Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Still Summer

Dear Retail Industry,

Do you think it is funny showing me wool pants and sweaters in those dreaded "fall" colors in the middle of my much deserved summer season? Do get your kicks from seeing my reaction of bikinis and tank tops in early February just as another Nor'easter is blowing through town? Well stop it, damn it!! No one needs shorts and cover ups when it is snowing outside. Do you know what I use as a cover up in the months of December through sometimes April (or later)? I cover my pasty white body up in a heavy coat, cords and boots. Often times I cleverly accessorize with this fancy thing know up here as a knit cap and matching mittens. And let us not forget the ever important scarf. Nowhere in that description does it allow for breezy tops or bermuda shorts. And since I get to wear that divine, flatter-figuring, makes you sweat when you walk inside outfit for six loooong months, I take offense to you bringing it out and claiming to to be all shiny and new. It's not. I don't care what you did or what special dyes you are debuting this season. It's all the same junk from years past. It's all a reminder that my time wearing sundresses and sandals is very limited. So to be blunt, you can take that fall '08 collection and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. I don't care where- closet, back room, your car, wherever. It's still July. It's sunny and warm. It's glorious summer, retail industry! I did my time (and then some) with winter. Give me back my summer or we're going to have a hissy fit on our hands. I don't use it very often but every well-raised girl knows how to win a properly placed hissy fit in life!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm totally ordering these for some little girl in the future. Quirky and cute all at the same time! I have no other words ..... just too funny!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Pink Box

I am definitely not a hoarder. I like to purge and clean and organize too much to qualify for that category. But I am not an minimalist either. You should see my armoire full of fabric and the boxes full of crafty goodness. And my bed has tons of pillows which require my removal each and every evening before I can fall asleep. It's sort of a pain but it looks pretty so....

A few years ago my friend Little's grandmother passed away. She and her parents went to Grandmother's home to clean it out and get ready for a sale. Granny apparently had a LOT of stuff. A lot for them to keep and cherish and a LOT to get rid of in any way, shape or form. I was living in DC at the time in the tiniest apartment (but totally the most awesome- oh how I miss my tiny home on the Hill) and Little called to ask if she could send me a box of craft stuff from Granny. Um, of course! I love craft stuff- old, new, wrinkled, whatever. So a week or two later three large boxes arrived. Three. And they were filled to the brim with every imaginable odd and end. Tons of fake but fun beads and pearls, ribbons, cigar box hand bags, baskets, lace and more. It took me forever to sift through the boxes and decide what I wanted to keep and what just needed to be tossed (she told me I could toss whatever and that she just sent it all to me with that in mind). Of course I kept most of it. Clothes I can purge but craft supplies, Heavens no!

Over the years I've used various items from Granny's stash. The first thing I did was take apart all of the old pearl necklaces. That took eons and was crazy messy. But it gave me bags of pearls to make three necklaces and bracelets. One for myself because I love me some pearls. One for Little and one for Little's cutie momma. It was both a thank you and a way to remember Grandmother in a more up-to-date fashion. Old red ribbon was used on Christmas gifts one year. And the baskets have been used for just about everything one can do with a basket. But my most cherished possession is this pink box. The moment I opened this, I gasped with delight. It was my version of crack to a junkie or candy to a four year old. Vintage. Jacquard. Ribbons. And lots of them. Tiny prints, large prints, never before seen prints, now duplicated and crazy expensive prints, and drool I am in love with you prints. I've used some of the ribbon on belts and gifts over time. But if you receive something from this pink box, you know you are the bees knees in my book. This is the box I open and play with but rarely use. I just love it all sooooo much. Do you have a "pink box" in your life? Something that you use sparingly because you want it to last forever. Part of me thinks I should just use the stuff. If I kick the bucket tomorrow, all that saving was for not. But you can pretty much bet I will continue to use the contents of my pink box sparingly until I find a "worthy" cause. I think I am secretly waiting for a little girl to come into my life so that I can decorate dresses and keepsakes accordingly.

But that's not to say I don't love new jacquards too. I do. Just yesterday this arrived from JCaroline. I can't wait to see her new ribbons that she is having produced exclusively for her fabu online shop!

And last but not least..... For anyone in the Capital Region (or Bennington or Manchester or wherever....) who is without a pink box and too impatient to wait for an online purchase, run to the Walmart up on Hoosick Street. Their fabric department is leaving and everything fabric and ribbon is 75% off. I went this morning because I was told (in a very hush hush manner I might add) that today all fabric would be marked down to 50%. But when I arrived, it was all 75% off. They still had about 3/4 of that back wall full of fabric. And all of the ribbon was still there. Or until I gobbled it up anyway. Let's just say that this year everyone will be receiving some sort of made-by-me Christmas gift and I also have every ounce of ribbon needed to wrap said gift. I seriously got fabrics for under $0.50 and polka dot ribbons for $0.08 - $0.15. Too crazy to pass up. I wouldn't wait until tomorrow though because women were calling friends and family from the store to inform them of the markdowns. I was laughing so hard. It just struck me as rather funny. Of course I was in line not once, but twice to get a huge pile of stuff cut too. I love getting the discount but do you know that they are taking out the fabric department so that they can have room to sell beer? Yup! As if we need another location to buy stinkin' beer. Ridiculous! I mean, I didn't get much fabric there (until last week when I found it all 25% off and then today....but I digress) but I would rather see pretty fabric than beer any day of the week.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need Emails

Jennifer and Monogram Chic- I am more than happy to send you invites but need an email address please. If you don't want to leave it in a comment, please feel free to send me an email and I promise to keep it a secret. For the others on my add list, I'll do it shortly. Promise!

Happy Shopping!

More Free Fun

Have you met my bestie? Well she has this fabu side gig making the yummiest stationary and paper goodies. And she is having a "just because" give away. So go visit her and enter to win a set of fun note cards.

Free Is Fabulous

Can you even read this? If not, its telling us that on the 25th and 26th you can receive a FREE (ever the magic word!) Vivanno (new fruit drink thing) if you are a member. How do you become a Starbucks member? Oh, it's way complicated. Ready? You know the four or five gift cards sitting on your desk or in the bottom of your purse? Look on the back. Now go to the Starbucks website and register that puppy. And voila....you are now a "member." Recently they started offering all sorts of bonuses if you use your gift card instead of a credit card or cash. So register those cards, re-use them by adding funds, and get free treats. Because free is fabulous!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Free Shipping

So if you checked out the fabulous Monogram Me but you haven't yet placed an order, now is your big chance. She is offering free shipping on all orders July 30th! Her goodies are simply too adorable!! Happy shopping!

Sewing Questions

For those who sew...

Do you have a serger? Do you like it? Is it one of those things you never use or use waaay more than you thought you would? Does it scare you with all those needles and spools of thread? Can you use regular thread or do you have to use those giant cones? Give me your thoughts....

Thanks bunches, gals!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

For Pregos Everywhere

I keep forgetting to tell you this little bit of randomness that I discovered one night when I had the reason that I am chubby munchies. So my real life friend Stacy mentioned that she loves eating those Betty Crocker Warm Delights sometimes. I've tried the brownie one too and yummers, I loved it! But then one night I decided that I wanted a brownie and didn't have on had a Warm Delight and didn't want to bake (read: wait for) an entire pan of brownies. What was a girl to do you ask? Well a skinny girl would have grabbed an apple and walked out of the kitchen. Damn her! Instead, I took out a bag of brownie mix. Took two heaping tablespoons of mix (like heaping- so probably measured correctly it equals 3-4 tablespoons...if you are into that exact measuring business....which I am not...) and 1-2 tablespoons of water or milk. Use one and if you need more, add it. Then pop that puppy in the microwave for 45-60 seconds. I swear it is the exact same thing. And when you consider that a bag of brownie mix is about $1 and will last you quite a few midnight cravings, you'll never want to buy the Betty Crocker ones again. Plus those come in a plastic container and that's all kinds of wasteful.

Little Things Are Always Cute

I've had a bunch of custom orders lately and thought I would share a few pictures of some particularly cute baby prezzies.

This was for a jungle theme nursery and included two burpee cloths, bib, and that cute little lolly pop creation that is composed of a washcloth and a spoon.

For a little boy...two burpee cloths and a onesie that I embroidered with a little whale. Not professional but not bad for free hand.

This is my favorite set for a baby girl in chocolate and pink. I adore that color combination! It includes a burpee cloth, bib and diaper and wipes clutch.

And this is a ribbon belt (I know it's hard to see but I didn't decide to take a picture until after I wrapped it) I made for my two little girls (college undergrads- so really they are not that little- but I still think of them as "my little girls") who attended Convention with me last month. It's hard to find squirrel anything (our mascot) so I was excited to find this ribbon online.

I need to find something more thrilling than this to post next week or y'all are going to quit reading. Seriously though, I just don't have anything exciting happening this week. Maybe I need to go to Wally World. I never leave WW without a little story.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Plead $5

I bought these yesterday at Marshalls. For. FIVE. Dollars. I have no clue who made them as they are not marked. They are leather and so crazy comfortable. The part that touches the bottom of my foot (no idea what that part of a shoe is called) is covered in satin. And I adore the gold sequins that are sewn on (not glued- sewn- so they will hopefully last longer). Did I mention that they were on the clearance rack for $5? I did? Well it was worth mentioning again. I don't need them. I mean, I rarely need these sorts of things. But .... well .... I plead $5. Seriously, you would not walk out without them either considering that combo of cuteness plus comfort plus price.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Smooshy

Would someone mind telling me how to make my blog posts less smooshy? Look at this page. Do you see how the date and title of a post are smooshed between the two posts? It looks bad and makes it difficult to read. It just all becomes one big jumble of blah. I need some un-smooshing advice please! Thanks!

PS. Blogger spell check is not a fan of the word "smoosh" .... go figure!!

You're Invited

I feel bad. I didn't say anything because I figured that most of y'all were already in the know about these "invite only" sale sites. I'm usually the last to know this sort of stuff. And it always comes down to bestie informing me. She is so much hipper than I am! But if you are not yet "in" with Regents, Gilt or Ruelala, please just leave me your email address and I'll send you invites ASAP. They have sales on specific brands at specific times. They have GREAT sales!! And today is VV day at Ruelala!

Preppy Deals

So here's the skinny, preppy friends....

Crewcuts will be arriving in select (read: not mine but perhaps yours) JCrew Factory stores on July 25th. Lucky for you and your kiddos! Really, nothing is cuter than a preppy tot!

Today on RuLaLa is a huge Vineyard Vines sale. Go. Right now! I just ordered a pair of white capri pants and cute bermuda shorts. If you need an invite, just leave me your email address.

And my favorite find... http://preppyoutlet.com/ Their site is not totally ready yet but they have page upon page of fabulous Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vine steals at the moment.

Do you have any prep-tastic news? Let everyone know. It's nice to share!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Signing Up For Another Swap...

For those interested in participating, here is another swap you might consider. The rules are pretty strict so be sure to fully read them before signing up. But it sounds like a fun theme and I already have a few ideas in mind. Hard to believe fall is just around the corner though....

Loving Right Now

I thought I would share with you a few things that I am obsessed with at the moment. Nothing earth shattering, but a few things you might want to test out too.

* My $2.50 glitter flip flops from Target. They are cheap and I'm quite sure that they will die a quick death but until then, I feel like a five year old. They make me smile.

* Bic Mark-It Pens. They are permanent markers, like Sharpie. But they are thinner and don't bleed through the paper. I read that Sharpie now makes a pen like this too but I have been to four stores and none had a clue what I was talking about. (I guess some folks just don't stalk the Sharpie company like I do. Sad really!) But these pens are soooo fabu! Don't worry, Sharpie is still my favorite. But for times when it is bothersome to have a pen bleed though the paper, my awesome Bics are a new go-to buddy. And they have the most adorable color names too. Not that it matters but it does make me smile. Smiles count for something, right?!

* Big Girl Mac and Cheese. Found this in Target. OMG sooo yummy! I added a can of shrimp and it was all kinds of delicious!

* My cute and clean puppy. She just had a bubble bath and trim and looks super adorable at the moment. Such a little snuggle love!!

* Green Lilly Pulitzer pillow I scored for $9.99 at Marshalls Homegoods a few weeks ago. It's missing two beads but I bet you would not notice if I didn't tell you.

* Hydrangeas. In DC the soil acid levels (I have a landscape architect for a father so this sort of information is ingrained in my brain) were just right to have hydrangeas in every possible color variety. I loved it! Up here, not so much. But I have found a few plants here and there that are those fun candy colors. I could stare at them all day!

* Keebler 100 calorie cookie Right Bite packs. The perfect mid day treat. My major challenge is not eating three at one time though. The Mini Fudge Stripes are my favorite!

* This dress from Target (of course!). It is the most comfortable thing ever for those days when you are loafing about or cleaning or running errands. Days when you want to wear a sweat shirt but it is 80 outside and need something that won't make you faint. The only down side is that it is super low cut so I have to wear a cami underneath which I find to be annoying. Yet I don't seem to care because this is my new "I don't give a hoot about looking cute because I just want to be comfie and able to move about easily" outfit. But because the waist pulls in, it does actually look rather cute so it's really a win win situation.

* Last but not least, my biggest obsession at the moment..... Del Monte Fruit Chillers! Have you tried these yet? If not, run out immediately and buy a pack! They are fat free (but full of sugar so beware) and crazy delicious! The perfect hot summer treat!! I have tried all four flavors (I told you I love them!) and must say that they are all amazingly delicious! Go. Now. You'll thank me!

Friday, July 11, 2008

And The Winner Is...

And the grand prize goes to.....(drumroll please)....
Yeah for Jill! Be sure to send me an email with your name and mailing information and I will get your box of pink and green goodness off to you in a week or so.
But because I had such a crazy response to my giveaway, I decided to do a small runner-up prize. I am just overwhelmed by the number of sweet commenters who took the time to visit and read my bloggy jibber-jabber!! So the runner up winner is.....
Yeah for my favorite little Irish prep! Send me your deets too and a little pink and green love will be coming your way shortly.
Thanks for playing, everyone! This was fun- I found so many new and fabulous blogs to read.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Minutes To A Cute Accessory

I was walking out the door on the 4th of July and decided that I needed a preppy patriotic headband to keep my hair from driving me batty all day. And then thought y'all might want to make one too. This is hardly a tutorial as it is crazy easy and fast. But I know there are several of you out there who are looking to test the waters with your sewing machines on an easy project. This is the project. In under five minutes you too can have your very own reversible headband. Let me walk you though it, step-by-step...

Chose any two ribbons. They don't have to coordinate as you will only see one ribbon when it is worn on your head. If you don't already own an embarrassingly ridiculous amount of ribbon, you can buy two pieces at Wally World for under a buck.

Cut both ribbons about 15" long. (Note: these measurements are what fit my big head best- you might need to experiment a big depending on your head size and the stretch of your elastic.)

I made two headbands that afternoon- one for the 4th and one to wear with an adorable Lilly shift that was a Christmas prezzie from bestie. Don't you just love those jacquard ribbons?!

Now cut a piece of elastic about 6.5" long. (Again- you might need to do a test run to find the best fit for yourself but this is what worked for me.)

Pin your two ribbons WRONG sides together, folding in the short sides 1/2" so that no raw edges are visible. Start sewing about 1" down on one of the LONG sides first. Then sew along a short side and insert your elastic about 1/4". Sew back and forth over the elastic a few times to be sure it doesn't pull out of place. Then sew down the other long side (as shown in this photo).

Your last step is to insert the elastic into the other short end (shown in this picture) and sew back and forth a few times. It's OK if you don't sew this part perfectly- it will be hidden by your hair anyway.

After that second elastic end is sewn in, close up that 1" gap on the first long side. (I start about an inch or so down because the ribbon tends to shift a tad when sewing (or it does when I sew it anyway) and this ensure that your ends won't be all wonky in the end. Don't you just love my technical language? I really should write these tutorials for a living- they are so stinkin' clear. I'll be shocked if anyone can understand this post. I took a quick five minute project and turned it into rocket science. Good going PPC!)

Voila! You're finished! Now you have a two-for-one accessory that is both useful and adorable. If you make yourself a quickie headband, be sure to send me a picture and I'll post it on here too. Happy sewing!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

200th Post And A Prize For You, Too!

This worked out well because I just realized that this is my 200th blog post. I can't believe y'all read anything I write because looking back, most of my posts are about a whole lot of nothing. But I love you for sticking around and reading my random nothing thoughts. As a thanks for reading, I'm doing a giveaway (that I actually had planned but it just so happened that it coincided with a round number post). It will be a little box of pink and green goodness (just warning you in case pink and green are not your thing (gasp!!)).

So leave me a comment and I will draw a winner on Friday afternoon-ish. If you don't have a blog, be sure to leave your email address so that I can have a way to get in touch with you.

And if you are going to leave me anonymous rude comments, feel free to just not comment at all. Because you know I am just going to click "delete" so why bother attempting to post such nonsense?!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Parasols, Pink Lemonade and Polka Dot Swap

Oh how I love love loved this latest swap. The colors and theme were totally right up my ally. And my partner was so fabulously adorable too. So let's look and see what I sent to Mandi, shall we?

Parasols: A pink umbrella, the inside fabric of the bag
Pink Lemonade: Strawberry Lemonade mix and pink lemonade mix for water bottles (I love these!)
Polka Dots: Grocery bag and ribbon belt
Sweet Treat: Twizzlers
Thrifted: The napkin base of the apron was thrifted (the same day that I bought this)

Do you want to see the AWESOME package that was sent to me from Mandi? I knew you would! She spoiled me rotten...and I loved every minute of it! But I seriously felt a little worried when I opened this package that I was not as good to her as she was to me. Everything is so fantastic!! Pink and green goodness as far as the eye can see...

She too made a bag. How cute is that? Even more adorable when you notice that it is also lined with parasol themed fabric! I used it this past weekend and love the little embroidery patches on the outside. Crazy cute!

Included in my package-oh-pink-and-green-goodness....

Tote bag
Picture frame (thrifted and adorable!)
Bath salts, lotion and candle
Four polka dot placemats and 2 kitchen towels
Thrifted trims
Pink and Green plates
2 shell/starfish dishes
Mini post it pads
Crafty do-dads

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Customized Can Koozies

Several of you have commented or emailed me with questions regarding the adorable monogrammed can koozies that were included in my swap package (to me, from Lawyer's Wife) a few weeks ago. And I finally thought to just ask her about them. Y'all will be excited to learn that she does in fact sell them. They are $16, including shipping. Personally, I think they are hands down the most adorable things ever! So rush right over and chat with LW to figure out which color and font you need for your next get-together or tail-gate!! They would also make great graduation gifts or a cute addition to a wedding shower present (with the bride's new monogram).

***UPDATE*** You can now go directly to this fabu new blog to order your koozies and other fun goodies! And after you read up on how the profits from her monogramming venture are going to aid her son, you will surely want to make that a double order. Or triple!

Bad Will And Good Things

I might have mentioned that the Goodwill near me is the fanciest thrift store I have ever seen. Oh sure, it's true that I have not exactly been in all that many thrift shops in my lifetime, but trust me. It's local knowledge in these parts that our local Goodwill reminds everyone of an old K-mart or Wally World. But it's big and organized and the clothes crack me. They are organized by color and not by size. So it's like rows of red shorts that lead into blue shorts, etc... A used clothing rainbow. I don't pick through the clothing. I'm just being honest. But not because I'm a snob. Even worse, I'm terribly impatient when I am shopping. So the fact that nothing is organized by size is just a given that I am never going to have the patience to dig through the racks of pink pants. If there was Lilly in there, I would smell it. I've become rather skilled at feeling the Lilly vibes at Max and Marsh.

OK, so back to this Goodwill store. Not only is it rather fancy pants for a thrift shop, but the prices are ri-di-culous! They have a deal with Target and get all of the stuff that is slightly damaged or just doesn't sell. So there will be racks and rows of all Target stuff. All the Whim stuff was in there last week. Stuff like that makes me laugh. Until you look at the price tags. Remember, I belong to the Church-o-Tarjay. I'm there all the flippin' time. So I know the prices of crap. Well this store will take the red Target final sales stickers off and replace it with a Goodwill price tag that is PRICED HIGHER than it was selling for at Target. Seriously! And several times I have gone to purchase something and the price checkers/managers/?? will comment that this item is a brand new (insert item- usually something fabric like a shower curtain that I intend to cut up to use to make a grocery bag or some silly item like that) and it should be priced HIGHER. So they will raise the price on me. The last time they did this, I walked out without purchasing anything. I was appalled! I had several items that I needed for a few swaps and also three fabric things- tablecloths and shower curtains. They were going to be cut up so I didn't give a hoot what they were originally. Well the THREE ladies up there decided that these items (that I could tell were in fact brand new but were also bound together in a wad of packing tape and sitting on a dusty shelf in the back) needed to be at least double the price tag. I was proud of myself for remaining calm and trying to explain that they priced these items and changing the price was a bit on the unethical side. I was totally, rudely informed that they could legally change any price they wanted to. I calmly and kindly declined to make any of the purchases as I felt rather taken advantage of (AGAIN!) and left. I have not gone back. I won't. And all of my donations will forever go to one of the many worthy thrift shops in town. Goodwill my ass.... Badwill is more like it!

But I needed a thrifted item as part of my latest swap package. This is always the biggest challenge for me. I'm just not nearly as skilled as many of my favorite bloggy reads at scoping out the gems among all the dust and junk. But I did my best to channel some of the best thrifty queens in blogville last week and boy was it a success! I found a small item as part of my swap (pictures coming after my partner gets her package that was only just sent) but I also found a few little yummies for myself. I know y'all are reading that last comment twice, right? It's true. I found some things I just couldn't live without. I still have yet to find any of those fabulous vintage sheets and bedspreads the Lera finds almost weekly (smell my jealously?) but I feel this is a mighty fine start in the gem department.

This little cheese tray with the marble base and glass dome lid and a vintage apron (not pictured) were a whopping $3.

This is my favorite!! I have been wanting a punch bowl. But am not terribly fond of the (beautiful but just not my taste) very intricately cut crystal bowls. Plus those just scream wedding present to me and um.... I'm not married. Or even dating anyone. But I digress... It is on the smaller side but is very sturdy and heavy. It also came with six matching cups that can hang off the side (three are pictured) AND five small non-matching and slightly smaller cups AND four also non-matching and slightly larger cups. I have no idea why they were all sold together but I don't really care. They are close enough for the once a year that I will use the "set" and I was so excited to see that the price was only $5. BUT WAIT.... Did you know that Salvation Army has sales? Me either. In fact, a different color tag is on sale every day. They also told me something else about Family Day (don't remember anything about this day or when it is other than the name of said special day of the week) and some other day. I don't remember because I was suddenly on a thrifting high when the gal informed me that my price was $2.50. I picked up that day's sale color. When I questioned this, they explained their sale deal stuff to me. So in review, one small but cute glass punch bowl plus 15 glass punch cups for less than $3. I'm still not going back to Badwill, as I have taken to calling it, but I will definitely work on my thrifting skills again soon.


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