you see the road? Look down, yes that road, where you are standing/walking/hanging out. Do you see my car and the other cars? The big hunks of metal with four wheels? Roads are for cars. I know, tricky. Now you know.

*Toot Toot. Just because you left your car running with your emergency lights blinking does not make it legal to park in the middle of the street and in front of a fire hydrant while your run in to shop/visit with friends/pick up food/or anything else.

*Beep Beep. Up here it's legal to turn left on red if the street is one way. So um, please turn. No one is coming and I have things to do today.

*Toot Toot. You are so rude to leave your shopping buggy in the middle of the parking space/lot!! Rude, rude, rude!! Be a peach and just return your buggy to the cart station like the rest of us.

Just to name a few.... I am actually not a road rage kind of person. When I get huffy it usually sounds like "oooh you mean blue car!" But the above list are things I run across frequently. My regular honk just doesn't seem to get my point across sufficiently. I'd like some pre-recorded honks please! I'm pretty sure the world would be a happier place.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Immaculate Conception....It's Happened Before!

I finally got around to getting my flu shot today. I know a lot of people don't get them but I personally think that's a bit irresponsible. Of course, I've waited until every office is out of the vaccine so I had to resort to going to the County Health Department. That was a first for me. I had visions of terribly long lines of unhealthy people, but you know what they say about assuming something in life. Yeah, I was the only person there. It was me and four or five nurses who had nothing else to do but stand around gossiping. It was a depressing building but must be a sweet job just standing there gabbing all day. They told me all about some woman in California who just had octupulets (I guess that's what it's called- eight babies).

Anyway, so I go into the room with a nurse and another woman- I think she was either another nurse or an admin person who had nothing else to do. I sit down and lift my sleeve to prepare for my shot. I'm looking away to avoid seeing the needle. If I don't see it, I'm fine. But gosh the nurse is dawdling! Re-reading my paperwork over and over. It seriously only had like five questions on it. But she asks me again if I am allergic to eggs or latex. No I tell her. Are you pregnant? No. Are you sure there is no chance you are pregnant? No, I'm not pregnant. She looks at my paper again (where I checked the box NO that I am not preggers) and looks up to ask me a third and fourth time if I might be preggo. After the last time I sarcastically said, "only if it's immaculate conception!" She looks at me, in all seriousness, and replied that it happened once. To which I replied, "yeah 2000 years ago."

Now I was not in the most beautiful of outfits (jeans and sweater) and I have gained a LOT of weight over the last few years. But I feel certain that I do not look pregnant. Or slutty. Chubby, maybe. Pregnant though, notsomuch. I love though that she felt I looked pregnant, slutty and religious all at the same time. That's a difficult trifecta to pull off, but apparently I do it well. Who knew?!

To answer your question.... This is the dress I picked up at White/Black on Saturday. It was super on sale and hides my pregnancy belly well....I hope! I like stuff that I can dress up or down depending on the accessories and shoes. I think it will be cute with Bonannos in six months after we thaw out up here.

Stick A Bow On It

Saturday I spent the day out and about, doing a wee little bit to help the economy. It was cold but sunny, which is my standard for calling it a nice day. I really don't care about the temperature as long as I get to see some sunshine. It's a highly sought after commodity up in these parts! I bought three things- one tiny item is part of my Pink swap for Hopsy (though the item isn't actually pink), one item was a dress on super sale at White House Black Market (or whatever that store is called) to wear at my conference in Atlanta this weekend and the final item is this pair of fabulous pink satin shoes!! The down side is that in taking the picture I happened to look at the bottom of the shoes. Only to find out that I left the store with two different size shoes! I called but my Talbots is missing the other shoe I need (leaving me curious to know if someone else is wandering about Upstate NY with two different size pink shoes, too). Never fear, they are being overnighted from Canton so that they are here in time for my trip. They are too fun to not bring down south this weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

These Boots Were NOT Made For Walking

I live in a city. With a perfect puppy who needs walks at least three times a day. When it is about to snow, people kindly toss out handfuls of ice melt salt. But unless you are willing to pay twice the price for the pet friendly variety, that stuff is killer to innocent little pups. It burns puppy paws. Sadie starts limping and if it is hurting more than one paw before I can squat down to wipe it clean, she will just lay flat on the ground crying. I've carried her home more than once because I feel so bad for my sweet little girl.

Over the last month or so, I've been on a quest for dog boots. This is big for me. I certainly don't judge you for dressing up your dogs but I would not dream of putting clothes on my pup. The boots though are just so necessary. Yet so difficult to find. I've ordered some online, as has my father, and bought two at local stores. That's four pairs so far. Three of the four didn't fit her even though according to the tag, the next size up is intended for labs (Sadie Kate is a Sheltie and petite for the breed). This pink pair did fit but they are ridiculous. No tread bottom so they are slippery. She could barely stand up- they would send her flying if she tried to walk on ice. Ignore the mess behind her. Isn't she cute, though?!

Have any of you purchased boots for your dog? If so, what brand do you have and where did you find them? We have many more months if salty sidewalks ahead of us, so while I would like them to look cute, more than anything this really is a necessity.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Easy Dinner

Sometimes I am the laziest person when it comes to dinner. One week I am super motivated to be creative and then the next week it is all I can do to avoid picking up the phone for delivery of some sort each night. I predicted yesterday (correctly I might add) that tonight would be one of those nights when cooking dinner would be on my un-fun list. So I picked up a ball of pizza dough when I ran into the market for a veggie. I used it to make a super yummy and incredibly easy calzone. I threw in what I had in my house but you could add all sorts of goodies to make it a yummy meal.

Tonight though it included tomato-basil sauce, fat free ricotta, about a handful of shredded cheese blend, spinach, and a can of artichoke hearts. Roll out the dough (I have finally figured out that if you let it come to room temp before using it, the rolling becomes easier) and place on greased cookie sheet. Add the filling goodies of your choice to one half. Fold over and pinch the top under the bottom to keep in place. Stick it in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes or until done. Serve with more sauce on top. Mmmm good!!

Oh Ladies....

I don't even know where to start in regards to the OC Housewives. I actually missed the first 15 minutes but it seems that Gretchen did not cheat on her I correct? I hope so. I was so tired but it was worth staying awake to see Lynne and her cuff bracelets. I was laughing so hard when she went on and on about working so hard. Listen, I make things too so I get the creative and physical aspect. But it was just hilarious to hear her going on and on and on about working super hard as they show her gluing a bobble to the top of a bracelet.

What is wrong with the picture when cute Gretchen feels less-than simply because she doesn't have fake breasts? If that is the OC standard of beauty, add that city to the list of places I will never live. Though, isn't LC from The Hills from OC too? She doesn't seem to be all about fakey-mc-fakey. Then again I only watch one Hills episode last season so maybe she is and I don't realize it.

How is an hour in a car with friends a waste of time Vicky? Unless it was some serious emergency that involved a world leader or a patient's life, I would never again invite a friend to hang out with me if she whipped out a computer claiming that talking to me for an hour was a waste of time. I'll give you a waste of time! I actually don't know what that means but it sounds all huffy and serious. :)

That lunch conversation was so typical. I actually understood both sides of the discussion. Didn't like how either side presented itself but by now I expect as much. But I got it. What amazed me was that both Vicky and Jeana felt that they were more deserving of an opinion than Lynne. Self-centered much?!

Why-oh-why do I watch this show? I hope Laurie comes back. I wonder if her daughter's business got off the ground. Or if she ever took a honeymoon. Come back Laurie!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Luck Mr. President!

Today is just beyond exciting! I am grumpy about that ridiculous "VIP" section that is full of dumb ole Hollywood peeps. Obnoxious! But other than that, today is a really fabulous day!!
I think they should refer to Barack Obama as half black. Hear me out. I personally think it is more significant that half his genes are Caucasian as that was actually illegal (For the same reasons it is illegal for homosexuals to marry- citing Biblical reasons. Makes me think, have minds changed or do those who think that this whole business of religious freedom should be thrown out the window when it comes to convenient issues like marriage, still think that like gays, persons of a variety of races should also not be allowed to wed?). And then when you think that not all that long ago this man's "value" was only 3/5 of a white man.... truly remarkable! We are still a long way from having unity and equality here in America, but today is a stunning and powerful symbol of the progress that is within reach!!

It's snowing here and rather cold today so I'm over my bad mood for not flying down to see this in person. I'm rather enjoying my seat warmer and steaming cup of coffee inside rather than standing outside for hours upon hours.

I do wish the Bush's well. They look like they are ready to relax in Texas and just retire in peace. Who wouldn't be after eight years in the White House?! That is not a job I would ever want to do, that's for sure. Talk about stress. And that's on a good day. So like them or not, one has to respect these men (and God willing a woman at some point!! I still think you can do it again in eight years Hil!) for giving us so many years of service where no matter what you do, you are still ticking somebody off big time.

Do you know that they move one President out and another in, all in a six hour span? It frequently takes me 20 minutes just to remember where I last put my roll of packing tape. Clearly I do not have a future as a professional mover.

I love pomp and circumstance!! I think that's why today is so universally exciting for our nation. We just don't have a lot of fancy ceremonies or rituals here in the USA. Not compared to many European nations anyway. Today is fun. Tomorrow though....oh golly tomorrow is going to be stressful for our new President. But today is all about the ceremonies and parties and feeling woo-hoo it's great to be an American. Good luck Mr. President! It is not going to be all peaches and cream from here on out but I believe that everyone truly wishes you well in your new job!! Make us proud!

Thanks bunches for your FB advice. I think I just needed y'all to tell me it was okay to ignore. So I am. I mean, if I recognized their names it would be one thing but I don' ignore it shall be. I feel better about it now! :)

And my pie was wonderful last night. I sliced it while still warm though. In theory that sounds fabu but it turns out when the directions say to cool completely, they actually me do I put this....oh cool completely. It was like eating pumpkin pudding or flan. Dad said it still tasted great though. Tonight it will be back to a more pie-like state.

Have you seen this blog? Hilarious!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook Question

What do you do when someone wants to be FB "friends" but you don't recognize them? I've been ignoring the requests but feel bad. I have friends in common with both people but I swear to you I do not know them. There was a girl with my same first name I believe who went to another school. I'm wondering if they perhaps think I am that other girl? Should I just be "friends" with them? It's not like I do much on FB anyway. Or continue to ignore them? What do you do??


Oh I am having a hard time friends. I decided to stay at home and not go down for the Inauguration tomorrow. I was turned off by the thought of all those celebrities getting tickets just because they are celebrities. Seriously I could never live in LA- this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Like where are these people every other day of the year? When was the last time Demi Moore or Beyonce or Jessica Alba or the Jonas Brothers were on the hill? Um....never probably. So anyway, I decided in my head that regular citizens would get squat with celebs out and about. But dammit....I am so ticked at myself. Near tears if I think about it too long. That was incredibly dumb of me. I regret this big time. There are very few things in life that I truly regret but the top of the list. Please remind me three years from now that I will regret not being there. Regardless of who is being inaugurated. For me personally, it's just important to see the process.

You can guess how excited I was to see Demi Moore on Oprah today. I turned the TV off. I don't know why but she bugs me. Do you know who she sort of reminds me of? Lynne (I think that's her name) the newest OC Housewife. They are both waaaaayyyy too old to be wearing that skin tight business (personally I don't ever think one should wear that oh-no-she-didn't hooker gear but certainly never ever beyond the age of 29!), prefer being best friends rather than parents to their daughters, encourage their kids to wear their skimpy attire and are oblivious to all of the above. It just irks me. Don't ask why- it just does.

It's not fair. Who cares about a long-retired mediocre actress. OK, her hub is adorable. He can go to the festivities. But I really think I should be there instead of dumb Demi!! This is me throwing a temper tantrum, all the while knowing it's my own dumb fault.

So to ease my pain (hello, over-dramatic much?!), I made one of my favorite dinners ever. Turkey breast ala crockpot! Just like Thanksgiving, I chopped up a large onion, a large sweet potato and threw in a few handfuls of baby carrots. Salt, pepper and one can of cherry pie filling. Cook all day and smile as the most tender and delicious meat ever literally falls off the bone. I also had filling for one pumpkin pie (left over from my Thanksgiving pies) in my freezer that I thawed a week ago, thus needing to be used immediately. So I made a crust and popped that in the oven while eating dinner. I can't wait to have a yummy treat of pumpkin pie! Mmmmm! that a split pea pie? No, no....I just use those instead of fancy pants pie weights.
I'm giving thanks for making an extra filling back in November. Ready to go into the oven (which needs to be cleaned by the way but I shall save that task for another day).
Just out of the oven! I wish you could smell it....sooo yummy good! I know it's not beautiful but trust me, it's lack of outer beauty is quickly made up for in flavor and texture!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Does anyone know where I can find a good quality, solid-colored sweat shirt? I've bought from Target and Walmart and don't like any of them. Arms too short or body too short or they get pilly after only one wash. But I have a college sweatshirt and it's still soft and smooth after hundreds of washes. That's what I am looking for. So if you know where I can find this surprisingly difficult to find item, I will be truly grateful!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Are They Marketing Towards

I was just in Target for a few things (Really, I really truly did come out of there with only a few things purchased. Miracle of all miracles!) and buzzed past the clothing section. I don't care how cute it is, I am in no mood to shop for clothing this time of year. First of all, it is bleeping cold outside. And Georgia girls, I don't want to hear how it's 30 and 40 down there. The weather man just announced that next week we are getting a warm front and it might reach the low 30's. That's our "warm front" mind you. Anyhoo.... I am not in the mood to take off my 4000 layers of puffiness to try on anything. I live my life with a single goal in mind, to never wear a bathing suit. So you can guess how amused I am to see them staring me in the face in bleeping January. Hello, I just said our warm front will reach all of 30. I'm thinking that's still not quite bathing suit weather.

OK so then my eye spied some fabulous colors. Pink and green of course. Adorable coats in the most fabulously rich colors. And lined in a cute polka dot print. My question is, who exactly are they marketing these coats towards? No one that lives in New England for sure!! They are beautiful and cute and I own several similar coats. But there is all of two weeks in the fall and two in the spring (er....early summer?) when this light coat might be appropriate. Because kids, it's ...say it with me.....bleeping cold up here!

So as much as I love the colors and styles, Target can take these coats and bathing suits back down to states where the sun does actually shine. Up here, we will be wearing puffy and fuzzy everything until at least early May. Or June. One never knows around these parts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Update On Last Night

I have more things to share but wanted to quickly thank everyone for your sweet comments yesterday regarding my new(er) JL chapter. Last night went much much better than anything I have previously attended. I felt a lot more comfortable and chatted with women in my same age group and state of life the whole time. A great improvement over past experiences! I still do not have a placement, which I find super annoying. But I signed up for a few DIAD things so hopefully I will find some familiar faces to befriend that way until someone gives me a committee.

Oh but let me tell you this totally embarrassing thing that happened too. So I walked in right on time- even though I tried to be a few minutes late. The first 30 mins were social and when I don't know a soul, I don't enjoy being the first one to show up just so that I can awkwardly stand around staring at my cup of Diet Coke. Lucky for me there were a few women there ahead of me. I saw a sign in sheet and then a big box of typed up name tags. I saw my name (misspelled as usual!) and pinned it on and walked over to a group of gals to introduce myself. All was going quite well until it was time for the meeting to start. I sat down next to a girl who has been in the league for 15 years but who was a lot of fun to chitty chat. Now I pinned the name tag to my scarf because I was too cold at first to take it off. I looked down at my scarf/name tag only to realize that I was not wearing MY name tag. Totally wearing someone else's name tag. Turns out they didn't misspell my name as it was totally NOT MY NAME! For 30 minutes I chatted it up and introduced myself to every woman who walked near me. For 30 minutes they all must have thought, good golly who the heck is this crazy lady pretending to be someone else?! I was (and still am) so embarrassed. But there was nothing I could do at that point as we had a full agenda. Let's hope next month I avoid impersonating people I don't even know!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Make New Friends

Gosh it's been long since I last posted. For no particular reason other than I have been surprisingly busy lately. I spent my Sunday morning digging my way out of my house and to my car. Once I was finally able to get in my car, I left for an all day marathon long Executive Council meeting. We've never done that before- had an extra super long meeting. But it was so well worth it! We were able to really get together as a whole group to make some changes and plans for the next semester/year. Not everything went off perfectly but overall I left feeling positive. And exhausted! For whatever reason I didn't really sleep more than a few hours the night before. So when I got home, Sadie got a walk and I went to grab dinner from Panera (I picked two soups from the "You Pick Two" menue which only proved to upset the entire staff because I guess the soup is more expensive or something. But I asked and the girl taking my order said yes. It's not like I was trying to pull one over on them. But let me tell you, they were like yelling across the restaurant to each other about how I shouldn't be able to get two stinkin' cups of soup, etc! Which made me feel terrible but hello....I asked and they said yes!!) and was asleep by 8PM.

Tonight I have my first Junior League meeting in forever. I joined in DC and then transferred up here and it just didn't click with me. I know it's technically the same organization but trust me when I tell you that it is only the same in title. Like two different worlds. So for a variety of reason, I sort of dropped out. It was unintentional but it happened nonetheless. But I miss it. And decided to give it a second go in the fall. But it took them from September until now to get me on the roster. I also still do not have a placement. Tonight is a big general membership meeting. Which does not even exist in DC- OMG they would need a small arena to host a group that large. I am going to do my very best to make a new friend. Just one- baby steps. But seeing as how I don't have any in this league, I think one is a fairly realistic goal. And once I make said new friend, I plan to get the inside scoop on how to finally get myself at least one placement. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Swap Gone Wrong

I don't think my first attempt at hosting a swap went very well. I had a ball with my swap partner but I am not sure anyone else did. And I feel crazy guilty about that!! In the last 24 hours, two swappers have informed me that they sent a package but never received one. Y'all, I have been in those shoes several times and it really really stinks!! It is so disappointing to be told that the present will be sent soon and then soon never ever comes. Your partners worked so hard on putting together packages that they knew would put a smile on your face during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Please, please, please put your package together this week and send it out by Friday at the latest. And for sanity's sake, email your swap partner (or me at the very least) and tell her that it really is going to arrive soon. She will very much appreciate hearing from you!! Several swappers were first time swap participants and I don't want this sour experience to turn them off forever from swapping. This was supposed to be fun, not a hassle. I'm so sorry everyone that this was not the success I had once hoped it would be. Perhaps the organization is best left up to others in the future.

For those not totally turned off from swapping, Hopsy is hosting a PINK swap. Leave your email in her comment box to sign up!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm rather happy it's a whole new year today. Last year was fine I guess but nothing super fab by any means. I have big hopes and plans that 2009 will bring some positive changes my way. Only time will tell I suppose....

Seeing as how 8 inches of snow landed on my doorstep yesterday morning, I was pretty thrilled that I had big plans to do a whole lot of nothing on New Year's Eve. I did brave the only mildly plowed roads to go to the grocery store so that I could make this soup. I actually doubled the liquid amounts and used fat free half and half instead of cream. It made a TON (hello, doubling the liquid!) and was super-de-duper delish! I also made a fabulous sandwich using multi grain artisan bread, cream cheese, mustard, brie, Parmesan cheese, blueberry preserves, and pear slices. I sprayed a pan with EVOO spray, placed the sandwiches on top and then spritzed the top with EVOO spray. Stuck that in the oven while I was trying not to spill soup all over my kitchen while pureeing it in the blender. The low fat soup is more than made up for with the three cheese and totally not low fat sandwich. OMG it was hands down the best stay cozy inside while it's in the teens outside dinner. With two more storms heading my way, I'm sure I will be grateful for making an enormous batch of that yummy soup!

Cheers to a fabulous 2009 that is filled with smiles, laughter, celebrations, and early Spring and lots of pink and green goodness!!


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