Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Miranda Moment

Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City when Miranda makes herself a chocolate cake and eats the entire thing by herself one weekend? I had my own version of that last night. I am not proud, but I will say that my version was less fat than an entire cake. Or....that is what I am telling myself anyway!

So last night I was home and catching up on my blog reading. While this may sound unexciting to many, I was very happy to have some down time and catch up on your lives over the past week or so. Around 8:00PM I decided I wanted something sweet but wasn't happy with anything my freezer was offering me. Sitting on the kitchen counter was my coffee pot with about 4 cups of strong decaf left in the pot (when I made ice coffee earlier in the day, I made the coffee stronger to combat any watered-down flavor.). I thought- granita sounds delish right now. But instead of adding any sugar, I decided to kick it up a notch, as Emeril would say. I added Baileys Irish Cream- my FAVORITE! Just poured both into a Pyrex pie plate, mixed them together and set it in my freezer. I mixed it with a fork every 20 mins for what felt like forever but was likely about an hour or so. I topped it with a dash of chocolate malt powder and three dark chocolate covered ginger pieces (just like the choc covered coffee beans but ginger- mmmmm good!). It's pretty fancy schmancy considering I ate this alone while sitting at my computer reading blogs. The first helping was so stinkin' good that I went back for seconds....and thirds....and since it was almost gone and "needed" to be finished....FOURTHS! I actually didn't keep eating the gingers because I was not crazy about how the ice made the chocolate so hard and crunchy. This was such an easy way to use up cooled down coffee and you could certainly omit the Baileys.....but was soooo good. I should know, seeing as how I ate the whole damn thing. Miranda would be proud!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Thoughts for my Bestest

My best friend, Buford Betty, had her big surgery today. It's a big deal because it has the potential to open the door to something much bigger than fixing a problem. It will hopefully give her babies and a big (or small- don't think she cares at this point) family. Send her happy thoughts blog friends! She is the most amazingly sweet, creative and wonderful person I know. She is everything and more that a girl could want in a best friend!

Hugs BB!!

Antique Show

Wow- it has been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. At first I just had nothing fun and fancy to post about. But then life got busy (as it always does!) and I just have not taken the time to sit down and post. I have not even looked at many of your blogs lately. I have some reading to catch up on this weekend for sure! I'm sorry I was such a Blog slacker!

So last week, weekend and the start of this week kept me very busy helping my cousin's at an antique show about 30 mins north of my house. My entire family is all about old stuff. I actually love antiques and know a considerable amount about them for a girl who detests the process of "antique-ing!" There is absolutely NOTHING I have ever enjoyed about driving all over the mountains (read: carsickness) to look through old barns (read: allergies due to generations of dust AND the possibility of seeing creatures like barn mice and the like) for crocks (as if anyone in my family "needs" another blue crock) and hutches (seriously, how many can one person even fit in a house?) and servers (my father has three and never even uses the formal dining room). As I said, I do love knowing something has had years of life before coming to my home. I love knowing that a great piece of furniture is 200+ years old and still standing strong, as opposed to anything I ever buy from Ikea that falls apart after less than two years. But I prefer to tell Daddy what I want and have him come home with it from an auction that I do not have to attend myself. I know, I am a spoiled Daddy's girl. But I hardly think I am even close to being in the same league as Paris or Nicole. Do they even know what biedermeier is??

Anyhow- the antique show. It was an amazing weekend weather-wise! It was cool and sunny and very low humidity. Delish! They had a huge booth and it was in the best, most central location. They didn't make millions but they were all able to get rid of some stuff that was taking up too much room in their homes. Oh, the people watching was awesome! And we really just had a ball together. All of my cousins are much older than me- they were in their late teens when I was born. So while I grew up knowing them and adoring them, we were never very close. I lived in Florida and only even saw them a few times each year. Getting to know my family was my main motivation for moving this far north more than a year ago. It has been so worth it. Because despite all my moaning about major snow storms in March, I have really become so close with my cousins and their children. It is still so novel to me to be able to see my family any random Thursday. I love it. Not enough to stay up here forever. But I love that I was able to help them this past weekend work their booth at the Antique Show. It was physically exhausting but so much fun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pretty New Toys

So I did it- I finally found a new digital camera and wow is it cute! Now anyone with actual camera knowledge is likely gasping at that comment, but for me, cute is one of the highest compliments. It is so little- will easily fit into a clutch. Easy to use- which is good for me as I am not all that camera-intelligent. Or maybe I am just lazy. Either way- it is cute and easy to use. And the picture quality (7.1 mega pixel) is great too! For anyone interested in a reasonably priced and easy to use camera, my cute little Olympus FE-230 is a good choice.

And my two pairs of pink Lilly shoes arrived today. Yippee! I have to say that in the future I would consider going up a 1/2 size- the flops are a tad on the small side. But I doubt anyone will notice and they feel fine, so who cares. I could always return them but I am not patient enough. I am ready for my piggy toes to be pink and Lillified. I am soooo happy that summer is here! Woo-hoo!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Momma Needs A New Pair of Shoes....or Two!

Best friend in GA has shown me the light. A new (to me) website that has the most amazing bargains. She even wrote about this site yesterday on her new blog and then emailed me today telling me that they have a deal running on Lilly shoes. TWO PAIRS FOR JUST $79!!! You are reading that correctly - $79. Not $179 - nope- just $79! As in less than $80! Seeing as how my closet is nicely cleaned out, I decided that I "needed" some fresh, new items to jazz it up a bit. "Needed." Thanks SmartBargains!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Digital Camera Help...Please

So I mentioned below that my digital camera (which is not even mine. I don't own one- never have. It's my Dad's very old digital and until a few months ago I used my "real film" camera and waited a week for Snapfish to post the pictures for me!) is dying a slow death. Since y'all seem to take great pictures of your preppy outfits, cute crafts and children, I would love your input. Do you have a camera- that is moderately priced- that you love? Or one that you regret purchasing? I went to Staples and Target yesterday to look at their cameras. At Staples it was as if I had the plague- no one wanted to talk to me. When I finally found someone to answer one question, he quickly walked away to chit chat with his co-workers. Then I went to target to find a very nice girl working the camera counter. She was a doll but had no clue about anything camera related. She at one point said, my friend has that pink one and it's really cute. Which, while exactly the way I would describe a camera, is of no real help to a girl trying to find her first (gasp- it is 2007 already and I am just now making this purchase!) digital camera. I wrote down the names of camera styles (ie: Olympus FE-230 or Canon SD-750) and looked up reviews online. I am not sure why I was surprised when I found both positive and negative reviews of everything. That only confused me more. So give me your opinion of your camera bloggers, please. I need some reviews from people I trust (that's y'all!).

Thank you, thank you... in advance!

Happy Closet

I finally finished switching out my winter/summer clothing. I know y'all down South are thinking, "you just now did this? It's the middle of June already!!" But you see, in my mini Arctic Circle we are really just now entering summer. Sad but true! Anyhoo... I also did my usual purge of old clothes that I no longer love, I will never again fit in or the worst....things I never ever wore. I am so embarrassed to admit that every year I have a small pile of stuff that still has tags attached- never ever worn. That is so terrible! You would think I would learn- but every year the same thing happens. And I am a "returner" too (is that even a word? one who returns is my definition)- I have no problem returning even small items if it means getting something out of the house that I will never use. But even though I am a returner, I am still stuck with the few lost items that never get worn and never get returned.

I did feel so great to get everything bagged up to take to Goodwill later this week. I also love a closet that feels like it is full of brand new clothes. Little lost loves that have come back to visit for this all-too-brief season. Style and color coordinated- it looks like candy to my eyes! I would take a picture but my digital camera is dying a slow death. I am on a mission to buy a new one this week.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Finished Project

I just love being able to take a picture of a fully finished project. So satisfying! This is one of my new summer designs that I just adore. Sort of a pain in the tush to finish but I think they are just way cute. Anyway, I thought y'all might enjoy a picture of these orders before I mail them out tomorrow morning. I have not really talked about my work on here yet and decided it was high time I put up a few pictures of some newer designs.

Tomorrow afternoon if the weather holds out, I am thinking of heading up to Manchester, VT to do a little shopping. I don't really "need" anything but that has never stopped me from coming home with bags. And the new Lilly store should be open finally- yippee! It is totally worth the drive to be in my little preppy bliss for an afternoon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vineyard Vines Goodness

Thank you, Connecticut Prep, for tipping me off to the new shipment of Vineyard Vines at Marshalls of all places! I went but was not expecting much. After all, when friends and bloggers in other states boast of finding fabulous items at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, I will rush over and come home empty-handed. I have never found Lilly or VV or anything else fun at these stores. But I was out running errands and would be close to not one, but two Marshalls stores. The first store had nothing but the second store....Woo Hoo! At least one of the skirts (the red one) is going back- it's a size too big and I have decided I don't want to deal with having it taken in. And I need to look at the pants again to see if they fit well or if they are in the same category with the red skirt. But I am sooooo excited to see all of my pretty finds! Yipee!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Shoes on Super Sale

I am slightly bitter in reporting that on my quest to seek out VV goodies at Marshall's today (I will post a pic of my treasures later), I found several pairs of the cute aqua/lime green driving mocs that I posted about earlier on the sale rack. That's right, they are like $20+ cheaper than what I paid for them. Oh, I also found them online. But for anyone out there who, like me, loves to wear colorful, preppy shoes.... They really are super comfy and as cute as can be.

Cable TV

It was rainy and stormy here all weekend (and still is so far this week, too) so I took time to do a zillion little things around the house. You know, the stuff that gets put off until you have way to many things on the "to do later" list to ignore it. Ironing, fixing hems, swapping winter/summer clothes, dusting crown molding and baseboards, cleaning out the freezer, etc... So when I am doing these random tasks, as well as when I am sewing, I usually have the TV on to keep me company. It's the ideal time to watch/listen to (since my back is usually to the TV) cable show marathons. Shows I never watch but will totally allow myself to get sucked into on days like this.

That being said, I have a question for y'all. Who the heck are Katie and Peter? I have seen commercials for their reality show and was excited to flip and find a marathon running. But I have no idea who they are or why they have a TV show. She is obnoxious. And OMG how the heck does she keep herself upright- her chest has to be off the charts. I confirmed this opinion when I saw her wearing a very tight white t-shirt. Four words, Katie. Buy a bigger bra! I don't care who you are or how much money you are getting paid to do a TV show, the four boob look is never in. Not in the States, anyway. Check out this picture at their wedding. Classy.

After about and hour of that nonsense, I just could not take any more. But that lead me to what I now feel is a really under-rated show. Deadliest Catch. Who knew I could get so sucked into watching a show about fishing?! It was really fascinating to see how hard those men, and the occasional woman, work to bring me fresh seafood. I mean, I have never really given it much thought. I grew up in a coastal city so deep sea fishing was a regular weekend activity around my home town. But that is more sport fishing and also includes great weather and a cold beverage. The Deadliest Catch boats face frigid show and ice storms, swells twice as high as the boats and grueling 30+ hours of physical labor before any sort of break or rest, and living in a small space for weeks and months on end. All to allow me to pick up fresh crab and fish from my local market on a daily basis. Amazing! Sooo much more fascinating than the oddest British couple to be on TV.


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