Sunday, March 30, 2008

Questions Answered

The list is posted and the emails have been sent out. It's time to get the Preppy Spring Swap on and here is a little questionnaire to help my fun partner get to know me better. I can't wait to get started putting together my package for her.

1. What are your favorite preppy designers? Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, JCrew, and all the inexpensive fun preppy stuff at Target too.

2. Favorite preppy accessories? Pearls, popped collar on a polo shirt, ribbon belts, headbands and I think my glasses are cute and preppy too.

3. Do you have any hobbies? I have become a crazy sewing lady the last several years. I also cook and bake and of course, shop.

4. Do you enjoy crafting, if so anything in particular? Love to craft. I am a sew-aholic. I'm not at all an expert but I love to play around with fun fabrics and ribbons.

5. Any favorite books/magazines? I like fun, girly books. I also love a lot of the YA stuff out there like Harry Potter. I LOVE magazines. All of them. Trashy tabs, home and living, crafting and of course, Martha.

6. 5 favorite things (besides those listed above)
1. My bestie. She's not just my best friend but one of the best people in the world.
2. My puppy, Sadie Kate. She's just too funny and cute and sweet and she totally knows it!
3. Diet Coke.
4. Tomatoes fresh from the garden. (Can you tell I am itching for Summer?!)
5. Fabric. I have a ridiculous addiction to fun fabrics. Especially Michael Miller and Alexander Henry. Those bold, fun prints are just so yummy!

7. Do you collect anything? Not really. I love aprons but I don't necessarily collect them. But I do make them and buy them and use them often. OK, I guess I do sort of collect them.

8. Any kids/pets? One child, my furry little girl, Sadie.

9. Any allergies? Tons. Grass, dust, wool, bugs, pollen. Clearly I am an "indoor girl." No food issues though - thank goodness!

10. Favorite thing to do in the Spring? Spring....what's spring? If we had spring up here in my mini-Antarctica, I would do things like garden and take long walks with the pup. And wear cute spring dresses. Instead I whine that I don't get spring and I wait for summer to make an appearance.

11. What most makes you think of Spring? Gardens full of tomatoes and peppers. And sightings of Lilly.

12. Favorite treat/drink? Diet Coke - but I try to limit my intake. Ditto on ice cream.

13. Anything else your partner should know about you? Not that I can think of. But if you have questions, please feel free to ask. I love swappy fun! Woo-hoo!!

Lord & Taylor

About a year or more ago I was given a gift card to Lord & Taylor. But the closest L&T is a good four + hours away. It can also be used at a variety of other May Company stores. But I don't live close to those either. So every now and then I peek online to see if L&T has anything I want. They usually don't. When shopping online, I am pretty brand-specific. I won't buy clothing or shoes online if I don't already know how they fit. Because I always end up having to pay for shipping to return items that never fit my top half. But this weekend I found this cute Lilly dress that was on sale on the L&T website that I fell in love with. Totally perfect for my mountain wedding in May. I tried to purchase it. I mean, it was on sale and then with my gift card, it was a steal of a deal. But it wouldn't let me purchase it with my gift card. Because the card doesn't have a pin number. There is a note on the screen telling me that if my card is missing a pin number, I can return it to a store for a new one. But this is how I got to this point to begin with- no stores close to me. So I called the 800 number on the card and explained that I don't want to wait to return the card for a new one. I just want to buy this dress. She said she couldn't do that but was happy to give me an address to mail back the gift card and they would just send me a check for the amount of the card. I didn't purchase this card but they are going to give me cash back for it. I just wanted to patronize their online store. Sort of seems a little backwards to me. And considering that this card isn't years old, I imagine that they will be mailing out checks right and left. You make no sense to me, Lord & Taylor. Just in case you were wondering.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

No Comment

So if you have seen me on your blog today (I still am not really clear on how you know people are on your blogs but whatev...) but I didn't comment, don't get mad at me. I have tried several times to comment on a number of posts. But no matter how many times I click or double click or click really hard, I just can't seem to get into anyone's comment sections. And I was also told that my email is not appearing in my "About Me" section right now.

Clearly blogger and I are in the midst of a disagreement. I think that blogger should work and blogger simply doesn't feel like it. Blogger is stubborn. But I am hoping that this is just a little lovers quarrel.

Time will tell...

Paper Makes Me Smile

To prove that I am not turning into a Negative Nelly though, here are some pics (because blog reading is always more fun with pics I think!) of stationary stuff I bought at Tar-jay yesterday. Did I need them? No, of course I didn't. But I was still grumpy so I used a little retail therapy to turn my frown upside down. Well that and a giant Diet Coke. I was telling bestie that it's probably very pathetic that my mood can be altered by a caffeinated beverage. Whatev. It worked, so why mess with simple solutions?!

So first I found this big stack of round note paper. Now this I did actually need. I used to have a giant square note pad but I used it up a few months ago. Oh sure, I have other pads. But just as I am picky about pens (I pretty much only used ultra fine Shaprie markers in wild colors. Or drafting pens. Don't ask why. Just because I like them is why!), I am also picky about note paper. And I love this stack of notes. I love the colors and I love that it's round and it totally made me smile.

Then I spotted these small gift/note cards. Now I totally do not need these. But they are scented vanilla. And they look so yummy fun too. So home they came. I'll use them though. I am old school and use stationary and note cards on a very regular basis. And I write thank you notes for everything. And send cards just because. So that's me justifying this silly purchase. Whatever- they are staying. I love them.

And then I looked up and what did I see? The note cards for every proper prep...madras plaid print! Don't you just adore them? I know, me too!

So a few weeks ago I found this smushy neck travel pillow in the $2.50 section of Tar-jay too. After traveling to Hawaii last year without one, I decided it was a necessity. But I forgot about needing one until I saw it in that bin. I knew immediately that I would make a removable (read: washable) pillowcase for it too. And I did just that the other night. I still need to tweak it but I think it's pretty fun. I used random fabric that I had handy and was already washed and ready for use. So cute pink plaid on one side and blue/red whale on the other side. Nothing fancy but still pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Happy Saturday everyone! Cheers!

Another Yucky Baldwin Brother

Did anyone else happen to see 20/20 last night? And the interview at the end with Daniel Baldwin regarding his (mainly) coke (and sometimes other drugs and alcohol but he only considers himself a coke addict) addiction? He was asked about his relationship with his daughter. He said that he had times of being a very bad father. But then he also said that it was up to the daughter to decide if she wants to remember the times he was a decent dad or the times he was a crappy dad. So the interviewer was a little stunned and asked him to clarify that he was in fact saying it was up to her to forget that he was very undependable and inconsistent and often a really bad father? He said, yes, that he didn't choose to be hurtful to those around him and that in fact he had really hurt himself much more than any of his loved ones. She needed to see that it was "poor me, poor me, poor me" (referring to himself). The interviewer (with the same gasp look on her face that I was sporting myself at this point) then said, isn't it poor her though?! No he said, because there were times that he was a good person and he really hurt himself much more. He was all sorts of angry at her for even thinking that the daughter was a victim in any of this. And he was pissed when she told him that he did in fact have a choice to not do drugs and not be a crappy person. (Please note that unless I am using quotation marks I am paraphrasing. So don't come hunting me down Daniel Baldwin. You scare me.)

He then had the audacity to go try to do an intervention on some other kid and "save" his life. He was so flippin' self-righteous and high on himself. I was gagging!

You, Daniel Baldwin, are the reason you were a crappy dad/human being. You are in fact still in a sober living halfway house place. You got yourself married and had a baby while you were still 12-stepping it in the transition halfway house place. And Mr. Daniel Baldwin....take note of this last part please because it is the most are scum!

At the end of that piece it said that you and daughter had reconciled. I wonder if you told them that or if she did. I doubt she can ever forgive you if you can't even stinkin' admit that you were crappy and it is YOUR fault for being so crappy.

Ew, he is just so yucky! But I made myself watch because I thought surely he will come around in the end and admit that his poor daughter is not responsible for their lack of a relationship. Nope. Yucky and scummy. Ew!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oscar the Grouch

I have avoided posting much lately because I am in a very "Oscar the Grouch" mood. Mostly because of people not following through on SIMPLE tasks. I am annoyed and frustrated and totally from Crab Apple Cove (I know that makes no sense but I had a college roommate who said that and it stuck. 12 years later and I still saying it.). I don't understand why people can't just do what they are told to do. Especially if what they are told to do is VERY SIMPLE and easy and fast and with a purpose. But instead they make me want to pull my hair out as I proceed to spend a full MONTH trying to get them to do a FIVE MINUTE PROJECT. Quit being dumb because it is only serving to annoy me. And as a result, I am going to turn around and badger you with very unpleasant phone calls and emails and in-person meetings. All over something you should have done a month ago that should have taken no more that five minutes.

See....this is why I avoided blogging. I am clearly still in a grumpy mood.

But do you know what fun thing happened today to add to my mood? Snow, that's what happened! It's not fair. I'm not expecting to wear the flip flops that JCrew has been peddling for three months now or anything wild like that. But I am tired of wearing boots and clearing off my car and messing up my hair with hats and just dealing with a white mess. I am whining at the moment and fully intend to continue said whine until the snow leaves me the heck alone.

I need to move south. I miss the sunshine and I really really miss my bestie!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I Am Not the Easter Bunny

This is a pic I took years ago in my DC apartment after my dear friend Stacey and I went on an "Easter Bunny Bar Hop" on the Hill. Nothing says Easter like drinking beer all over town! We had such a ball though and poor little Sadie was unfortunate enough to suffer though a slightly intoxicated photo session after the hop. Everyone who participated wore those bunny ears. It was too cute to see DC professionals "hopping" all over the Hill wearing bunny ears. Good times! Miss you S and R!!

Mmmmm Good!

Just wanted to report that I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter Supper of Honey Baked ham, asparagus, salad, and mashed sweet potatoes. And an appetizer of brie covered in crescent dough. Do y'all make that too? That's another family favorite but Nanny Mom actually liked that recipe (can you even call it a recipe?) when I made it one time. So I guess that passed the snooty test. Whatever. Hehehe. I didn't make any casseroles. Yet. I'm sure I will make one tomorrow with left-over ham seeing as how we have a ton! I'm so glad I am not the only person who loves a lowly ham meal. Mmmmm- it is just sooooo delish!!

And Lisagh and Kate- I plan to get your prezzies in the mail to you tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. I promise!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Yup. I did another swap. I'm addicted. Meet my newest swap partner- isn't her art so much fun?! So for my Easter themed swap I sent her an Easter apron in fun colors of pink, green, yellow and purple. Both sides are the same plaid but one side has a pocket in the shape of a cracked Easter egg and the other side is pocket-less (so she can use it the other 51 weeks of the year). I added a ruffle of grosgrain ribbon too- because I love me some grosgrain ribbon! And a little baggie (pink polka dot on outside and lined with the cute plaid on inside) filled with rick-rack, glitter, and a coffee/tea cup cozy. I hope she enjoys it this weekend.

And I hope y'all have a very happy Easter too (for those who celebrate)! It's cold here but what else is new? I'm making honey baked spiral ham. Have I ever told you my ham story? No? Well here it is.

So many years ago I was a nanny for a family in the DC area. A (very, very wealthy) single mom and two kids. The job had its ups and downs- as all jobs do I suppose. So the mom was a piece of work. I usually liked her. She was very nice and we could have really fun conversations. But as I became closer to the family I realized that she didn't really have any "real" friends. Meaning, she called all sorts of people her "friends" but those women would stab each other in the back right and left if it might in some way "better" themselves. Pathetic if you ask me. And lonely. I cannot imagine being without any real, true best friends. Heck, many of my blog friends are more loyal than that group of women. Seriously! But I digress....I could have an entire blog solely devoted to my nanny stories. I'll try to remember to tell more in the future. They are very entertaining.

So ham... Well Nanny Mom was telling me this story of her oldest and best friend. Trying to describe her to me. She said, "They are the kind of people who eat those hams. You know the kind, the spiral hams with sugar coating and those casseroles. We don't eat food like that." (All was said in a "I am better than you" tone of voice. She (and her whole snotty posse) used that snooty-snot tone hourly. That whole group was all about claiming to be better than everyone else in the loudest possible way.) So to this day, bestie will call me every time she and her family partake of those hams. My whole family thinks this story is hilarious because we rarely have a large family gathering without a ham. Maybe it's just my family but spiral ham is one of my all time favorites. Mmmmm.

So if you too will be indulging in ham and even a casserole or two this weekend, think of me and the look on my face as Nanny Mom was going on and on about how lowly her "friend" was because they ate "poor people food." She didn't actually say that, but wow was it ever implied.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the Winner is....

All the names went into a bowl because as it turns out, I don't actually own a hat other than my fleece winter hats. I have a big head (size wise, that is) and just flat out look ridiculous in hats. But I digress. Names in bowl....

I mixed them up and looked away as I picked one out. Then I took a pic- because that's what every good blogger does. And as I unfolded the name, I realized that I picked two names that were stuck together.

So...we have two winners, kids. Woo-hoo! Even more fun, in my opinion. So send me and email with your mailing address and full name my little winners. That's right, you are a winner Lisagh at Grosgrain Garage and Kate at La Vie en Rose! Congratulations girlies!

This was so fun! It turns out if you promise something free, you get more comments that ever before. I will definitely do this again sometime.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I am wearing my new green shoes and loving that it is sunny enough to do so today! Woo-hoo!!

Also- a few of y'all have asked me about the swaps I have done. Truth is I usually stumble upon them randomly and sign up last minute. But Connecticut Charm is hosting a Preppy Spring Swap and I thought I would pass along the link in case any of y'all are itching to participate in your first (or billionth) swap.

I will draw a winner and post pics tomorrow of my 100th blog post prize.

Don't drink too many green beers or green apple martinis tonight girls!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

100th Post Present to You

This is my 100th post! Fairly amazing considering I have had months of no posting. But don't worry, I would never go that long without reading. Your blogs are my drug of choice. I get twitchy if I don't know what y'all had for dinner, wore to work, what your kids said or what crafty goodness you fit into your busy lives. What might seem like a lot of nothing to your daily routine is totally my entertainment. And I have actually learned soooo much from my blog reading addiction. Kind of like watching TLC or the History Channel - oh it's still wasting time watching TV but it's educational so you totally justify it.

So as a thank you for writing blogs that I LOVE reading and for stopping by to read my blog too, I'm giving away a little prezzie. Just post a comment and I will pick out of a hat Monday night. What sort of prize, you ask? An organizer for your LL Bean bag (or any other bag too!) and perhaps a few other goodies just for fun.

Thanks for reading and even more thanks for writing!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Preppy Delivery and Old Navy Bust

I decided to run over to Old Navy this afternoon to check out the fabu deals that y'all have found lately. It was a dreary, rainy and gloomy day. So imagine my delight and surprise when I spotted the cutest, preppiest delivery van ever ahead of me. Do you know what I did? That's right...I sped up. I reached in my bag, pulled out my camera case, unzipped it to pull out the camera, turned on said camera, zoomed in and took a picture to share my preppy find with y'all. All while driving on the Northway. Um...I think I have crossed the line from blog loyalty to blog obsession. Literally my first thought was, "Oooh, the bloggy preps will want to see this!"

I made it to Old Navy without injuring anyone, thankfully! I parked, walked in and immediately thought that it had been close to a year since my last visit to Old Navy. Everything looked different. Everything actually looked like Wal-mart. Because it was a Wal-mart. No longer an Old Navy. Fancy that. But it was a Super Wal-mart. I have only been to those a few times. Yes, we have them here. I just never go in them. But since it was rainy and I was already inside, I walked around for a few minutes. The food section was downstairs. And OMG it was so fun- if you want to move your shopping buggy from one floor to the next, you shove your buggy on this special escalator and it moves up or down just as you do on the regular escalator. Have y'all seen this before? I was fascinated. I am seriously considering going back just for the novelty of it all. After a few minutes though it sunk in that I would have to go over to the mall to find that Old Navy store. It is super close- I was just hoping to avoid the mall of a late Friday afternoon. So after driving over the the dreaded mall, parking and maneuvering my way past the teeny boper mall rats, I was totally deflated that I didn't' find a single item I loved at Old Navy. Not one. They had some cute sun-dresses but they all required a strapless bra. And I ONLY wear one of those if I am in a wedding requiring one. That's how you know I am a true friend. No, my girls are too big to ever look decent in a strapless dress. Not to mention that they are all sized to fit B and C boobs. I found a darling solid white shift dress at JCrew that I am in major love with but I am having a hard time figuring out when I would ever wear an all white dress. But it is sooo cute. Hmm...the more I think about it the more I love it. It just might need to be mine before the weekend is over. OK- in downloading the pic I found out it comes in black and this adorable blue colors too. They only had the white in my store. Loving the blue- which is odd for me as I only own about 2 blue items- just not a blue girl. I think I'm sold. Could this be considered "mountain casual" maybe? I'm thinking with flats and a cardigan for the rehearsal dinner maybe?

Also...if you have not yet read this post by Preppy Pearl Girl, you MUST read it now. Sure we all get stories similar to this in email forewords but this makes it personal. A very important reminder for all women!! Thanks for sharing PPG!

Who's On My Fence!

Last night as I was pulling into my driveway, I looked up and saw an owl sitting right in front of me on my fence. Just sitting there, chillin'. I didn't think fast enough though because after I finished staring at him I reached for my camera but not in time. He flew away. I live in a city so I find this to be very strange. Although I have never seen an owl up close and personal like that, I always imagined that they live in forests. And occasionally offer advice to Tigger and Pooh. OK, at least the forest/wooded area seems realistic. Maybe this was a chic and sophisticated owl. He was very wise. I could just tell. I spent the rest of the evening making owl "who who" sounds to the puppy. She thinks I'm silly.

So I ran inside to quickly get the preppy puppy for our evening walk because....drumroll was STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE! I know, it's big, huge news! Having our clocks spring foreword has made the biggest difference for me this year. It's better than Prozac - just makes me so so happy to have it light outside when I am walking the dog at night. We took our long walk route and saw the first squirrel of the season. She was sooooo excited to have a little squirrel chase in the park. Nothing is more fun than chasing squirrels!

Ah, life is good at the PPC household. And I welcome my wise friend Mr. Owl to come back - at least long enough for me to take a picture of an owl hanging out on my fence in a city.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Baby Gifts

More baby gifts headed out of my door this week. Baby things are just the best to make because everything is fun when it is soft and small. Nothing fancy- just the usual of burpees and bibs, socks and a little pillowcase dress. But all gosh darn cute, if I do say so myself!

You're a Big Jerk!

Dear Former Gov. Spitzer,

You're a big jerk! I'm mad, no, pissed off! Are you kidding me? I supported you. There were bumper stickers involved, buddy! And this is what you do with my bumper sticker loyalty? Jerk! Our state is the laughing stock of the nation thanks to you. And you do know who is now second-in-command of our state now Mr. Spitzer, right? Yeah, thanks. Good one. Rumor has it that you have been paying the ladies for a long time now - $80,000 worth of lady lovin'. Hope it was worth it. Talk about a wolf in lamb's clothes. Ugh! Jerk!

Ticked off,
Preppy Pink Crocodile

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What? Huh? Why? Wednesday

I am going to attempt to make this a regular post. Just a little musing to either get you thinking, give me answers or even just to amuse you for a moment.

So today's topic....Hoola hoop earrings.

What's the deal with women wearing hoop earrings large enough to be considered a child's play toy? I would think they would be a hazard with the possibility of your hair getting stuck in there or a purse strap yanking your whole ear out. Ouch! They don't look pretty, ladies. They look ridiculous if we are going to get down to specifics. No one should have something that large hanging from their ears if they are not being photographed for National Geographic. That means you in NYC or Miami or LA look silly with big ole hoola hoops in your ears.

Also- I still have yet to figure out who the Kardashians are. I saw on a preview that Kim said she is never home because her career is taking off and she is just so busy.

I ask you- busy doing what? What is her career? I seriously do not understand.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh No!

Was I the only person who enjoyed reading Martha's newer mag, Blueprint? Apparently I was because I just got a postcard in the mail telling me that Blueprint has discontinued its publication. Sad. I thought it was a great magazine - it felt like Martha but with a twist. Sniff, sniff.

I love magazines and catalogs (I know- nothing could be less green. Is there a term for the opposite of "green?"). Do you have any favs that I should pick up the next time I am in the grocery store or Barnes and Noble?

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a Genius!

I bought this cutie new bag as another "happy birthday to me" prezzie last week from the bean. Love it. So pink and green and cute and sturdy and just a quality bean bag. But after using it for a few days I was going a little batty trying to find my keys. Last weeks was rainy and windy and not having a pocket for easy key access was causing me to be grumpy. Not to mention that the bag was in total disarray with paper and pens and everything else all mixed together. So then I had my genius moment. I need to make some sort of pocket organizer thingy for myself. I measured and used some leftover canvas fabric that was just sitting in a scrap drawer. After I made it and used it for a day I realized that I needed to make another one in pink and green to properly match the bag. And I did go buy said fabric this past weekend. But until then, looky loo! I have a pocket for everything from keys to chapstick to mints to nail file and everything else. My wallet now lives happily in the center of the bag with nothing else getting in its way. This was seriously one of my best ideas ever. I now have a cute bag and I am not pulling my hair out looking for anything anymore. It's the little things in life that make me so happy sometimes!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

More Birthday Happies

Last week I sat for my cousin's kids for a few hours so that she could take a class. I hadn't seen the kids in an abnormally long time so I was pretty excited to hang out with them for a few hours- even it we had to do homework of fractions and reading in that time frame before bed. When I arrived they had already eaten (this is the cousin I have mentioned several time who is amazing in the kitchen) but she saved me a plate. Score! Ham, potatoes, and green veggies. Mmmm! But when I walked into the dining room I found this cake and bag of presents waiting for me. How cute is that!! She is really just so thoughtful!
So after dinner the kids and I each had a big piece of chocolate cake. Now I don't actually like cake. At all. I think it's a combo of it's super icky sweet icing and the texture of the cake. I don't know - I have just never liked cake. I am a pie girl. But this was so sweet and thoughtful so I had to eat it up and smile. I left half of it there for the kids and brought the rest to my dad - he loved it. And I adored the sentiment!! And the fun presents from Mary Kay and two postcards made by the kids and a really neat sewing book.
While I was putting dishes away in the kitchen, the youngest E took in some cuddles with Daisy the dog. Just look at those two sillies together - they have a special relationship. Too cute!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kermit Piggy Toes

I forgot to mention that I found these little kelly green gems on sale (I think I paid @ $15) at Payless earlier this week. I know it's very uncool but I find the cutest little shoe gems at Payless. And since they are so cheap, I don't hesitate to pitch them if they wear out after only one or two seasons. Last night while reading everyone's blogs, I noticed that about half of you also bought these same green shoes this week. How fun! We are twinkies! Just as soon as it stops raining I will be wearing these pretties all over town!

Best Outfit Ever!

It is raining here. And has been for two days now. It's warm though- low 40's. Yes, that is warm this time of year. Pathetic - I know! Anyhoo... I am just trying to set the scene for my story.

So yesterday I popped into Marshalls. I don't know why- it was crappy outside. But I did. I found nada- just rows and rows of junky stuff. So after a few minutes I left. But not before witnessing the Best Outfit Ever! There I was in the shoe section looking for yet another pair of ballet flats when this girl walks past me. She looked to be high school/college aged. I have a hard time telling the difference. Her hair was up in that pony tail/bun/bird's nest hot mess on top of her head. This however is no longer shocking to me because all my little sorority girls wear their hair like this. You know the look- like they did their hair three days ago and have not touched it or washed it since then. Moving on down though bc her hair is just the tip of the iceberg. She had on this super tissue thin white 3/4 sleeve T-shirt that had holes (on purpose- it looked like the shirt was perforated) so I guess it could be considered "breezy" on top of super thin. On top of the barely-a-shirt she wore a sweater vest. But not just any vest. It was one of those mini vests. Looks like it is shrunken but really it is designed to be belly baring. Oh but hold on because this next part is the best part of the outfit. She wasn't wearing pants or a skirt but wearing....SHORTS! White, short short denim shorts to be exact! And as if they were not short and tight enough, she rolled them even shorter. Which had to be hard to do considering how tight and short they were to start. They were the length of those boy cut panties that are so popular for women these days. But she was likely not wearing any panties because her shorts were so tight that I could not see any visible pantie line. And no, I am not a pervert. I just couldn't help staring- it was such a sight. The friend she was with was dressed normal- jeans and a fleece jacket. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that she was wearing flip flops too. I mean, what other footwear would come close to finishing off that outfit properly? I stood there trying to think of a way I could break out my digital camera (it was in my purse- just right there in finger reach!) to preserve this little number for all eternity. It was just so seasonally appropriate!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Congratulations Stacy!

Last post today - I promise! Hopefully this little bundle of baby goodness made it down south to you Stacy! I didn't have any lima bean fabric but the bib has peas - that's sort of the same thing, right? I am so thrilled for y'all and your baby Lima Bean! Congratulations!

First Quilt Square

This quilt square also made it into the mailbox this week too. I had a very crafty-productive week! I am a fan of this sweet blog and wanted to participate in her collection of quilt squares. It's the sweetest idea - she is collecting 100 quilt squares from friends and family and bloggers to be made into a quilt that will offer love and well wishes 100 times over. She also asked for a little note and a piece of small fabric to include with the note to be placed in an album to remember who sent what for years to come. I just love this idea and think it could be great for a second or third baby when trying to avoid a shower but still wanting to do something special.

So I have never actually made a quilt square before. It's too big and will need to be cut down to size. I'm really sorry about that! I missed the boat on that one. But I think I did a good job at keeping to the pink, green and white color scheme. And my favorite part is that center section which has a little quilted cupcake made from chenille, minky and flannel. It doesn't pop as much as I thought it would in my head, though. If I use this idea again I would make that background square a color that would make the cupcake pop more. But it is all so soft and fuzzy. Hopefully her baby girl likes it one day. As I mentioned, I have never quilted. It's not terribly complicated but don't look too closely at my square because it is all wonky and crooked- especially the cupcake. I like to think of it as having some personality.

This is the note that I included. And I made a little tiny quilt square as my extra fabric to go along with it. And I made a toddler size bib out of pink with black polka dot fabric because I am recently obsessed with making bibs. And one wonders why I am single! Anyway, I was pretty pleased with my first attempt at a little quilting. I doubt this will become a new hobby but I am definitely going to use this idea in lieu of showers for girlfriends in the coming years. Love it!

Apron Swap

I am becoming such a swap addict! I love making prezzies and exchanging prezzies from friends I don't even know. There is just something so sweet about it all. So my latest swap, organized by the fabulously crafty Abby, was to make (or buy even) and apron and include a little something extra related to the swap. I totally lucked out with my new apron! Look how adorable and me this apron is! Pink and green and Spring goodness! Thank you, thank you! It traveled all the way from Texas with a fun wooden spoon and a cute pad/magnet set. Love it all!
I did a little experimenting with the apron that I made myself. I didn't use a pattern - just "winged" it. I will probably change a few things my next go-round but I still think it turned out pretty cutie patootie. It's reversible- light blue with a pocket featuring pies and sweets on one side and red polka dot with a pocket featuring cherries on the other side. The sash is extra long so that it can be tied in front. And my favorite feature is the grosgrain ribbon ruffle. I just think it makes it extra fun. I included a wooden spoon and a cookbook and because I sent it late, a set of coasters. Since wrapping is another addiction in my life, I wrapped it up in silver paper with pink and yellow grosgrain ribbon. Hopefully it made it to its new home already. I had a ball putting it all together and just loved being a part of this fun Spring swap. Thanks for organizing it Abby!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy ABC's

Ding dong, the lack of spell check is gone! Today, for the first time in at least a month (maybe more), spell check on Blogger works! Hooray! Yippee!

It's always the little things that make me so excited in life!

Love for Bestie

Please send my Bestie your positive thoughts, vibes and prayers today as she heads back up to TN to be with her family and pay her respects to her beloved Gran.

I love you Bestie and I am thinking about y'all today!

Big Hugs!!


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