Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dirty Housewife Chicken

Um...since when did eating chicken become a racial thing? Did anyone else watch the reunion show of Real Housewives of Atlanta last night? You know the show where they actually live in the Atlanta suburbs and are far from what one might typically define as a housewife? Yeah, that show. This is the kind of crap TV that I just love when I am in a veg out mood. So bad it's good. So terrible I just can't turn away. I love it and all of it's trashiness! OK so back to the chicken. The feud between NeNe and Kim apparently was only fueled further by Kim's comment about not wanting to come to the Bar-b-q because she didn't feel like eating chicken. And NeNe decided that was racist. Um, if someone invited me to a BBQ, I would also assume chicken or burgers. I would be pleasantly surprised if it was fish or pork or whatever but if you call it a BBQ, chicken I will assume. Regardless of your skin tone. I didn't realize that black people were "stereotypical chicken eaters??" I'm white - practically Casper white - and I eat chicken at least twice a week. Usually more. I just thought that whole thing was dumb.

Speaking of Kim and NeNe....what's the big deal? They both said crappy things about the other one. They both gossiped and talked smack about each other. They were both rude. They are both crazy. They should both get over it and move on because they seemed like they were the only two women on the show who had a semblance of a genuine friendship.

I love Kim's voice. Seriously, beyond hilarious! How does she not know what she sounds like. Let me tell you sister....pick a new career. I also can't believe she is 30. If you saw my face next to hers, you would think I was her daughter. She looks 45. Less hair and less makeup would do the girl some good!

What's the back story of Lisa going off on Kim? That had to come from somewhere, right? She was the most boring cast member. No drama. I can't stand drama in my life but I fully expect it on Real Housewives. Maybe this is something she too realized and that's what the dramatic yelling fit was about last night?

I am dying to know if DeShawn is able to keep her house staff now that her hub is leaving the NBA. If she, or any of the other women, called herself "Atlanta elite" one more time I was going to throw up. Ta ta ta tacky! Nothing elite about that, ladies! They were all crazy beyond full of themselves but I think DeShawn takes the cake.

Sharee was my least favorite cast member. Oooh honey, does she think she is good looking! And I totally believe that she left NeNe off the guest list on purpose. 100%. I love that she blames her clothing line flopping before it even begins on everyone under the sun except herself. Maybe she and Kim are a good fit for each other. One can't design or sew but insists on being called a fashion icon and the other can't sing or even walk up a flight of stairs without being winded but insists on being called a singing superstar.
I can't wait for the NY ladies to come back. They're actually my favorite of the three cities. Don't worry, I still watch CNN and TLC and the History Channel too. I feel it balances out my trashy TV viewing nicely.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is what I made the other night. Isn't it adorable?! About a year ago I found the Nester's blog. If you have not yet visited her blog, go now. Seriously...her blog is so fabulous! Full of great home decorating ideas for bargain prices. Since becoming a fan of her blog, I have been saving thin scraps of fabric knowing I would one day get around to making one of her fun swags. But I don't really have a current need for a swag. So I just keep saving my scraps that include even the selvage ends- which I actually really love- the little circles of color are just fun. Anyone else feel that way? No? OK, well we have long confirmed my crazy. When I saw Lisagh's wreath creation last week, I just knew that I finally had a use for some of my strips of scrap fabric.

I picked through to find just the pinks and greens of course. I mean, they really are the most versatile, year-round colors. Christmas, check. Easter, check check. Summer, check. Every other month, check check check! It's a great idea for a kiddie or family project too. I bought this small (if I make another one I will buy a larger one though) wreath form from the Dollar Store. Nothing says "who cares if I hate it in the end" like a project that costs all of $1. If you don't have an obscene collection of scraps, you could certainly buy some cheap-o fabric at Wally World. Then you could actually customize the fabrics. I just used what I had though. If you look closely, you will see several selvage ends, some Lilly scraps, and even the waistline from a pair of Lilly capri pants that I turned into scrap fabric (buttons, buttons holes and Lilly size tag too!). Have some baby clothes or family mementos, add them too. No two pieces are cut exactly the same size- some are very thin and some are very wide. Most are not even straight or even. They are all about 10" long but you should test out your wreath form first as they are all a bit different. Thanks for the fun ideas Nester and Lisagh!

Daisy Mae

I am so sad today. My cousin's dog, Daisy Mae, passed away today. In my family, dogs and children are one and the same. Both are extra loved on, extra spoiled and extra special. I've been able to spend a lot of time with Daisy as I am closest with this cousin and her family. I'm forever house/puppy sitting. Our hearts are all just a little broken right now.

She loved to snuggle and spoon in bed. She was always in the best mood, even when pretending she didn't love Sadie. We all knew she loved my little girl- and my girl simply adored Daisy Mae! She loved rocks. She would dig one up in the yard, carry it around in her mouth, roll around next to it and bark at it. It was hilarious! I miss her so much already!

Monday, November 24, 2008

This And That

I just picked Sadie up from the vet (see...I told you we lived there) and things are just fine. She finally was able to get in for her baseline chest and abdomen x-rays. My father's comment to that was, "She's so small, why the heck can't they just take one x-ray to see both areas?" To which I replied, "because they would only be able to charge me one fee Dad....and it's all about the add-on's in life!" I mean, I don't think they are necessarily out to get me but they have a business to run just like everyone else these days. Her heart is in fact enlarged but they said that was nothing to be concerned with at this point. So I am not. I'm pretty sure it just means she is extra full of love for her momma! Oh and the new food is working as she has gained two pounds in the last week. Whew!!

I am flabbergasted that Thanksgiving is only a few days away. This year my only duty is to make pumpkin pie and bring ice cream. Mind you, given the option I will eat the apple instead of pumpkin pie and I think that ice cream on top of anything beyond a bowl is foul. Why on earth would you ruin a perfectly good piece of anything with soggy ice cream?! That is a craze that is just outside of my realm of understanding. I seriously feel strongly about this topic. What's the point of cold, soggy pie?

I sort of miss living not near my family because I miss hosting Thanksgiving for my friends. I miss being in charge if you must know. I am not a control freak but I do love to plan and organize and prepare things. Like making the list of what I need to buy and when to prep what gives me a bit of a high. I love cooking waaay too much and I honestly enjoy having everyone tell me that they loved my meal. Not because I am seeking praise but because it's nice knowing my hard work and love is appreciated. But I most love being able to make Thanksgiving sammys afterwards- you know- turkey plus dressing plus cranberry sauce between bread! So while I am up in the mountains at my cousin's house toasting the holiday, I will be cooking a turkey breast in my beloved crockpot. All because I want my stinkin' sandwiches. Mmmm...I can taste them already!

I've been listening to Christmas music in my car for about a week now. Is that bad? It's like 20 degrees colder than average around here lately so it feels like I should be fa la la la la-ing it about town. Today, Josh Groban. tell me... Do you have a favorite Holiday CD? One can never have too many Christmas tunes in their life!

Why are Vineyard Vines pants so dang long? They are made for gazelles, I believe! I'm 5'6" with long everything. That's 2" taller than the average female. And I always have to hem my VV pants. I have the cutest pair of brown VV cords with dogs on them that I wanted to wear today but totally forgot that they have not yet been hemmed. Bummer. Guess what I will be doing tonight?

Ah, my life is so thrilling! Hard to believe I'm single, really. Obsessed with her dog, abnormally strong opinions about ice cream as a desert accompaniment and spends her evenings hemming pants with critters all over them. Who wouldn't want all that?!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside....But I'm Warm And Toasty Inside

When I took Sadie for her walk tonight around 5ish, it was a lovely 25 degrees outside. Hallelujah for my magic coat! And for fabulously fun bloggers who share yummy recipes. So after running a few quick errands and enjoying a little nibble for dinner, I made myself a Hot Buttered Rum (thanks Figs!). I've only had this drink once before, many moons ago, tailgating at a chilly UGA game. But I have often thought about that tasty treat on chilly nights. Oh it did not disappoint. It is delish!! And now I have it prepared and ready to go for the next chilly night....which will be every night from now until April probably. Oh I only had coconut flavored rum in the house (I have developed an odd affinity to all things coconut over the last few years.) but it was like a mug of liquid candy really. The perfect cold weather desert treat!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forgotten Moment Of Weakness

A few days ago a second box from our beloved Bonanno's arrived. I ordered two pairs of shoes a while back- one pair for me and one pair as a very belated wedding gift for Florida (the wedding was last yeah....belated is an understatement. But I just had THE HARDEST time deciding on a color combo....). The pair I ordered for myself arrived about a week ahead of the gift pair. But imagine my surprise when I opened the second box to see not one, but two boxes within. Did they make a mistake and send me someone else's shoes? Was the second box empty? Oh, none of the above girls. Yours truly had a long forgotten moment of weakness when ordering her shoes months ago. I didn't order one pair for myself....I ordered TWO! And I blame y'all, my dearest blogger friends! I didn't even know about Bonannos before reading blogs two years ago. Now I am addicted. It's all your fault! You're a bunch of preppy footwear pushers. I'll just add that to my Promises agenda when I check in for my many other addictions such as fabric and ribbon and all things Lilly. The middle pair is the gift- I think she is going to love them- they are chocolate brown with a tan whipstich. The pink/white pair were the "surprise" pair. But the bronze pair are hands down my favorite! Even more than my silver pair (not pictured). Just look at that monogrammed shoe loveliness....I love it!

Fish Chowder

I made this crockpot goodness for dinner last night and it was super delish! It was very yummy, hearty and just perfect for a cold, too-early-to-be-winter dinner. Enjoy!

Fish Chowder


- 2 large potatoes, chopped
- 1 medium onion, chopped
- 2 cloves garlic, minced
- 1 10 ounce can condensed cream of celery soup
- 1 10 ounce package frozen whole kernel corn
- 1 10 ounce package frozen baby Lima beans
- 1 1/2 cups chicken broth
- 1 cup dry white wine (or chicken broth)
- 1 teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning
- 1 1/2 pounds fresh (or frozen and thawed) whitefish or cod
- 1 14 ounce can stewed tomatoes, undrained
- 1/2 cup nonfat dry milk powder


- In the slow cooker, combine potatoes, onion, garlic, cream of celery soup, corn, Lima beans, broth, wine, lemon-pepper seasoning, and stewed tomatoes. (So everything MINUS the fish and milk powder)

- Cover and cook on low for 7+ hours.

- Add milk powder and stir. Then place fish on top of mixture and cook on high for another hour.

- Break the fish up with your spoon (I actually just used a set of kitchen scissors that were sitting handy but whatever...this is not brain science) before serving.

- Add a salad and warm bread and enjoy!

Squirrels and Snow

I walk my pup through a large and beautiful park every evening. A park with lots of trees surrounded by a fence to keep all beings and creatures safe. Would you believe that we went all summer and didn't see more than four squirrels? In total that is! We would see as many as three a day during the fall but now that winter is here (OK so your calendar might not state as much but trust me, winter has arrived.), we are back to nada. This is so sad because my little girl loves to chase squirrels. However, my tiny, middle-of-a-city, no trees backyard is filled to the brim with noisy, pestering, eat the few tomatoes that actually grew this year squirrels. They will actually pluck the tomatoes and throw them at anyone walking down the stairs. They are violent! This is what I found when I walked outside the other day.... You are looking at a semi-frozen and never ripened green tomato, a gummy worm and a nut shell of sorts. Only the tomato came from my yard. The other two were so kindly brought in by the little buggers!

Then I got into my car and this is what I saw.....

Yes, that's snow. Not enough to coat the whole city but enough to make me realize that winter is officially here. To stay. Until April or May. Sniff!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank You

First let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet comments and positive thoughts for my baby girl, Sadie Kate! She is doing just fine now. Of course, she was doing just fine before she started seizing but I am trying not to dwell on that too much. The bottom line is that if she does not have these episodes but once or twice a year, no medicine will be needed. So far all of her tests are coming back normal. It was a miserable evening but we both survived. It did take her about 24 hours to feel like herself again though. At the moment she is snuggled up on her blankie on the she's just happy as a clam! Thank goodness that morning I made my Cherry Chicken. It was beyond perfection to have a warm and yummy meal waiting for us when we returned home from the vet visit.

Now on to some other topics....

Did y'all know that Turkey Day is one week away? How the heck did that happen? Good gravy I am not ready. Well I am fine with Thanksgiving arriving but I had big plans to be finished with my Christmas shopping by December 01. I am getting there but am going to have to move into high gear if this is to be fully accomplished this year. I just really enjoy the holiday season so much more when I don't have to fuss with shopping. I don't fare well with crowded shopping malls. I melt down and leave. Thank goodness for online shopping. And a crappy economy providing me with free shipping codes out the wazu!

Do you know what gift-related thing I look forward to most at Christmas? Wrapping! Oh I save everything to wrap all at one time. I love to coordinate wrap and ribbons for gifts within the same family. I set aside a several-hour time block to have a wrap-a-palooza. Are you gagging from my dorkiness yet? Yes well, I can't help it. Even as a kid, I loved wrapping presents. My best friend Florida and I would shop all day on Black Friday and then would spend Saturday together wrapping all of our goodies. It was so super fabulous!

I am even more in love with my Magic Coat! It is seriously THE BEST COAT EVER! So cozy and warm and comfortable. It feels like air- so light! Oh my fellow cold weather girls, do yourself a favor and buy this coat ASAP! It's magical. I love it!

Hey, has everyone participating in our little Holiday Swap made a connection with your swap partner? If not, let me know so I can help you get in touch with your buddy.

Fed-ex is on my sh*t list right now! They have made me pull out most of my hair over the past week. I think I will be using the Postal Service's Priority Mail from now on! Argh!

And last but not least, I made this little Lilly set for my friend Kim. I love this print- good for boy or girl babies alike. The colors are so retro and the veggies are so fun. She loved it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Swap List

So here's the list girls. I only have some of your email addresses/mailing information. But I will email out what I do have shortly. Please contact your buddy in the next few days to check in. There are a few without blogs too- try to email your buddy a little about yourself to make her shopping easier.

Use the rules as a guideline but be creative and have fun! If for some reason I missed adding anyone to the list, just let me know. And if you have changed your mind about participating, please please let me know ASAP! I've been in two swaps where my buddy let me know she wasn't going to participate by just not mailing a package. It made for a sad little crocodile. If you no longer feel like participating, please just let me know now and we can easily work it out.

Maureen and Sweetiemom
Clara and Beth
KK and Hollie
Jennifer (Little) and Flamingos and Flipflops
Laura and Loves The Cape
Rebekah and Ali
Lindsay and Preppy Chemist
Elliott Family and Three Boys
Scrapper and Rachel

Happy Holiday Swapping!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tough Day For Two Girls

Yesterday was a tough day here in the Crocodile household. Early evening as I am sitting at my desk, I look down to see my Sadie Kate convulsing. She was having a seizure! This happened once before quite a while ago but I think that one I noticed as she was on the back end of it. This one I was sitting right next to her so I saw the whole thing take place. It terrified me! I just held her and stroked her and told her that it would be OK. Towards the end I ran for the phone and called the vet. I was pretty collected under pressure until they picked up the phone on their end at the vet office. The moment they said hello is the moment I started bawling. I blurted out that Sadie was mid-seizure and she ran to get a vet on the phone. They were booked and it was near closing but said I could bring her in. Thank goodness, because I was coming to that office regardless! I am actually not in love with my vet's office- they have taken on way too many clients and it is always always overbooked. And while I was grateful for their tenderness last night, I was on hold for at least five minutes (probably closer to eight or 10) as she was seizing. I mean, that's the sort of thing that I think a vet should run to the phone for. If I was visiting with a vet and an emergency call came in I would understand needing to take that call. Anyway, she seized for 2-3 mins and then took 10-15 to come out of it. I just hugged her the entire time because I didn't know what else to do.

Once in the vet's office, they were so sweet. She's lost more weight. I actually don't think I mentioned before (in a vein attempt to not sound like the loser pet momma that I really am) that Sadie has been having major tummy issues all summer/fall. I'll save you the details but know that for the last two months she has been on a home-cooked diet of chicken, rice, pumpkin puree, vitamins and water because we suspect that she is allergic to gluten. That's right, twice a day this little furry baby gets her pumpkin chicken rice soup! I make a new batch every five days or so. Nothing about this child is low maintenance I tell ya! I increased the amount to accommodate the decreased calories (my food vs. crunchies) but she has lost four or five pounds in the last four months. She now only weighs in at 19lbs! But I can't tell with all her fluff. We are now on a new diet of canned prescription dog food (ew!). And this issue apparently has zero to do with the seizure. Just an added thing for me to obsessively worry about. Good times.

We finally got to see the vet. She is great- one of my two favs was on duty last night. She sat and talked to me for a long time. She was trying to tell me what our first steps should be - no meds (they can harm her if she doesn't have seizures more than once or twice a year. I on the other had do need meds because of the heart-attack I suffered watching this all take place!), x-rays, etc... But instead of me hearing her tell me that we should start with baby steps, I heard her talk about more seizures and death. Big un-pink crocodile tears started rolling down my face again. My poor vet didn't know what to do with me.

She tests out Sadie's nerves and listens to hear heart. Then tells me she has a heart murmur. "I know," I reply. A few vets over time have said as much and then reply that it is nothing to worry about. So I don't. I actually have a heart murmur myself and I have been fine (crazy but perfectly healthy) my whole life. I've never really thought twice about it to be honest. So she says this but I can tell she has a look of concern on her face. I ask if this is related to the seizures. Nope. Fan-stinkin-tastic! Three fairly serious issues in one night. Panicked is a good word to describe me at that moment. Because she then goes into all this horrible stuff that can happen as a result of the damn murmur. Enter, rolling tears once again!

So in conclusion, my baby is OK. She was so so tired last night. We both were actually. I, however, slept less than three hours. I'm not even embarrassed to tell you that I sat up every fifteen minutes with a flash light (you know, as to not disturb the pup) to make sure she was OK. I tried to get her to sleep with me but she got down after about an hour. But she is fine. Back to her jovial self today. She likes her new canned diet (ew!). We are going back to the vet (or as I like to call it, "where I spend my life savings!") next week for several x-rays. If she has a seizure every six to 12 months, she still won't need meds. I will but she won't apparently!

I spent a lot of time in prayer last night. And as terrible as it was to see her in pain and not be able to help, I am so incredibly grateful that I was in fact right there with her. I am so grateful that she is just fine today. And that even though I don't like a refrigerator covered in magnets, I do have the vet's magnet front and center and handy. I am so grateful that the vet was still open and my favorite doc was on duty. Most of all, I am grateful for every day I have with my little bundle of puppy love! She is just the most precious little girl in the world and I would be heart-broken with out her snuggles and puppy kisses every morning.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Many Colored Coats

That's it girls, I'm done! I started out the Fall needing two new coats- one light and one heavy. Instead of two, I now own four new coats. That's a bit obnoxious but I don't care. I plan on remaining cute AND warm all Fall and Winter.

First came this little cozy pea coat from my Mecca...Target. It's actually sweatshirt material but looks like a cute little pea coat. It's so cozy and comfy. Oh and it was under $30!

Second came my black barn jacket from Burberry. This was one of the two planned purchases. I love it. It matches everything. My old black barn jacket is ages old and just finally died a sad little coat death last year.

Third was this drool-worthy number. You know you love it! It's pink, it's green, it's toile, it's beautiful! I found this company via blogs over a year ago. Then found this coat on sale via blogs this Fall. After communicating with the company to figure out my size, I took a chance. It arrived this past weekend and it's truly beautiful! And still on sale if anyone else is looking for a fun little barn jacket.

Fourth, and the second planned purchase, was this cocoon-like winter coat. It's from Lands End but I bought it on Ebay for about 1/2 price and in a color not currently available from LE. It's so long- ends mid-calf. And warm- down filled- which I am allergic to but I don't think it will give me trouble wearing it as a coat in cold cold weather. It is incredibly light weight and soft and cozy. It feels like I took the duvet off my bed and made it into a coat. Oh sure, I look like a blue marshmallow. But when a winter storm blows through town, I promise I won't care. I actually wore it last night walking the dog. I didn't necessarily need it quite yet but I was excited to give it a test drive. It's awesome and a must for anyone living in New England or Canada. Seriously, I am like an obnoxious infomercial for this coat. LOVE IT!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Day

Remember that today is the last day to sign up for our Holiday Swap. See the post below for details. Yay for swapping fun!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Swap

Many of you have asked me about swaps, hoping to sign up. Well lucky you, I've decided to host one finally. This is my first time organizing a swap- can you believe it? I participate in them all the time though so I have high hopes I can find happy partners for everyone. Here's the scoop....

*Three gifts

- 1. One gift that represents you. (Your favorite dish or your family tradition or whatever. Just something that reflects your personality. A little bit of sharing of yourself, if you will.)

- 2. One gift that is handmade. (It can be made by your own two hands or someone else's hands- think craft show or your neighbor's small business or Etsy or a local farmer's market. Just made by actual hands rather than mass produced.)

- 3. One decoration. (Think ornament or dip bowl or...well y'all are creative....get to know your swap pal and find a little something you just know she will enjoy.)

If you can make an ornament that represents your family traditions, then I guess you get to have two bonus gifts. You are welcome to spell out a word if that helps. JOY might work. But it's certainly not necessary if you think it limits your creativity. The point is that this swap is fairly flexible. The gift rules above are simply guidelines. Be creative! Have fun! And make a new bloggy buddy! Your limit is $25, not including shipping.

Please email me at pinkcrocodiledesigns @ hotmail . com by Monday November 10th. Please say "Holiday Swap" in the subject line to help me keep organized. Your email should include your name, email address, mailing information and blog address. It's OK if you don't have a blog but please make sure you email your buddy to give her a little insight on your likes and dislikes. It's also fine to participate if you do not celebrate Christmas. Just be sure to let your buddy know what holiday you do celebrate at this time of year. I will list the swap pals by Thursday November 13th. Packages must be sent out by Monday December 08th.

Price Chopper Latham NY

Did you happen read this post a few days ago? About the nastiness in my grocer's freezer a week and half ago? Well I went on Monday and the mess was still there. I again went directly to the store manager on duty, Greg, to report this health hazard of a situation. He was not the manager I spoke to last week, rather he is the big store manager. The top dog. And he was so flippant about the situation. I was rather proud of myself for being so level headed and sincerely sweet while speaking with him. I tried my very best to impart that this was a health issue, not just a mess. His response was that he was away last week but he had a cleaning crew who could vacuum the freezer whenever he asked. I said that this mess was not created on his week away, rather it had clearly been accumulating for a very long time. He then proceeded to blame every person but himself. I actually wasn't there for him to apologize to me (which he didn't BTW) or to take the blame. I honestly just wanted him to clean it up. And I naively hoped it would encourage him to clean the entire store. Because surely this cannot be the only secret mess hiding in this store. But manager Greg was annoyed that I would even say anything. He was rude and condescending. I wrote the company the moment I came home Monday evening. I've heard nothing. Not even, "it's been taken care of."

So as promised, here is the store information. I am sad because this was my favorite market. (For those wondering, Price Chopper is a regular grocery store. Similar to a Publix or Kroger. Not a bargain or low end shop, but not Whole Foods either. Just regular, middle of the road, where most people shop grocery store.) But it's certainly not worth any sort of crazy health risk. Be sure to avoid .....

873 New Loudon Road

Latham, NY

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Better Than Politics

The Red and Blue mean the finally over. Thank goodness. Now we can talk about happier things. And pink and green things. And more important things. Like this darling little girl, Rachel. Her family is trying to raise funds to bring her home. Their story is beautiful and heart warming. Please follow this link to read their story. And if you are able, donate a little too. In exchange for you donation, you will be entered to win an amazing camera. It's like going to Vegas, but better. Because even if you lose, Rachel will win!

Perfect White Button Down


Do any of y'all own that perfect white button down shirt? If you said yes, do any of y'all have boobs that are a D cup or larger? Feel like giving me the details? I have a well endowed chest. It is what it is...and it's on the larger end of the spectrum. Not like Dolly or anything but you know, not an A or B cup. And long arms. It's a royal riot shopping, I tell 'ya! Any and all suggestions are very welcome.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Oh happy day!! Congratulations to our President-elect Obama!! I really love the sound of that!

I did not enjoy this campaign. It was close to two years of my life and it was emotional. I have not had a good night of sleep in months. It has seriously had physical effects on me. But the tears of joy running down my face are proof that hard work and struggles can be worth it in the end. This is a great ending to a very exhausting race!

And also to my favorite local Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand! It was a tough campaign, not to mention the most expensive one in our nation. I am relieved that you won!

Good Chips

That last post was so nelly negative. I don't like ending a day like that. So I am taking a moment to show you my new favorite snack. I just bought these today to accompany a dip and OMG they are delish! Organic blue corn chips with flax seeds. Go get some for your next chippy need girls. Mmmmm good!

Incentive To Vote

Just in case you are somehow unaware, today is election day. Finally! Good golly I thought it might never get here! But it's really really here kiddos! My state is one of the few that does not have early voting. And on top of that, my polling center still uses polling boxes that were created PRE WWII! I should take a picture of the booth. The first time I voted I had to have the man help me because I had no earthly idea how to work the "machine." By "machine" I should note that it requires physical labor to vote. It's wild! I'm once again off topic though. Starbucks sent me this email on Monday to let me know that they are offering everyone a free cup of coffee on election day. You just have to say that you voted. That's it. So on the off off chance that you are feeling unmotivated to stand in line at your polling station today, think of this as incentive. Go vote and then go celebrate with a free cup of joe from Starbucks!

Happy Election Day girls! I know win or lose, we are all just happy that today is finally here. And the incessant adds will cease from running on TV and radio. That alone is reason to celebrate!


Ben and Jerry's is giving away a free scoop today- I believe from 5-7PM but double check online. AND Krispy Kreme is giving away free star shaped donuts today. We don't have a Krispy K up here- thank goodness! I would totally need to be crane-lifted out of the house if I lived anywhere near that gooey goodness.

Monday, November 3, 2008

In Your Grocer's Freezer

What's in your grocer's freezer? Have you ever looked? You might not want to, but you should anyway. Last week at my regular grocery store as I was buzzing down the freezer section, a woman asked me to come see something. The stock was low in this section and this is what we saw!! And I then moved veggies all along the long freezer to notice that this cold...mess was everywhere! Not just veggies but filth!! I know that the bags of frozen veggies do keep them away from this mess but's gross and a health hazard for sure. I did tell the manager and she was just as horrified and promised to get it taken care of that same day. I'm going back this evening....I'll let you know what I find. Let's all hope it's a clean case. If it's not I just might need to go public with the exact store and location!!

So I mentioned above that a woman called the gross case to my attention. When I took the picture and said I was going to go tell management, she said she would come too. She introduced herself as Barbara and I introduced myself as KK. I know, I'm going all public now with my name. But considering I have had some sort of email/regular mail communication with half of y'all anyway....who cares at this point. Anyway, clearly that is a nickname. But it is the name that 90% of the people in my life call me. And trust me, it is so much easier for people to pronounce than my full name. Anyhoo...I introduced myself to Barbara as KK. Just like I do most of the time in life. No big deal....or so I thought. Right after I introduced myself, she laughed and repeated my name. Than she said, "one more and it would be KKK!" Now this is not the first time I have heard this comment. It's actually the second time. The first time was from a college professor who gave me my only true experience with racism. Just for one semester. But it was enough to make my life wretched. Laughs on him though because despite his best efforts, I got a big fat A and a best friend out of that class!

I wasn't sure how to react to that terrible comment though. It took me so off guard. I was just there to pick up a few things for dinner. Then I added make-over the freezer section to the list. But finding time to figure out how to react to that comment just wasn't on the agenda. I decided that she was not trying to be mean or even racist. It was a judgement call but I feel pretty sure she was just making an off color comment that I hope she now regrets. I'm sure my face showed my surprise because I have zero ability to hide any of my emotions in life. I then said something about finding the manager and chose to move past it. I think I handled it to the best of my ability considering she was older, didn't seem to have cruel intentions and I was standing in the middle of the health hazard freezer section. What would you do?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great Cause, Great Prize

Isn't this Vera Bradley set adorable? It can be yours! Please visit this blog, make a donation and enter to win this entire set! She is trying to raise funds to bring home her soon-to-be-son from Thailand and is giving away this entire VB travel set. It would be a great Christmas present if you don't need all of the pieces for yourself. A chance at $235 worth of Vera Bradley bags for a small donation is just too awesome to pass up! I hesitate to post this in hopes that I win....but that wouldn't be very nice now, would it?! Good luck everyone!


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