Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did You Know?

So yesterday I ran up to Joann's for a quick purchase and as I am handing the cashier my coupon, I over hear the conversation of the customer and cashier next to me. That customer asks that each of her items be purchased separately because she has multiple coupons. Now I know that they will do this but don't you think it's rather dumb that they make you finish one transaction in order to use a second (same) coupon? I mean, if they are going to let you use the second (same) coupon, why not just let you use the sucker right then and there? But that's not the point of this quick post. My point is that this customer said something about using her Michael's and AC Moore coupons. Remember, I was standing in Joann's. I whipped my head around so fast it almost fell off to ask if they always take competitor's coupons and they were all full of of course's and yes's. I'm like, since when? I am at Joann's all the time! I get the Michael's and AC Moore coupons in the paper every single Sunday and toss them because I rarely shop at Michael's and almost never at AC Moore. (Oh- have I ever told you my beef with AC Moore? Well they sell the MOST OBNOXIOUS smelling candles and potpourri baggie thingies and display them at the front of the store. The scent is so noxious that I hold my breath when walking into Marshall's that is TWO DOORS DOWN from AC Moore. It is that strong and make me nauseous.) My point is that I feel jipped. I feel like the kid who thought she was cool but it turns out I am so not cool. The cool coupon-informed kids were making fun of me behind my back. I just cannot believe I have gone year after year not having a clue that those other two 40% off coupons would work at my regular hot spot!

So just in case I am not the only uncool kid on the playground, let me spread the word. Joann's apparently gladly accepts coupons from both Michael's and AC Moore. Fancy that!

And this pie has nothing at all to do with he post but I don't like to have too many posts without pictures. They make reading more fun. I took it at a craft show about this time last year and thought it was appropriate for the weekend. Cheers!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Guess what I finally ordered and just arrived? Yup, a brand-spankin-new monogram machine. It sews too but I am all about the embroidery/monogram feature on this puppy! I need my father to come help me get it out of the humongo box though. So at the moment, it is sitting right where Mr. Cutie UPS Man left it inside my front door. But it's here and I am soooooo super-de-duper excited! I feel a heavy case of monogram-itis coming on in the very near future! Wish me luck figuring out all the bells and whistles. Pictures to come soon....I'm sure my weekend will be filled with lots of trial runs and goofy attempts at perfection.

And for the sweetest girls who nominated me for awards....THANK YOU. A proper post will be written this weekend to acknowledge each and every one of you. Kisses!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Soooo Yummy!

Just wanted to share this fun new recipe for the most delicious meal ever. I didn't take a picture but I'm sure y'all can visualize. I saw this on Semi Homemade (I love Sandra Lee and her coordinated curtains and outfit and mixing bowls and table-scapes. And of course "cocktail time!") and kicked it up a little notch by adding onions. I promise you will agree that this is crazy good!

Brie Quesadillas

Brie (I used low fat and couldn't taste the difference in this recipe)
Cream cheese
Granny Smith Apple
Vidalia onion

Slice onion and caramelize in a little EVOO. Buford Betty taught me that if you nuke it in the microwave for a few minutes first, it cuts the cooking time waaaay down. Set aside.

Slice brie into thin slices. SL taught me to use a spritz of cooking spray on the knife to prevent the cheese from clumping up. Slice apple into thin slices.

Coat both sides of tortillas with a thin layer of cream cheese. Next add slices of brie. Then apple. Then some of the onions. Top with second tortilla. Cook in a pan using a spritz of cooking oil spray until cheese is all melty good. Repeat as needed.


Jar of strawberry preserves
3 tablespoons of apple sauce
Dash of cinnamon

Mix together and heat for a minute or two in the microwave. Beware- this makes a LOT of sauce. So unless you are making a dozen of these quesadillas as appetizers, you should cut this recipe in half. Otherwise you will end up like me and have a bowl of sauce sitting in your fridge and no idea what to do with it.

I served this along with a huge salad as my dinner but it would be fabu as an appetizer or small bite.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Slim Pickins

I'm not still crying away in a corner- I promise! Thank you for your incredibly kind and uplifting words!! Y'all are the best pals a girl could ask for (even more amazing considering I have never met most of y'all in person!)!! But I am again house and dog-sitting for my cousin and I don't have access to a computer in the evenings (when I am usually reading/blogging). I'll try to pop on tomorrow during the day because I found something fabulously life altering (OK- not really- but it is a little gem of a find) and I need to share. So I am not snubbing you this week. I am just unable to blog much until the weekend. It's slim pickins this week over at PPC, kiddos!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank You

Y'all are THE BEST!! Thank you sooo much for your sweet and uplifting words! They mean so very much to me!!

The good news is that I am sitting her re-reading the post in question and I am realizing that while it is sassy, it's not really insulting or hurtful. And after going to the wedding, I realize that everyone was feeling the exact same way. No one knew what to think about the location or any of the specifics. In the end everyone had a ball but they were all saying the same things regarding their hesitation.

Honestly it was not something to freak out about like I did. But it was late at night and made me terribly uncomfortable to see that people were googling in search of that one particular post. And it make me VERY uncomfortable to re-live that man calling me out as PPC in front of such a large group of people. I have no idea how he knew it was me. Maybe my outfits? I don't know. I was so frazzled that I didn't stop to ask him.

I don't live in a bubble and know that what is on the internet is truly there for all to read. I do try to find a balance between sharing my life stories and protecting myself and friends. I have thought over and over about going private. But if I went private I wouldn't have any new friends. I like meeting new blog friends. I like sharing and love when y'all are so incredibly helpful (like last night's post!). I just didn't realize that it was still available to read via my blog, as if it had never been deleted. That is what sent me into a tail spin. Lesson learned. I think it's a good lesson, even if it resulted in a few tears along the way. And all this fuss over a silly blog post. It's not like I have some lurid (or any for that matter) video of myself on You Tube or anything.

Deep breaths! I have a busy weekend ahead of me to focus on instead of this silliness. I'm sending each and every one of you lovelies kisses!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Freaking Out

I am about in tears. I have no idea how to fix this problem and I am just beside myself. Many many months ago I wrote a post. It was about that wedding I attended at a camp in North Carolina in the Spring. I was my normal sassy self in the post. Y'all gave me great advice and then I sort of forgot about it. OK, so I hinted at this next story but I never got around to writing it down. This one post keeps coming back to haunt me. Let me now finally give you the full story in hopes that you can either help me or just be aware for your own sanity....

So I went to the wedding and had a ball. It was a surprisingly fabulous weekend. Sunday morning I went down to the mess hall to eat breakfast early before my flight home. I'm in line for eggs when an older gentleman shouts across the room, "Are you the pink crocodile?" I froze. What the..? Seriously only a handful of my friends know about my blog. Mostly because they found it on their own accord and put two and two together. This was a complete stranger. To this day I have no idea who he is. I looked up from my plate and sort of muttered a confused and bashful "yes" to his question. Now there are at least two dozen people staring at me with questioning looks on their faces. And who could blame them as it was a very bizarre question to ask of a stranger. It must have been incredibly visible that I was beyond confused and shocked (as the color was no doubt draining right out of my head, I'm sure) so he said that he googled the attire for the wedding (it was a very odd and specific group of words) and my blog was the only thing that came up. I sort of mumbled something like "Oh sorry I wasn't more helpful" and all but ran to sit down and hide my head in shame. Not only was I called out but it was in front of dozens of strangers. More than that, I could not remember what I wrote and was incredibly worried that I might have said something less than nice. Something perhaps true and funny but not something I would ever want my dear friend, the bride, to read. So of course I had to then fess up to a few of my girlfriends that I had a blog and tell them the address. Which is all well and good but I was seriously soooo worried that I had totally done something that might hurt my friend.

The moment I got home I re-read the post, confirmed my worst fears and immediately deleted it. I sort of felt better. Well, not really. Ask Bestie, I seriously obsessed over this for a good week or two. Paranoia totally set it. I don't think the post was bad. But it still was something that lead me to feel very guilty for being so sassy in regards to this wedding.

According to sitemeter though, people are still googling this particular set of words and that dumb post is coming up. But I deleted it? I never thought to google it again after I deleted it. Until just now when I looked at sitemeter for the first time in a month or two. I don't understand. Is it impossible for me to delete a blog post? I understand that once something is on the internet it is there forever. But like it is still on my blog. If you go to the month or the topic, it's still there. Even though I deleted it. It still shows on my blog. How do I fix this?

OK, with tears in my eyes I think I figured it out. You have to actually go to the post and deleted it. Like as if you are changing a word, but I just highlighted the damn thing and hit delete. I am beyond mortified. It wasn't even a bad post. I just can't stand the thought though that I might have said something that could hurt someone I love. I am seriously soooo upset about my goof. It is 100% my fault for not being more careful.

Let this be a lesson to you (well if you are like me and didn't realize that clicking "delete" on the edit posts page would not really delete the post). I know many of us like to delete a post every now and then for whatever reason. Perhaps there is another (and better!) way of getting rid of an old post....if you know the answer, please please share!

I still feel terrible. I am still wiping away the tears as I type this. I feel like a jerk. I am usually so careful. Ugh this is such a crappy fine line to walk....the line between secretly venting and having friends secretly read your venting.

I'm not even going to re-read this rambling post. Because I am in a rambling, feeling like a horrible person who says mean things mood. Oy vey!


Remember when I did this post forever ago about the fun giant cupcake cake pan from Williams Sonoma? Well Joann's is now selling one too and it's on sale this week. I think it would be adorable for birthday parties and kiddie events.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A few days ago I looked down and realized that my toes needed a pedicure right away. But as much as I do enjoy a salon pedicure in the hot summer months, I can't get them too frequently. Why, you ask? Well because they make my feet....wait for it.....wait for it....too soft. Yes, you read that correctly. Too soft. Which is lovely. But soft and smooth like a foot that has lived inside of a sock and winter boot for six months. That requires time to, I guess, sort of toughen up to handle wearing open-toed shoes. Tell me I am not alone here, friends. You do know what I am talking about, right? Or not. Whatever, I guess I have foot issues or something. Anyway, because I don't want my feet to look to purty and be too soft, I paint my own toes in between salon visits. No biggie. Except I have this one particular problem. Every. Single. Time. I can never find my polish remover. Which is odd because I am pretty specific about keeping stuff organized and put away. Especially polish remover as it could spill and ruin furniture. So for several days I looked and looked and looked. Searched high and low. I mean, my house is not that big and I also know that I own at least three bottles of the stuff from past experiences. And just like every other time, I finally gave in and just bought yet another bottle to get the job done. So I sit down on my floor (the same place I ALWAYS sit to do my toes) and low and behold, what do I see? Yep, not one but TWO bottles of nail polish remover. Sitting on the bottom shelf, right where I left it the last two times apparently. They are all safely tucked away now in a bathroom cabinet. Until I again develop Some-timers and lose them. Oh yes, I am totally that girl who has turned the house upside down while looking for my glasses. That are on my damn head. Like not on my head as a headband (though I have been there many times too) but on my head and I was LOOKING THROUGH THEM! This probably does not bode well for me in the future, huh?!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Ruby Slippers

Are ballet flats still "in" this season? Not that I really care, I'm going to wear them anyway. I love the way heels look. They make a woman's figure more womanly. Give her the right curves and longer lines. BUT I soooo dislike wearing heels! I have never ever found a pair that I can wear without wincing in pain for days afterward. I have feet as flat as Sherri Shepherd's earth- zero arch. They do not like being so mistreated and forced to support my entire body weight on the ball of my foot all night. And who can blame them? I know I look better and I promise I do wear heels to important events like weddings. But every other day, I wear flats.

So about a month ago I found these cutie flats on sale ($15) in Marshall's. The color is not ideal- I really would want them in a chocolate brown if given the option. But they are a decent neutral and they are hands down THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE EVER!!! I love them! I brought them home and wished and prayed that I would have the luck to find them in chocolate too.

Enter this past Friday evening. I popped into Marshall's to return something and instead walked out with this collection. Chocolate brown driving mocs by the same maker, Me Too. And another pair of heavenly comfortable black driving mocs by Tommy. My old pair of black mocs was on it's last leg (hehe- sometimes I think I am so funny!) last year so these are definitely needed.

What was not truly needed but had to come home with me anyway was this darling pair of pink quilted flats. Oh they were just too cute to leave in the store. ruby red slippers! Are they not the most fabulously fun shoes ever? Do you want to know what I paid for my red shoes? I knew you would! Just $10! I love love love them! I feel like Dorothy, minus the pig tails and bicycle. Say it with me now...."There's no place like home!"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Icy Pops

I stumbled upon this super fun website this evening while waiting for more Olympic goodness and knew I had to share it with y'all. Not only would it be fun to make these pops for kids but also for a grown-up event too. She has a book but her website is full of ideas and recipes and fabulous pictures of these fantastic creations. Enjoy!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I am crying. Not like misty-eyed. Oh no, I am full on crying. And have been through both Nastia and Shawn's floor routines. I still don't know why NBC has Bella rambling on and on in a language I am not even sure he understands himself. But whatever. It's over. And I could not be more excited! It ended just they way I envisioned it. With Nastia taking gold (she's my favorite). They are both beautiful girls and so talented and so sweet. I loved seeing them cheer for each other. OK, I need to stop my blubbering and finally get to bed. I love me some Olympic spirit but sheesh it's on so stinkin' late.

Oh, and as long as I am up late and rambling about Olympics (again...seriously it's all I talk about these days).... NBC, I am over volleyball. Indoors, outdoors, men, women, two people, a team of people. O V E R it. I don't mind watching some of it. But there are all kinds of crazy sports happening. I mean, I have no idea what the trampoline thing involves but it might be fun to watch. Or what happened to rhythmic gymnastics- is that still an Olympic sport? Or any of the myriad of boating events? No more volleyball.

(For Bestie...) If only they would consult us before they did anything!! I could clear this up in a skinny minute NBC. I would like to see some of the other things going on in the Olympics. Some events that I might never know about otherwise. Like trampoline. I have Cirque de Soleil visions in my head, though I am guessing it's not like that. Or is it? I don't know because NBC won't tell me! I can however tell you all about volleyball.

No More Bella

Why-oh-why is Bella Caroli still commentating for NBC's coverage of woman's gymnastics?! WHY! I cannot understand anything he is saying. I know he is an expert and a wealth of knowledge. But if I can't understand him, what's the point? I saw MaryLou in the audience. Grab her and have her commentate. I'm just saying....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Bad Bubble Bath

My baby girl is about 24lbs. She totally looks twice that though because of her fluffy fur. But that is beside the point. So I guess about a year and a half ago when we were at the vet they expressed her anal glands (sorry- can I say that on a blog?). If you have never dealt with this, please consider yourself very lucky. It is not pleasant for anyone involved. This particular event was only maybe third time we had to have it done. This was also the event that resulted in me accidentally punching the vet in the eye. It was while I was trying to keep Sadie from squirming. I swear I am the most non violent person ever ever ever. But they now insist that I not be a part of the holding her down process. I guess I see why. But I feel a little like a gal with a record hanging over her head for life.

Once again, I digress. My point in all that rambling (because I am sure if you are even still reading you are thinking to yourself, what on earth is is she trying to tell me here?!) is to say that until yesterday we didn't have this procedure done very often at all. Three times in six years. But last time at the vet, which was exactly four months ago, they said that her glands were so bad that they were almost at the point of rupturing. I needed to come back every four months to get this taken care of. First, I felt horrible! My little Sadie Kate was on the verge of something terrible happening. My heart dropped to my knees. I felt guilt from here to the moon. Then I thought, ugh we have to do this four times a year now? The smell is so miserable (due in great part to whatever it is they use to clean her hiney after the process is finished) that I barely make it inside the house as I am gagging the whole car ride. So then it involves a bath. Which for many dogs might be simple. But my girl has long locks. They don't shed anything like a Lab's coat ..... except for the few days following a bubble bath. It loosens up her hair I guess and then requires LOTS of brushing. Which would be fine if she didn't hate being brushed. I could vacuum my house twice a day and it would still drive me batty. Clumps of fur everywhere.

So this brings us to yesterday. The four month mark. It was a zoo at the vet's office (hehehe- I crack myself up sometimes) for whatever reason so they just took her back without me. I was half expecting them to say that we could go six months before her next appointment. Oh no! I was told once again that her glands were on the verge of rupturing and that we now needed to be there again in just two months. It's not that I mind taking her or mind giving her a bath. She is soooo irresistible and adorable after a bubble bath! But I feel so bad for my little girl!! She hates the vet now because it's always full of scary bad things. And then she has to end her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day with a bath. Yet another thing she hates. And then the next day when she is dry, she gets brushed. My poor little girl just isn't cut out for such torture. She is really more of a princess and prefers a throne and a never-ending supply of belly rubs. And yes, I know I could have her groomed. But she would hate that even more so I just assume do it myself. And my services are free, albeit totally under-appreciated. Two months from now we have to do it all over again. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

On a happier note, my adorable monogrammed flip flops arrived the other day from Monogram Me. I love them! This is Her-Fluffiness trying to help me take a picture of them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ladies, please invite me to read your prep-tastic and craft-tastic blogs! In the past few weeks so many of you have left me in the dust, just sobbing away (am I laying it on thick enough?). Kacey at Idaclaire and Vineyard Girl and about five others have gone private. You're blogging and I am locked out from reading. Invite me please! Pretty please with a cherry on top?!

Almost Free

I just found this website that is selling magazines subscriptions for $5 and $2. So technically not free, but very close. I love LOVE magazines (yes I realize that are a waste of paper but I enjoy there!) but don't like dishing out big bucks for something that will eventually end up on the curb. I mean, a year of Rachael Ray for only $2 is pretty stinkin' great! Yay!!

Check it out... Enjoy!

Big Prezzies

I finally finished making this bag as part of my big giveaway prize several weeks ago. It is out the door and in the mail and should be making its way to Jill any day now. Whew! I was worried that I might never get that package sent. I think the bag turned out rather adorable and I hope Jill will be able to use it a good bit before summer really comes to an end. Also included in the box: goodies for an end of summer get-together (invitations, plates, napkins, potholder, and an apron), argyle socks for fall, argyle stationary and sticky notes, sidewalk chalk, a coffee cozy, Lilly fabric luggage tag, push pins, nail file, bookmark, headband and Lilly book. The perfect combination of pink, green and preppy!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Are A Winner!

The Palm Gifts rocks! Not only did they host a giveaway here, but they also hosted fun giveaways on several other preppy blogs. And not only did they pick one winner from my blog, but they picked THREE! So fabulous!! Congratulations ladies! Be sure to contact Rebecca ( at The Palm Gifts to give her your specifics as far as color, ribbon and monogram style. I have to say that this is one of the most wonderful companies to work with. They are so willing to answer any questions and help you in any way possible!

Congratulations ladies!!

Kara B

Kally R

Betty Buford

For Baby Oliver

The red t-shirt is a big brother present but the rest of the goodies (a onesie, bib, luggage tag and two burpees) is for my girlfriend's newest little love, baby Oliver! Nothing fancy but hopefully she thinks its all pretty cute. Almost as cute as her adorable little boys! Almost.

Hey, maybe y'all can help me out. I used to be able to move my photos around by clicking and dragging. Move them between paragraphs and such. But I can't now. I have no idea why. But it's annoying. How can I go back to moving around my pictures? If I can't figure this out I am going to have some very unexciting posts with only one or two pictures that are randomly placed at the top of the post.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Diaper Genie

It poured today. Like all day with terrible thunder and lightening and hail and wind. Flooding and emergency situations. But none of that stopped one woman this afternoon. As I was at a stop light I spotted a woman wearing a tank top (it was about 60 here today) and jeans and flip flops. She was walking down the street carrying a Diaper Genie. I laughed out loud. I can only imagine what sort of emergency warranted one venturing out into the stormy weather without an umbrella or proper footwear. With a Diaper Genie. I wish I had my camera- it really was a classic photo op!

Were y'all up late because you were jumping and screaming and cheering while watching swimming? Me too!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Current Events

Oh there is just so much going on right now that we really need to chat about kiddos. I swear I do other things besides watching TV. Or perhaps I do other things while I am watching TV. Whatever. Details.

So first... How upset were you to learn that John Edwards had an affair? OMG I was crushed to read his statement on Friday! I don't care if you are an Obama-ite or you think GWB is doing a super duper job with our country, I'm guessing you thought Edwards was a good guy. A good southern boy who doted on his adorable wife and sweet family. When he was running for President I would often say that while I was not personally placing my vote with him, I would love to be his neighbor and sit on the back porch chatting with him over a turkey burger and sweet tea. And wow, I love Elizabeth Edwards! For whatever it's worth, I hope that baby is not his and I hope that he and his family truly have mended ways. Not that I believe everyone needs to stay with a partner who cheats. But sometimes it can work. I guess. I can't imagine being that big of a person myself. But then again, I am not Elizabeth.

Am I alone in loving the feud between Anderson Cooper and Dina Lohan? That is just crazy funny! I've seen bits of the show here and there and totally agree with Anderson. I love that Dina is all upset though. Because here's what annoys me about celebrities/famous people who do nothing but are famous... They love hearing that they are fabulous. They are all about the glory. But they can't take the flip side of praise. Which is criticism. Did Dina think that her crazy ass show was going to garner her an Emmy? Someone needs to pop fewer crazy pills! Anderson is brilliant and will win a well thought out and educated war of words any day Dina Lohan. Then again, she would claw him with her fake nails and strangle him with her icky fake hair in a skinny minute. Let's hope for AC's sake that this throw down never gets physical!

Did anyone watch the Larry King interview with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family on Thursday night? I don't know all that much about Chapman's music- though I do like his song Cinderella. But their incredible story is absolutely heart breaking. I was so moved during the interview listening to the family speak about the brother Will (who accidentally ran over and killed his baby sister Maria Sue). I love how they are surrounding Will with love and support and encouragement. They don't have any ill-will towards him and know that it truly was a horrible accident. It's actually a fairly common accident, as I just recently learned. I hope that they are able to find peace and healing. And I hope that Will is able to forgive himself. Their family strength and belief in God moved me to tears (which is not all that shocking- I cry a lot- at good things and bad things and scary things and well....pretty much everything). Truly an inspirational family!

What's going on with Katie Holmes? I mean, we all know she got a little coo-coo when she hooked up with her Scientology front man hub, Tom Cruise. And in my totally un-humble opinion, she lost waaaay too much weight and became scary skinny. But in every picture lately she is wearing sweaters and long sleeves. It's summer. It's hot. She looks ridiculous. You know, in case she is one of my blog readers and is wondering whether or not to take off her sweater in 90 degree weather. Yes Katie, remove the sweater. In summer we wear sundresses and capri pants and pretty much anything other than sweaters. Don't even get me started on celebrities in Hollywood wearing Uggs in July and August with shorts!

Way to go China! I was beyond impressed with your jaw-dropping Opening Ceremony last night. It. Was. Incredible!! Amazing!! Creative in ways I never knew possible!! The synchronicity took my breath away. That little girl flying the kite in the air- what a brave little kid! The people running all over that globe- stunning! Your country has all sorts of messy issues. But then again, who's country doesn't? Last night was truly mesmerizing!! It really set the tone for what promises to be an amazing Olympics! And what for many Americans will be a mini vaca from the Presidential race. Oh sure, we all care about the race. But isn't it nice to have something, anything, else to focus on for a solid week? We'll see if I actually accomplish anything this week as I am glued to (and screaming at and jumping up and down in front of) the Olympics on TV. That Michael Phelps is such a cutie!

Have a fabu Olympic-filled weekend everyone! And don't forget to enter my fun give-away before noon on Monday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I was tagged by cutie patootie Preppy Pearl Girl to list my 5 most embarrassing song choices! Here it goes!

The rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others that you like and tell why.
3. Tag 5 random people at the end of post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I had trouble figuring out which of my favorite songs were embarrassing because honestly, I am not all that embarrassed. I'm sure you are reading this and thinking, "um, you should be though!" I didn't list anything by my two favorite groups, Barenaked Ladies and Indigo Girls. But if you consider that embarrassing, just go ahead and add another two dozen songs to my list. So in no particular order, here's my list.... Enjoy!

1. Something In Red by Lorie Morgan
2. Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Paul and Mary
3. Starry Starry Night by Josh Groban
4. O Holy Night. I seriously sing this all year long. I love it! Preferably by a male tenor voice (like my boy Josh) but I feel no shame singing it at the top of my lungs mid summer either. Because I'm cool like that.
5. That's the Way It Is by Celine Dion

I think most of y'all have done this tag already but if you haven't and want to, please consider yourself tagged. It's a fun little post!!

**Update....because I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats just wondering if I will come up with more dorky music to list.... I forgot to mention that I love LOVE Celtic music. I have seen every Celtic/Irish anything on PBS. Like three times. And then I buy the CD's. You must be thinking, "are you Irish PPC?" Nope. Not a drop. But it never gets old and always makes me smile.

Great Gift List

Cutie patootie Cancer Sucks Even With Lilly Pulitzer On was so sweet to compile a fantastic list after I asked her for gift suggestions. My friend's hub is going through radiation and chemo and I asked for gift ideas. This particular friend lives half way across the country but the list has great ideas for loved ones living both near and far. Bottom line is that we are all touched with cancer over and over and over. I really appreciate having this list handy for those unfortunate circumstances and thought y'all might want to print it out too!


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